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"You what?" Rose stared at them in shock, eyes wide and her countenance once again white as the proverbial sheet.

"Your head," growled the Three Of Diamonds, "You have trespassed. You must accept the punishment." And with that, Rose heard a third thwack and her world dissolved into dizzy blackness.


When she came to, Rose immediately checked her surroundings. She wondered at how far she had come since meeting the Doctor – she wasn't talking about physical distances, but her development as a person. The old Rose Tyler would have been crying with the pain, and despairing at her situation – but this Rose was made of stronger stuff. She took in the cell; the Doctor and Jack tied to their chairs; the guards outside – she searched for an escape-route, or anything that might constitute a plan. Yes, she decided, she liked this new Rose infinitely more – as the days passed, she became feistier, more resourceful, and – she gulped – more drawn to the unconscious time-lord who was slumped in a chair opposite her.

She sighed – he looked so vulnerable. She was so used to the Doctor being in control, so it seemed at odds to see him tied up, out cold, and at the mercy of their captors. She remembered the cellar in Victorian Cardiff; she had been so frightened – faced with the possibility of dying a century before she would be born. He had been cool and collected even then – ready to hold her hand and reassure her. Even Jack – his joking aside – was reliable and protective – when she was out in the London Blitz holding on to the zeppelin, she had to put her complete trust in an unknown Captain – and he had looked after for her since. Above and beyond the call of duty, you might say.

And now what? Rose sighed as she took it all in, desperately searching for something – anything – as a foundation for her planned cell break. Nope – nothing, she decided, no files hidden in cakes, no trap-doors, and no companions. Well, the latter could at least be resolved, Rose smirked, and so doing, edged her chair over to the sleeping forms of the Doctor and Jack. Grinning wickedly to herself, she braced her legs, and then THUKUMP – kicked them both in the shins.

"OWW! What's – fff – going on?"


They both yelped and shouted confusedly for a few sections, sitting now bolt-upright in their chairs. Wild-eyed and flushed with the shock, they both turned on Rose for an explanation. She was torn between sympathy and amusement, but the latter eventually won through, and she collapsed into laughter – the whole situation had made her feel on edge, so getting rid of some tension was a relief.

When the fit of giggles had subsided, she explained the situation and the reason for their punishment.

"Trespassin'? Blow – I'd clean forgotten about that" Jack swore silently, "Mate of mine once came here – I don't wanna bore you with the details, but let's just say he came back minus a few limbs."

"A few what now?" Rose gaped. She looked at the Doctor for reassurance.

The Doctor met her eyes, "It's true Rose – they're not obliged to obey any rules except their own – they're outside of the law – owned by a private company – so they have their own jurisdiction."

Rose stared. "So what you're saying, is that we are essentially f-"

"Anyway," Jack took up the conversation swiftly, "None of this is helping much – basically, we just gotta get free - and soon. Any ideas?"

Annoyed at Jack's assumption of authority, the Doctor put in his suggestion: "If we can find my sonic screwdriver, we can have these ropes and doors open in no time."

"One flaw there Doctor," Rose motioned with her head, "See that card-guard? I'd say that was your screwdriver, sticking out of his hand."

They once more lapsed into silence. Then Rose had her idea.

"I've got it! – Have you noticed what these ropes are made of?"

The others shook their heads.

"It's not rope or plastic – it's strawberry laces!"

Jack glanced surreptitiously at the Doctor and mouthed 'Crazy'.

"Oi," Rose kicked Jack again, "I saw that! Now stop being thick – I know you two can't really move much, but I'm mobile-ish, I can try and eat through your bonds! Then we can escape!"

"Fantastic!" The Doctor beamed at Rose and she grinned shyly back.

"Ok ok, so it's a good plan," Jack sounded slightly put out at being topped by an Earthling several years his junior. "So get on with it!!!"

Rolling her eyes, Rose moved her chair enough to get some space, and then bent her mouth to the Doctor's bonds. Not being able to see what was going on behind him, the Doctor had to trust that Rose knew what she was doing. It didn't help that Jack kept winking at him in a far too suggestive way.

Rose took a few seconds to work out a plan of attack – she could see that a couple of bites would soon free his hands, but for once there was no rush. She planned to take her time, and have a little fun along the way – she enjoyed having the Doctor under her control. Grinning to herself, she bent forward and began the torture.

The Doctor felt her hot breath on his skin, and then – slippery Slitheen! – her mouth encompassed first one, then two fingers, sucking on them slowly and nipping the ends gently. He let out a cross between a yelp and a moan, as she suddenly sucked hard on his little finger, running her tongue along it. Biting his lip, he glanced across at Jack, and with relief saw that he had relapsed into sleep. This was going to be a long night; he wondered how far Rose would go – how much could he take?

Jack slyly half-opened an eye – he was far from sleep – Rose was turning him on almost as much as she was the Doctor. Jack was not going to miss this for the world – blackmail material is difficult to find.

Rose licked at the Doctor's bonds, the sweet strawberry mixing with the salty tang of the Doctor's skin. She bit the end of one string off with her teeth, and chewed for a moment, considering her next move. Raising her head up, she ran her tongue slowly up the back of his neck, from the base, right up and around his ear. She felt him shudder beneath her ministrations and grinned some more, she was enjoying this – power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It was her turn to explore him, seek out his most intimate places and take advantage of them. She noted the way he moaned ever so slightly when she nipped his earlobe; and how the sound of her own low groans made the hair on the back of his neck, stand on end.

