Pairings: Hermione & Draco

Rating: M

Summary: Hermione found out her grandma was a veela, and she will be too, on her 17th birthday. How will she react to all this attention she recieves?

Dislaimer: I own no characters yet...all are the works of J.K. Rowling...although I wish Draco was mine! Pouts

Hermione's P.O.V.

Chp. 1- I'm a what?

I wake up in my bed on the day of my birthday. It's July 23rd. I have 9 days till I go back to Hogwarts.

I sigh.

I LOVE Hogwarts!

I get up slowly and go into the bathroom that is off of my room and slip my clothes off.

I take a shower and then wrap a towel around my body.

After I dry off, I go back into my room and look through my closet. I grab a mini skirt, a halter top, and a pair of all black sneakers.

I take the towel off and slip a pair of knickers on and then go over to my vanity. I look at myself and scream.


My mum comes up right away.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"Look at me!"

I staring at myself in the mirror. My hair has gone from brown and bushy to sleek, shiny, straight, and platinum blonde. My freckles are gone, and my complexion has lightened several shades, and is flawless.

"Oh god...We forgot to tell you!"

"Tell me what?"

I'm looking at myself.

"Well sweetheart your Grandma was a veela, so you inherited some of her genes."

"Are you serious...I mean look at me! Why aren't you a veela then?"

"It skips generations..."

"Mum I look so...not me!"

"I know sweetheart, but when you come of age then you inherit the veela genes!"

I just stare at myself...I'm so pale now. I look like Fleur.

I stand up and realize I've gained several inches in height. I'm at least 5'9" now.

I use to be 5'6".

"Now sweetheart you know that you're going to be attracting a lot more attention now!"

"Mum I want my old looks back!"

"I know sweetheart, but you're a veela now!"

"Can't I refuse these genes?"

"No sweetheart I'm better pack your stuff up if you're going over to the Burrow today."

My mum leaves me alone and I just stare at myself in the mirror. Finally I look away, and make sure I have everything in my trunk. I had gotten my letter saying I was head girl a couple days ago, so I was heading over to the Burrow to get school supplies and spend the rest of the summer there.

I close my trunk, and then minimize it. I can do magic whenever now that I'm of age! I walk downstairs and both my parents are sitting at the table.

"Hey sweetheart."

"Hi dad..."

"What's the matter?"

"Look at me!"

My dad sets his paper down and stares at me. His jaw drops.

"What did you do to yourself?"

"Nothing...I'm a veela."

"Oh yeah...I remember your mum bring that up once a long time ago!"

"I look hideous."

"No you don't baby."

I can feel tears spring to my eyes. I wipe them away.

"I have to go...I'll see you when I get back from Hogwarts!"

I hug my parents goodbye and grab my wand. I concentrate on the Burrow and apparate away.

I open my eyes and I'm inside the kitchen at the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley turns around and stares at me.

"Can I help you?"

"It's me Mrs. Weasley...Hermione!"

"Hermione dear? Why do you look like..."

"A veela?"

"Well yes!"

"That's because I'm a veela...I guess when I turned of age, because my grandma was!"

"Oh well isn't that nice. Boys! Get down here...Hermione's here!"

I hear galloping and before I know it the boys are racing downstairs. They stop at the bottom and look around.

"Where is she mum?"

"Right there," Mrs. Weasley replies and points to me.

The boys look at me. Then their jaws drop down and they stare at me.


"Hi guys!"

"What happened to you"

"I'm a veela."

"No really?"

" grandma was one...I look hideous!"

"No you don' look smoking!"



"Don't let me hear that language coming out of your mouth!"

"Sorry mum..."

"Well let's go up to Ron's room."

I follow the boys up to Ron's room. Ginny is up there sitting on Ron's bed.


I just nod my head and sit next to Ginny. The boys stare over at me.

"Would you stop staring at me? I have it bad enough!"

"Sorry...can't help're a veela!"


"Well you know all wizards are attracted to veelas!"

"Oh great!"

Harry and Ron keep staring over at me. I throw a pillow at them. Ginny laughs.

"Can you at least try to stop staring at me?"

"It's too look too good."

"I look horrible...I want my old looks back."

"You look a lot better now!"

I glare over at Ron.

"Are we going to get our school stuff or what?"

"Yeah, after we eat lunch."


We all walk down to the kitchen and Mrs. Weasley has set the table. I eat a little bit, but I'm not hungry. The boys keep staring at me. I sigh. I wait while everyone else finishes eating.

"Now who is apparating with Ginny?"

"I will Mrs. Weasley."

"Thank you Hermione, now I want you kids back by 6 at the latest! Here's the key to the vault Ronald...give Ginny half of the money you grab out!"

Mrs. Weasley hugs us all goodbye. I grab my wand out and Ginny grabs my hand. I hold on tight to her and apparate outside of Gringotts.

We wait for the boys. Harry apparates a bit farther away, and Ron comes around the corner, smiling sheepishly.

We walk into Gringotts and show our keys to a goblin. I step into the cart first, followed by Ginny, Harry, and Ron.

We're whooshed away, and I start to feel sick. We arrive at Harry's vault first, and he shoves as much as possible into his bag. Then we race off and arrive at my vault and I grab what I calculated I would need for supplies and for spending money. I have quite a bit of money in there, but not as much as Harry.

Then we race off to the Weasley's vault. Ron grabs everything in there, and then we rush back, and before I know it were squinting against the sun.

I shield my eyes.

"Where first?"

I can see all the boys and men staring at me. I feel very uncomfortable.

"How about the bookstore?"

