Title: A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget

Author: Cracklin' Rosie

Pairing: Lex/Lois

Rating: T

Summary: Lois and Lex go out on a first date, I have no idea how long it will be, but I'll keep going until I can go no more…or until people lose interest!

Timeframe: Season 4, immediately after Episode "Lucy" (meaning nothing else from season 4, or soon to be season 5, has happened yet)

A Night to Remember, A Night to Forget

The night was cool and dark. The only light in the dark was the half-moon that was slowly rising in the black sky, and the sweeping headlights of the lone car on the blacktop highway. The sleek, black limo glided effortlessly over the wet roadway. The patter of raindrops had created a mirrored surface on the deserted road.

Outside the car, the corn stalks were tall and green, close to harvest. It had been a good year for the farmers of Kansas. There had been plenty of rain and much sun. People were happy and content.

The limo slowed as it reached its destination. It turned into the gravel driveway, slowly creeping towards the yellow farmhouse where lights were glowing warmly through the bottom floor windows.

The limo pulled alongside a cherry red pickup and stopped, idling almost silently. There were shadows moving around inside the house. No one had heard the limo arrive. The driver stepped out of the limo, and opened an umbrella against the light drizzle. His black dress shoes crunched softly in the gravel of the drive as he moved to open the rear door of the limo. The large umbrella shielded the man leaving the limo, his own black shoes creating their own noises as he stood in the driveway.

The man was dressed in a dark blue suit. So dark blue it appeared almost black. His shirt and tie the same blue color. As he walked from the limo to the front porch of the farmhouse under the cover of the umbrella, he smoothed the fabric of his expensive suit and straightened his tie. Once under the cover of the porch, the driver stopped and waited, the umbrella still open, shielding himself from the light rain.

The man in the blue suit paused outside the front door. He was nervous, a new feeling for him. He took a deep breath then rang the doorbell. He smiled as he heard her name called through the door. A few moments later the door swung open and the smiling face of Mrs. Kent greeted him.

"Lex, come in," Martha Kent opened the front door wide and stepped aside so Lex Luthor could enter.

"Mrs. Kent, it's wonderful to see you," Lex, as he passed her in the doorway, greeted her with a kiss on each cheek.

Martha Kent, caught slightly off guard, giggled softly and flushed at the gesture. Lex smiled at her pink cheeks. As Martha closed the door behind him, Lex glanced around the entryway of the Kent home. It was as neat, tidy, and comfortable as always.

"Lois should be right down," Martha smiled as she motioned for Lex to sit down on the living room sofa. Lex nodded and sat on the sofa.

"Where are Clark and Mr. Kent this evening?" Lex asked in what he hoped was a casual manner. After the argument he and Clark had over Lex taking Lois out, Lex couldn't help but wonder where he was.

"They went to Metropolis. A guy's night out," Martha didn't elaborate and Lex noticed her tone became superficially polite. He nodded noncommittally and dropped the subject.

"Ready," Lois' voice from behind startled both Lex and Martha, who sat with their backs to the staircase. Lex rose from the sofa and turned, taking in the astonishing sight of Lois Lane. It had taken much coercion and discussion before Lois finally agreed to let Lex take her out. She was incredibly stubborn, and Lex found her fascinating. He smiled as he noticed she was barefoot, holding her strappy stiletto heels in her hand. And as he took in the rest of her he felt a warm sensation in the pit of his stomach.

Her thick, dark hair was pulled up into a simple French twist, and she wore a medium length silver dress with spaghetti straps, a deep v-neck and an open back.

"You look amazing, Lois," Lex spoke, truthfully feeling slightly flushed, and hot in the face.

Lois stopped herself from rolling her eyes in response. "Thanks," she said shortly. "I won't be late, Mrs. Kent," she added as Lex offered her his arm. Lois considered Lex's gesture for a moment, and then apparently decided it was okay to let him be a gentleman and took his arm.

"Have fun!" Martha called as she shut the door behind them. Out on the front porch Lex paused.

