Note: Just a random set of JLA drabbles – going for 50. I'm attempting to get them honed as close to 100 words as possible, I don't want to go over 110. All will be Wonder Woman centered, but, what can I say, I'm in love.


1. Yellow – WW/HG (friendship) (103 words)


Her laugh rings light through the break room and blue eyes flash, amused. No surprise, she always laughs at her own jokes.

"I was thinking a soft yellow. Old habits, you know."

The two women share a glance over the tattered "Bride's" between them. As outsiders, neither woman was ever drilled on the importance of white lace and towering sugar cakes.

"I've never been one to lie, perhaps something svelte in light blue."

This time Shayera joins Diana in a peal of laughter. The men passing by shake their heads and pick up their pace. There's nothing funny about a wedding magazine.