I nod my head and we head over to the bookstore. Once inside I feel much better...not that many guys are inside. I grab my list out and grab books for all of us. i pay for my stack of books and then minimize the bag and stick it in my pocket. Then we go and get potion ingredients and some parchment, ink, and new quills.

I check the list and that's everything.

"How about some ice cream?"


We all walk over to the ice cream shop. As I walk I feel all eyes on me. I breathe deeply.

We make it into the ice cream shop and I order a sundae. We sit at a table with me between Harry and Ron. They keep looking over at me.

Just then I see Malfoy walk in.

"Oh god!"

The boys look over as Malfoy sifles over.

"Well if it isn't Weasel, Potty, Weaselette and..."

He's staring at me. I stare back.


"What did you say?"

"I said my name...Granger."

"You can't possibly be her!"

"It's me Malfoy!"


"I turned into a veela when I came of age!"

He stares at me and then walks off. He seemed to resist my charms that all the other guys fell for.

I sit there and ponder why as I finish my ice cream. Finally we finish and walk around.

"Hey guys I want to get an owl!"

They all follow me as I make my way over to the animal shop. I look around and decide on a lightly colored eagle owl that has dark black eyes. I grab her and a cage.

"You'll need owl treats too."

I smile at Harry and grab owl treats as well. I pay for them, and stuff the owl treats in my pockets, and guide Jasmine into her cage. I shut the door tightly and Jasmine hoots happily at me.

I check my watch. It's 4:30.

"Well we have an hour and a half till we have to go back to your house Ron!"

Harry and Ron look at each other and grin.


I just look at Ginny and we begin laughing...those boys and Quidditch!

We walk over to the Quidditch shop which is crowded with boys. I gulp. I follow Harry and Ron around like a dog.

"Can you guys hurry up? I feel crowded."

Sure enough as I glance back all the guys look away from me.

"Why don't you buy a broom Hermione?"

I bite my lip.

"Why not?"

I let Harry and Ron show me brooms. I decide on the Shooting Star. It's easy to manuever, light, speedy, and pleasing to the eye. I grab it and a broom repair kit and pay for them. I minimize the brom and stick it in my pocket.

"Can we go back to your house now?"

"Sure...if you want."

I grab Ginny's hand and give her Jasmine's cage. I grab my wand and apparate back to the Burrow. Harry and Ron come as well shortly after.

Mrs. Weasley comes from out of the kitchen and smiles at us. I grab Jasmine's cage back from Ginny.

"How about we teach you to fly the broom?"

I nod my head and then go up to Ginny's room and place Jasmine's cage down. I put the owl treats next to it. I grab the broom and then my school stuff out of my pocket and unminimize it.

I throw the school stuff in my newly upsized trunk. I lock it and then grab my broom and race downstairs.

The boys and Ginny are waitig for me with their brooms. I have the newest broom.

We go outside and they race off on their brooms. I hop onto my broom and push off slightly. I'm doing ok.

"Can you land Hermione?"

I land and almost fall face forward. Harry zooms down and hops off his broom. He climbs behind me.

"Ok put your hands right here."

I leave my hands where he places them. Harry places his hand over top of mine and tells me to kick off. I kick off and Harry helps me manuever the broom and tells me a couple tips. By the time I land, I have it down pat. Harry gets off the broom and I smile at him.

"Ok let's play a game. I get Hermione."

I zoom into the air and float as Harry explains the rules. I'm going to be a chaser, so is Ginny. Harry throws the Quaflle up and I grab it. I race over to where Ron is guarding between two trees. I throw it and it makes it in.

Harry starts cheering. I smile. This isn't so bad.

Ginny has the Quaffle and accidentally drops it and I grab it and race off again. I score another goal.

After an hour playing Harry and I won with a score of 100 to 70. Harry and I hug each other, jumping up and down.

"Hermione I was wondering if you wanted to try out for the Quidditch team..."

I bite my lip...

"I guess I could try out..."


Harry smiles at me. I smile back. This year is definently going to be different. We walk back inside and Mrs. Weasley has a cake with candles lit. It says, 'Happy Birthday Hermione!'

"You shouldn't have Mrs. Weasley."

"There's only one time when a witch comes of age, and we wanted it to be memorable."

I smile at them all. They sing Happy Birthday and I blow out all the candles except one. I blow the last one out and Harry, Ron, and Ginny rush upstairs.

Mrs. Weasley sets the cake on the table and waves her wand and a knife pops out and starts cutting it. I smile over at her.

Harry, Ron, and Ginny come rushing downstairs with packages in their hands.

"Oh didn't have to."

I sit at the table and they place the gifts in front of me. Mrs. Weasley drops a present in front of me too. She smiles.

"From Arthur and I."

I look around at them all and smile. I open Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley's present first. It's Hogwarts: A History.

"I heard it was your favorite!"

I smile at her and nod. I open Ron's and it's a bunch of candy. I hug him and thank him.

I open Ginny's next and it's a steely blue colored dress robe.

"It's gorgeous Ginny!"

Ginny smiles at me as I hug her. I open Harry's last and it's a necklace with a emerald star.

"Wow Harry...this is too much!"

Harry just smiles at me and I hug him tightly. I clasp it around my neck.

"Thanks everyone!"

I hand out the cake and everyone eats it. After we finish the cake and I thank everyone again, we all head upstairs to go to bed.

I follow Ginny upstairs, and we take turns changing in the bathroom. I change into a pair of silky shorts and a tanktop. I lay down in Ginny's extra bed. I say goodnight to Ginny and fall asleep instantly.

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