"Do you want to put your shoes on?" He asked. Lois looked at him, raising one of her eyebrows slightly.

"I'm fine," she said as she walked confidently down the porch stairs where she waited under the umbrella for Lex. "Coming?" She grinned.

Lex looked at her, amused, and stuffing his hands into his pockets he descended the steps after her. The driver held the umbrella over the duo as they crossed the manicured lawn and came to the gate. The drizzle had progressed to light rain, and the driveway was beginning to puddle. But Lois didn't pause, so Lex and the driver could do nothing but follow. Lois walked straight through the forming puddles to the limo, where the driver held open the door for Lois, then Lex.

"I love the rain," Lois stated, as Lex sat in the car and the door was shut behind him. Lois kicked her feet up in front of her, examining them for dirt. Satisfied that they were just wet with water she dropped them back to the floor of the car, tossing her strappy sandals on the floor next to them.

"Where're we going?" Lois asked, turning sideways to look at Lex. The limo started to move, pulling slowly out of the Kent driveway.

Lex smiled at her, then half-shrugged. "I thought we'd go to Chicago for dinner."

Lois, who had been picking at her fingernails (she was trying so hard to let them grow) paused, her brow furrowed in disbelief.

"Chicago? You must be joking. You want to drive to Chicago to have dinner," Lois stared at Lex.

"Drive? No. We are taking the Luthorcorp helicopter. We should be to the Smallville Municipal Airport shortly," Lex replied calmly. He enjoyed Lois' brazenness immensely.

"Oh, right," Lois smiled. She turned her head and looked out the window, she couldn't see much but fields of corn passing her by. She sighed.

"What? Is it Lucy?" Lex touched Lois' bare shoulder, the feel of her warm, soft skin sending electric shocks through Lex. He resisted the urge to throw her back against the limo seat and kiss her. Instead he withdrew his hand, removing the temptation of touch.

"Lucy, my wayward sister…I still can't believe the trouble she got us all into. I have been avoiding the General for days. I don't know what to tell him. I know he'll blame me for not being more responsible," Lois said still looking out the window, unaware of the battle Lex was waging with himself.

"I would hope he'd understand you can't control your sister. You've done all you can, all you could've done. If your sister wasn't smart enough to learn from her amazing older sister, well then that's her loss," Lex spoke plainly.

Lois turned in the car seat, her knees lightly rubbing Lex's. Lex tried to keep his eyes on her face, but all he could feel was the soft touch as the movement of the car kept their knees in contact.

"That's very gracious of you to say, Lex. Especially after what Lucy did, stealing your car and all," Lois blushed, and Lex grew more enamored. That she felt so much, and that she took it so personally that Lex didn't blame her for her sister's actions just confirmed to Lex that Lois was one of the most amazing young women he'd ever had the pleasure to meet. And Lex had met a lot of women. Yes, she could be course, and obnoxious, and she did make some bad choices; but overall she was more together than a lot of women twice times her age. It must run in the family, as Chloe was very similar.

"What?" Lex looked at Lois, her face reflecting a confused half smile to go along with her question. Lex realized he had been grinning like a fool, thinking of her. He cleared his expression.

"It's nothing. Have you been to Chicago before?" Lex asked, trying to change to topic of conversation to something a little less emotional.

"I've been-," Lois started to answer when suddenly the car jolted to the right, sending Lois halfway across Lex's lap. Lex, grabbing her by the shoulders her to keep her from falling to the floor of the car, gently lifted her from his lap.

"Are you alright?" He asked her. Lois nodded. The limo, still swerving a bit, slowed considerably and rolled to a stop. Lex lowered the window between the rear of the limo and the driver.

"Jack, what happened?" Lex asked as the driver turned at the sound of the window. Outside the light rain was steadily increasing.

"I think we have a flat, Mr. Luthor," the driver responded, already preparing to get out and check, the raingear that was kept in the car out on the passenger seat. "I'll go check, sir."

Lex nodded and sat back next to Lois. He looked to her and smiled, "I hope this is all the hassle we have to deal with tonight."