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Sitting in my room

With a needle in my hand

Waiting for the tomb

Of some old dieing man

-system of a down

Chapter 1: changes

Harry was watching the rain through the cracked glass of his room on number four privet drive and contemplating the knife he held in his hand on the eve of his sixteenth birthday. There were already four large red gashes on his left wrist bleeding sluggishly now it was five minutes until midnight and he didn't want to die until he was sixteen. One more for now Harry thought to himself I'm nearly done and then I'll have made up for Sirius and Cedric. I'm not needed anymore anyways, I've killed Tom. It's only a matter of time until they decide I'm too dangerous to keep.

He sat like that, alternately considering the service he was about to do the Wizarding world and looking between the water forming puddles on the pavement outside and the knife that he had used on himself. All the while his life's blood trickled onto the floor in a steady flow.

Harry was finally feeling the effects of blood loss. He started to grow dizzier and dizzier. I may not deserve to live any more but I'll be damned if I die before I'm sixteen. Harry looked up, with some difficulty, to check the clock. 10 seconds left until midnight. 9….. 8 seconds till I can die Harry mused tiredly. 7…. 6…. 5…. 4…..3…2….

Suddenly his mind was filled with a white light and he lost consciousness. Even though he was unconscious he could still feel the pain as bone and cartilage on his face moved and his hair grew. It was like drinking a bottle of skelagrow.


Meanwhile a few hundred miles away on the Malfoy estate, the heir of said estate, Draco Malfoy paced his room nervously. He knew his mate was changing soon but who was he? Draco fumed I should have started searching as soon as I changed! Then I would already be by his side! I should be with him as he changes! Draco had known that he was gay since the end of third year after a brief fling with Blaize. Blaize and Draco had never really felt anything for each other they were just curious. Draco and Blaize were now the best of friends, but the experience had told Draco beyond any doubt that he was gay. And as such his mate would be a man. Suddenly he stopped pacing and feinted.


When Harry awoke the pain was a mere memory. He put a hand to his face to check his glasses because everything was fuzzy he took them off and the world came into sharper focus. He was lying on the floor of his room with his knife just inches away. in…blood? and then it hit him like a free falling cow Waaait I'm still alive. Crap.

Harry looked down at his wrist expecting to see bloody cuts but there was nothing marring his perfect skin

Where are my scars?! And freckles! And for that matter when did I get my eyes fixed? AND WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL ALIVE?!? All of this harry thought to himself as there was no one in the room, since he had sent Hedwig to Ron's once he made the decision to off himself.

He stood slowly and walked over to his cracked mirror to see what else had changed and nearly fainted when he saw his reflection.

His hair which had been cut short now cascaded down nearly to the small of his back. Harry was also surprised to find he was a few inches taller, about five nine, and his skin was a pale tan instead of freckled. He now had long feminine eyelashes, more prominent cheek bones and a small cleft in his pointed chin. As though to add to his femininity his lips were a bit bigger, fuller and darker.

Harry could do nothing more then stare at the beautiful creature he had come.


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