Light of the Lost

Chapter 12

Never Mess

with an Angel's Master

A golden light fills the arena, as the sepectators see the results pf Rapheal's play.

The island setting looks pale compared to the sight of this strange new monster,

and Raphael certainly seems to have gained something as well. While Raphael had

no current hand, his new monster was on the feild and he was in the lead for life-

pionts 3000 to 1750. He also still had Back-Up Guardian in play with Rod of

Silence-Kayest. Mana still had Obelisk in play along with Blast Magician in

defense mode. She also had two cards in her hand consisting of Dark Magic

Attack and Chaos Comand Magician. As things stood though, Mana had to ask,

"What is that Monster?"

The armored Raphael chuckled rather gently and said in a calm voice, "This is my

Steel Angel Ariatos(3500Atk/2800Def), the one monster in my deck no one has

seen before today." Yugi, with Yoko drooling at his side, was dumbstruck as to

how Raphael summoned this divine class monster. "Before you ask," Raphael

said, "I played the spell Steel Angel Awakening, though I had to sacrifice my

Ariatos and her sword out-of-play. Still, this monster is her truest form, so I'm not

really that shaken about doing so. That, and my Steel Angel is one of the best from

the Steel Angel series of duel monsters." 'Steel Angel series, ' Yugi thought, 'I

haven't heard of that series. Then again, I never heard of Elemental Heroes

before I came with Raphael.' He smiled as he touched the pouch containing his

new monsters. Yoko was drooling at the monster still, 'I'm gunna get those

monsters. They are the coolest! except for my Cyber Dragons,' she sweatdropped

remembering her monsters of choice. Mana, however looked unconcerned and

said, "Whatever, continue your turn."

Raphael smirked and replied, "As you wish." H drew his card and looked at the

field. 'I have my Steel Angel on the field along with my Back-Up Guardian,' he

thought, 'that and my Royal Decree is still in effect, so she can't use traps and she

only has 2 monsters on the field. However, if I don't play this right, I'll lose and

that's not something I'm about to do.' He ended his thoughts with a look at his

monsters. The two looked back and gave him a nod each and the new Ariatos

smiled as well. Raphael knew in his heart there was nothing to fear. "I'll just set

one spell or trap face-down and end my turn," Raphael said in a voice that one

would here from someone discussing the weather. This carefree attitude did not

go unnoticed my Mana. 'What's he up to?' she thought with a frown, 'I still don't

trust him anywhere near as I can throw him. And what of his steel angle, I mean

really, what is it doing? I'll show him who has the real god monster here,' she

thought with a smirk on her face. Yugi, who observed this duel began to worry

again, but for a different reason. "Yoko, Mana has been acting so strange since she

summoned Obelisk. It's almost like watching Marik or Kaiba play there Egyptian

god cards. I'd say she started acting different the moment she played it," Yugi

voiced in aprehention. Yoko though, mearly nodded and said, "Well, to be honest,

she dose think the gods of egypt are superior since that's where she's from. But I

think that she's too confident, especially since Raphael took quite a few duelists

to the cleaners without it. And if he thinks the card will win, he's got a dam good


Mana continued by drawing her card and declairing her move, "I attack with my

monster, Obelisk, Fist Of Fury!" The mighty god swung his fist at Raphael's Steel

Angel, but was interupted when his face-down card flipped up, "I play Sacrificial

Weakness, a quick-play spell that cut's your monster's attack in half, but turns it's

attack on the player." Having said that,. Raphael jumped in front of Steel Angel

Ariatos, and took the brunt of the blow. Thought it was reduced, the unrestrained

might of Obelsik was like, well, having all of creation body-slam you. Needless to

say, he impacted the oposite wall with a great smack. Yugi, shocked at the

foolishness of his friend, rushed to his aid.Yoko just shook her head, wondering

what the poor guy was thinking.

Raphael: 1000

Mana: 1750

As Yugi made it to his friend, he noticed that Raphael's armor began glowing and

Steel Angel Ariatos began to glow as well. However, what shocked him was that

it moved to his side and picked him up into a semi-standing position. Raphael

groaned but said, "Next time, I gotta get softer walls." The moster holding him,

however, actually shook her head and spoke to Mana, "Do you end your turn?"

Mana, on her part, was shocked that the mortal not only defended his so called

god card from her, but took the brunt of Obelisk's ussualt head-on! What's more,

somehow he could fight after an attack directly from the ancient god himself. She

wasn'teven sure if he should still be alive right now! She nodded dumbly,

allowing thehurt Raphael to weakly draw his next card, and nearly face-vaulted

when hestarted chuckling before he even looked at the card.

Yoko, watching all of this, was wondering whether or not this was some kind of

dream. She could swear it was real, but not even the god cards could speak like

that during a duel. Then the whole helping him stand thing, kinda weird

condidering these were holograms, at least she thought they were. Still, Raphael's

chuckle jogged her out of her thoughts. He mearly smiled at their confused looks

and said, "While that did hurt like hell, I'm far from finished. You see I wanted

that attack to hit me because of the effect of my Steel Angel Ariatos. You see,

when I recieve damage, she gains attack pionts based on how many pionts I loose.

