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Light of the Lost

Chapter 1

The Past is Past

This, is the story of a boy. Not just any boy, mind you. This boy did many

extraordinary things in his life, so far. This boy had solved an ancient puzzle,

aided the spirit inside, and saved the world many times. Who is this amazing hero,

you ask? Why, non other than Yugi Mouto.

Yugi, at the age of 16, had solved the Millennium Puzzle. With it, was given a

gift of magic and a charge; to defend the world from evil. Inside the Puzzle was

his spirit partner and past incarnation, Pharaoh Atem, or Yami, to some. From the

beginning, these two and Yugi's friends, Tea Gardener, Joey Wheeler, and Tristan

Taylor, had fought by each other's sides, and with unity and determination, fought

off evils ranging from the misguided Maximilian Pegasus, to the insanity of Yami


Through it all, they remained close friends, which was all Yugi could have

hoped for. He always had a warm smile and a kind word for anyone. He alone,

managed the impossible and obtained the grudging respect of Seto Kiba. (P.S.

Kiba will be tweaked slightly, based on what I know of Gozaborou's tortures)

Through all his trials, even the Ceremonial final duel between him and Yami,

Yugi remained a happy and pure soul. This happiness seemed asured when Yami

Bakura took the Pharoah's place in the afterlife, and the, now ex-pharaoh, gained a

body of his own.

Yes, life seemed great at the seeming end of Yugi's journeys as the King of

Games...but, not all stories truly end. For Yugi, it was only the beginning of a far

darker chapter in his young, 17 year old life.

We now join our young hero three months after the Ceremonial Duel. We see

inside Yugi's room, to see little change. The posters of Duel Monsters still adorn

the wall. Also, the bedding and clothes are still the same, as is their placement.

The walls and floor are the same, and they are owned by the same person. Yet,

were you to look upon this room, you would think it wrong. For where you

would expect to find a place of light, and a youthful spirit dwelling within.

Instead, you would find a place of shadows, innocence long since destroyed, and a

figure sitting on the bed, with a deadish quality to his eyes.

What could have caused this, you ask? Such an upbeat spirit having plummitted

into such a state? Well, lets take a peak in his head.

P.O.V. Yugi's

It's all wrong, all wrong. This wasn't how my life was suppose to be. I had good

friends, I saved the world, REPEATEDLY! And, had settled down to live life in a

peaceful manner with my friends. Where did it all go wrong? I know Yami being

seperate from me was new, but I thought that would pass. Mabey I should have

seen this coming.

It all seemed to start when Joey and Mai started dating. Really though, given

what they went through, beating around the bush probably seemed unnecessary.

This, though, seemed to set off pairings nearly everywhere. Next came Serenity,

who seemed content with Tristan. Next came Duke, with one of his fangirls of all

people. Then came a shocker, Mokuba and Rebecca started dating! I mean at their

age! Seto nearly had a heart attack! But, the worst was yet to come, cause next

came what I dreaded since the keychain incident. ( Check out Yu-Gi-Oh! manga

for info!)Tea and YAMI started going out, and that was a really hard blow for me.

Now don't get me wrong, they seemed great together, still do, in fact. It's just

that I cared about her too. You could say my so called, better half got to her first.

I've tried to be happy for them, I really have. But, I seem to die a little more inside

with each time I see them.

That, however, is far from the worst of it. With everyone so busy, no one

seemed to notice my grandpa getting ill. Since my mom left me in his care and

seeming vanished, I've only had him as my parent. When hefinally was rushed to

the hospital, I called everyone I knew for help. Ryou, Seto,and Raphael came in

my hour of need. The first to arrive was Ryou, a friend ofmine that had changed

little from the time I met him, save he no longer hadanother spirit inside him. He

always was kind, and was the first to comfort me. Seto, I call him that now, came

next. He simply stood there waiting without a word, but his presence was a

comfort at least.I bet Raphael's coming was the true surprise to all but myself.

