50. Kingdom Come – WW/SM (100 words)

Bruce notices.

Although it can't be too difficult considering Diana knows she's gained over fifteen pounds and is shoveling eggs into her mouth at a speed that Flash would be proud of.

Kal has the decency to look like a proud papa, he's very proud, and push his food awkwardly around on his plate.

They're having a baby. Diana can't explain how her clay molded body is capable of life and the gods are mum. That doesn't stop Bruce from mumbling out a congratulations.

Just maybe, hope in the form of a baby is exactly what this new age needs.


Author's Note: That, folks, is the end of the ride. Took long enough, but here are all 50 drabbles that I set out to do. All 50 drabbles stand alone, even the "Trinity series," which is probably best read together, so, no, Diana isn't getting around like no one's business. I'd probably like to flesh out a couple of these ideas some day…when there aren't other stories to finish and other plots to get off the ground. Hope you enjoyed my snapshots of Diana; there just isn't enough Wonder Woman out there for my tastes.