So, since I lost 2000, she gains 2000 attack pionts."

Steel Angel Ariatos (Atk5500/Def2800)
Mana visably flinched, she knew right there even her god card would not survive.

However, she had a card in her hand that could save her from losing next turn,

even though she would be really low on life pionts. Raphael, as though he'd heard

her thought, looked at his card and softly said, "This turn will be the last of the

duel, as I play this, Gift Of The Martyr! I now sacrifice my Back-Up Guardian,

and add it's power to my Steel Angel!" Back-Up Guardianwent up to Ariatos and,

to the shock of all, spoke in a low gutteral voice, "Take my power, and bring that

annoying twit down, once and for all." Ariatos mearly nooded as the noble

guardian glowed and vanished into golden light as her armor glowed even


Steel Angel Ariatos (Atk6000/Def2800)
"As per the effect of my Guardian Sanctuary, any Guardian going to the graveyard

goes to my deck instead." Raphael took his card of the disk and shuffled it into his

deck. After replacing it, he glared fiercely at Mana and guestured to his remaining

monster, "Steel Angel Ariatos, hold nothing back. TAKE DOWN OBELISK,

WITH SHINING IMPERIAL ACE!" She nodded, leaving his side and took of at

nearly untrackable speed, looking like a fearcly glowing commet heading straight

for the god of earth. Mana looked on in horror, as the end came nearer to her

remaining strong monster. The impact alone shook the house to it's very

foundations as the two monsters met in combat. Obelisk had his arms raised in

opposition but the steel angel gowed with the intensity of a super nova. She

pounded her powerful fists relentlessly against the arms of the god, each time

cracks began to appear and were growing. After what seemed an eternity,

Obelisk's mighty arms shattered, and the monster responsible floated right up to

his face, glaring. "This is for my master!" was all she said before delivering and

uppercut that would have put the best fighters of Animie all to shame. (Other

Steel Angels exempt, of course) The foce shattered Obelisk into millions of

pieces as the back-lash sent Mana tumbling end over end into the wall behind her.

Yoko, still on the sidelines, was blasted back as the couch was knocked backward

and her hair stood on end as though he's stuck her hand in an electrical outlet.

Yugi, who was still near Raphael checked on him, only to find Ariatos holding

him upright. She nodded to him, indicating he'd be fine. Yugi then ran over to

Mana finding she was mostly unharmed. As he picked her up, she began to sob

into his shirt. Worried he asked, "Mana, what's the matter? What hurts, please,

tell me what I can do?" She mearly sniffed and said, "I hic sniff w-w-an-t-ted to

w-win the match for you. B-But, hicI-I c-c-ouldn't, I wasn't st-trong enough." She

then disolved into bitter tears of failure. Yugi, for his part, brought her head into

his lap, stroaked her hair and softly replied, "It's alright, you played your best so

there was no shame in losing. That's just how we get better, and really, was using

Obelisk nessisary?" Mana looked rather sheepish, as she thought of the excessive

force she'd used to duel Raphael. MeanwhileYugi heard said duelist approah the

two of them. He was limping, but otherwise OK. As he approached, the noticed

the holograms had vanished as did Raph's armor. His disk wasin standby

mode,and he had a rather stern look on his face.

"Well," he said in a no nonsence voice, "I do hope this was all worth it for you

miss." Said girl dipped her head in shame, so she didn't see the twinkle of mirth in

his eyes. "I mean really, I didn't even have to ask you to go full out. And then,

using the god I'd wanted to face since I first saw it in action? I must say this was

one excellent duel!" Mana was completely baffled untill she looked at his face to

see it smiling and offering a hand to shake. She was shocked, then gratefully took

the guesture and smiled back. "I do hope you remember our deal though, right?"

Raphael nudged with his foot reminding her of the wager they'd placed on the

duel. She blushed, remembering she had to bow to his will in the form of a

request. "Well, since you remember, how about showing little Yugi here how

girls treat boys they like." The look on Mana's face could be compaired to many

who'd been a cat in a past life, especially those that actually caught the perverbial

Tweety Bird, as she looked at Yugi, in whose lap she was still in. Said boy was

sweating and looking at Raphael as if to say, 'Have you gone MAD!' Raphael

just smirked as Mana snaked her arm around the new Pharoah, and pulled him

down to her face and kissed him with real zest. Needless to say, our boy hero's

first real kiss was one he wouldn't soon forget, or regain conciousness from, for

a good long while. Yoko, as she got up from the couch, looked on and said, "Oh

My! I think you broke him Mana-chan."

End Chapter

Author's note: To those that hate me for the 2 MONTH DELAY, I WAS DELAYED AND REGRET NOTHING! ok, mabey a few things, but majority I don't regret since it was out of my hands. I mean writer's block combined with unreliable help kinda makes for bad conditions eh? Anyway, the story continues, but I have to warn you delayes like this are a strong possibility in the shamble my lifes becoming. So without further adue, I must bid my readers...those that remain anyway...a fond, 'till next time. Also, My new story in the Sonic department will continue as well since playing Shadow the Hedgehog the Video game helps me think for that one alot when this fic hit's writer's block. Just a suggestion, AND SHADOW RULES!

Later Days!

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