You see, he and I continued to keep in contact after the Dartz saga and we were

good friends. He rushed over from his home near the former Paradias

headquarters, to aid me in the waiting. It was two hours after he arrived that the

results were posted. My grandfather died due to heart failure, he was 79, and

seemed so strong. I'm not sure about the details of the next two weeks, I know

Seto aided with the funeral and sent out the invitations. It was a small one, but

non the less showed that it was done by Seto. The only arrivals were myself, the

three who comforted me, and Professor Arthur Hawkins, my grandfather's long

time friend.

I found out later, that my so called friends never paid mind to the messages I

left them on that night. I also found out their invitations for the funeral were all

returned to sender! Even Yami, who was in Tea's apartment at the time, the one I

always counted on with my very soul, let me down. Now I'm in my room,

deciding what to pack. Raphael has offered to take me in, and I accepted. No one

knows I'm going, no one seems to care save a choice few. Right now I'm looking

at my few treasures.

The first is my dueling deck, which has been my lifeline for sometime. But

nowit belongs to him, it seems foreign in my hands, he'll probubly ask for it

tomorrow. Or just take it, that's more his style these days. I guess I know the true

loyalty of my deck now. Next, is my Millennium Puzzle, or should I say, the ex-

pharaoh's puzzle. Finally, is the one item that I hate the most. It's that blasted

matchmaker keychain! Somehow, I've always had it in my pocket, secretly hoping

it would ring while I was near Tea. As if she carriedher's after the fad was over.

Well, that's ancient history now. It's time to move on with my life and get

stronger. ( Does that not seem evil Oricalcose line or what?) Raphael said he has

the cards from Dartz's old hangout, minus the Seal of Oricalcose, such a pitty.

Irrigardless, I'll star over and make a new, loyal deck, that will make that partner

of mine wish he'd never crossed me. He now lives the life I should have had,

dancing in the light. Meanwhile I'm left to fester in the darkness.

Well, with a well placed tug here, the Puzzle is in pieces. No more magic tricks

from my soul buddy! Hehehe. Now the so called Pharoah won't have is oh so

special powers anymore. That plastic trash I won't even touch any more!

And as for the deck...

End P.O.V.

As Yugi overlooks the deck, four shining cards float to him and three familiar

knights take form. "Greetings, master Yugi," Tamias, Knight of Atlantis,

addresses him.

"What are you doing here?" a very confused Yugi inquires of the knights. "We

know your deck has abandoned you for the Egyptian Atem," Critious stated


"Then I suppose you're here to rub it in my face," a decidedly downtrodden

Yugi mutters.

"No," Heilmos answers," we are here to join you as part of your new deck."

This, understandably, shocks Yugi into silence, which the knights use to explain

their actions. "While it is true Atem may hold sway over most monsters in your

deck," Tamias explained, " We are monsters that can sense who would be best to

wield our power." "And might I add," Heilmos added, "that pharaoh is too

arrogant and doesn't need us as you do." To this Yugi looks up at them meekly,

almost hurt. "What my fellow knight meant," Critious said glaring at his brother

knight," was that the pharaoh has proven himself unworthy of our power since the

threat of the Laviathen has passed. Only you, who's true strength of heart has

never wavered, is worthy of our abilities." "We existed before Egypt, you see,"

continued Tamias, " so we hold no precoceptions of the pharoah's 'greatness'." he

said with a quoting gueture. This got a small laugh from Yugi at least. "That and

his performance when I was in his service was abismal to say the least," Tamias

added with a wink.

Yugi can only stand still as tears stream from his eyes. Next he runs to the

knights and hugs them with considerable force, sobbing. The three meearly hold

him 'till he calms down, and appear in their dragon card forms. They then zoom

into Yugi's open hands, along with the spell to transform them into their knight

forms. Yugi, then with all his belongings packed, and cards in hand, rushes to the

car. He looks back at the empty game shop, whose contents were stored into

Raphael's mansion, with mixed feelings. So many happy memories are there, yet

so much pain there is too. Still he truns, and gets into the car, with tears falling

still from his eyes. However, one thing is certain to the young man.

What is past, is past...

and the future is begining now!


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