Different yet the same

Summary: Ash, Pokemon Master for 5 years disappeared. Three years later, a young man who, every one believed to be dead turned up at pallet down with pikachu on Ash'a birthday, with two things on his mind. Destroy Team Rocket and May. AshxMay (B/W: I don't really know when's Ash's birthday... so I'm gonna make it January 1 just to make it special)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon! However... there is a few new pokemon that's mine!


Ash Ketchum, Youngest Pokemon Master, disappeared the same day he confest his undenieing love to one of his traveling partners, May (HC: Don't know May's last name, you know... Max's sis) leaving the poor girl heart brokened. People all over the word went searching for him, but found no evidence of him being alive. Team Rocket has brought fear to every one's lives now the only man they fear is dead (or so they believed). Peacefulness can never be fulfill... or could they?


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