She then took up a new vantage point, shuffling her chair round to face him, leaning over, she licked the red bonds across his chest which held him to his chair. In doing so, she noticed the bumps in his jumper, where his nipples were raised up in excitement. Being careful not to tear the fabric, she wet these places with her tongue, and nipped gently at them. The Doctor let out a low animal groan, and tilted his head back. Rose seized this opportunity, and bent her head to suckle his neck – leaving red bruises across the delicate skin. She marvelled at the way his adams-apple trembled, and the how harsh his breath sounded. Wanting to feel his heat, she swiftly covered his lips with her own and plunged her tongue past that warm, wet gateway. They both moaned aloud at the contact, and wriggled to get closer.

A steamy session of passionate kisses and intimate exploration followed, and Jack decided that maybe sleep was the better option – then he wouldn't have to endure this unrequited torture. He sighed to himself – oh, when would they realise the truth? Why keep denying it when all you'll ever want and need is right there in front of you? Young love, he sighed again, and tried to block out the groans as frustrated sleep beckoned.

As Jack finally drifted off, the Doctor heard a slight snapping noise and noticed a strange sensation in his wrists. This was odd, he decided, parts of his skin were tingling and, it seemed, breathing. Then it hit him – all the frustrated struggling must have weakened the bonds which Rose had worked on. He was free at last! Using surprise to his advantage, he waited for the right moment, when Rose was completely absorbed in nuzzling his neck. Then, he sprang!

"Oh!" Rose uttered a small shriek of surprise.

The Doctor said nothing, but pulled her body against his and ran his hands down to her own bonds.

"Can you free me then?" She seemed quite impatient to have the use of her hands again.

Grinning wickedly at her, the Doctor again said nothing. He had no intention of releasing her just yet. His only objective at the moment was to get her off that chair. With a complicated series of pulling and pushing exercises, he managed to free her of the furniture, whilst insuring her hands stayed tied behind her back. Now he had her where he wanted her.

Raising her eyebrows, Rose realised what he wanted, and felt her insides turn to jelly. She had lost her power – somehow, their roles had been reversed. He was still bound to his chair by the bonds around his ankles, whilst she was free to run, but had her arms tied neatly behind her back. The only power she now exerted was her body, so she used it to full advantage. Whilst the Doctor held her to him, she wriggled and bucked her hips, constantly brushing against his now aching groin. Rolling his eyes back, the Doctor relaxed his grip on her as the sensation took hold. He could feel himself becoming harder and harder – he moaned tried to prevent her movements, but Rose was merciless. She could feel his arousal growing, and felt immensely pleased that she could cause such a reaction in him. He could feel it building, a bright wall of light and pleasure, mounting with each motion of her hips. He was reaching out to it, letting it take hold and then –


Something exploded – but it wasn't the Doctor. The door had just been flung open by a whole deck of Cards. The three captives had completely forgotten about the time – all of them – distracted – by their circumstances. In an instant the Doctor had whipped Rose's bonds off, and jumped to his feet, only to fall to the floor with a thump – his legs still attached to the chair. The wood splintered, and sprayed out across the room, causing confusion amongst the somewhat delicate laminated guards. Rose took a few seconds to gather her wits, and then dived for Jack's chair, struggling to pull his laces off, and set him free.

Splinters, dust and confusion caused the Cards' pristine ordered ranks to fall into disarray. Jack took advantage of this sudden turn of events, and dived into the rabble, seizing the sonic screwdriver, and throwing it to Rose. She in turn thrust it into the Doctor's hands and set about releasing his ankles. The Doctor himself simply lay on the floor and yelled 'DUCK!'

A beam of blue light shot out of the end of the screwdriver, letting out a high-pitched screech as it cut through the air. Jack threw himself to the floor, arms over his head, as he dived for cover. The cards turned as one to the source of the screech, and simultaneously burst into flame. The screwdriver had burnt easily through the tough laminate, and into the soft card-fibres underneath. Not being in any way fire-resistant, they had been instantly incinerated.

In a puff of smoke, the danger had passed.

Grinning with relief, Rose, Jack and the Doctor slowly got to their feet, coughing, and brushing the dust off their clothes. Desperately trying to cover up the remnants of his burning erection, the Doctor scooped up his screwdriver and bolted for the door. Winking knowingly, Jack grabbed Rose's hand and they ran out after him. They had to make a quick getaway. Trespassing might be punishable by decapitation, Rose pondered – but heaven only knew what awaits murders and arsonists!

So they ran, down twisted corridors, up and down staircases, and eventually round a corner. Now calm and collected, the Doctor looked round at his breathless companions and pushed open the door. They felt sunlight hit their faces, closed their eyes, and sighed collectively. The warmth was glorious after their cold damp cell. The air tingled with excitement, and the roar of a crowd could be heard in the distance. Their relief was short lived however, for just as they had begun to relax, a voice could be heard through a megaphone:


Blinking in the sunlight, Rose made out strange colours and colossal shapes – it was only the excited shout that confirmed her location:



See where this might be heading?