Short but sweet, this is the LAST update. I can think of nothing else to extend this first date any further and honestly, I've lost interest. If I feel inspired later to turn this into a Lex/Lois dating fic, I'll post more. But with Lex's bad behavior so far this season, I'm not feeling the Lex-love. Thanks for reading and I hope you like this last bit.

Lois's heels clicked loudly on the hardwood floors as she bolted from the mansion. She swung her arms, the blood pumping through her veins as she felt a stitch start forming in her side.

Bursting out the front doors of Lex's mansion, Lois was pulled back suddenly. She spun, barely staying on her feet, only to find her shawl caught on the doorknob. She yanked, hearing the shawl give a little, tearing. Lois grabbed the end of the shawl with both hands and braced herself. As she was about to pull on the cloth she saw movement behind the door.

Lois loosened her grip and dropped the shimmering material watching, as if in slow motion, as the end of the wrap fluttered gently to the ground.

Lex, fully dressed once again, slowly approached her. His expression was amused, but concerned.

Lois steeled herself, straightening her back and crossing her arms, putting her defenses on full alert.

"Lois, why are you running away?"

"I'm not running," she answered defiantly. "I just thought I shouldn't worry the Kent's about where I was."

The truth was Lois was scared to death. She would never admit it to anyone, but Lex Luthor had a way of looking into her soul, and she was afraid if he looked too close he wouldn't like what he saw.

Lex smiled as if he understood exactly what Lois meant and nodded. Lois remained rooted just outside the entryway unable to will her feet to move. She felt an involuntary shiver, the night air chilling from the rain.

Lex was now inches from her. Lois, stubborn and unwilling to lower her eyes, stared back at him. Lex kept his gaze, his eyes dancing with a humor Lois simply didn't see in this particular situation.

Lex reached forward, placing his hands on Lois's shoulders. Slowly he ran them up and down her arms, a vain attempt at bringing forth some warmth.

"You're freezing out here. Please come back inside and we can talk," Lex's eyes traveled over her face then down her right shoulder, following the bend in her arm until his eyes rested on her hands still folded at her chest. His own hand followed his eyes and Lois didn't try to resist as Lex gently pried her arms open, his hand grasping hers and pulling her back inside.

As Lois let Lex lead her back to the den, she glanced back at the open door where her wrap remained caught on the doorknob, fluttering gently in the cool, night breeze.

Lois found herself once again seated on the leather sofa. She held a mug of hot chocolate in her hands, the warmth it slowly spreading through her entire body. Lex was seated across from her with a fresh glass of scotch resting on the arm of the overstuffed chair. He was relaxed, leaning back with his legs crossed. He was staring at her with a slightly predatory gaze.

Lois sipped her hot chocolate. Her panic was slowly starting to fade, though Lex was still making her a little nervous.

"Are you feeling better?"

Lois offered a slight smile and nodded.

"I panicked earlier," she said, as if that explained everything.

Lex offered a smile. "I noticed."

Lois giggled nervously back.

"Lois, there's no pressure here. If you don't want to go out with me again, that's fine. Just tell me. I've enjoyed our one night together, and I won't press you to ever see me again. You just need to tell me," Lex leaned forward, his bold green eyes piercing straight to Lois's heart.

Lois attempted a smile, but she felt so guilty inside she couldn't imagine how it actually looked on her face. She had to give credit where credit was due, Lex was good at guilt. Lois still felt like she hadn't been entirely fair to him and thus couldn't honestly get angry for his obvious play on her emotions.

"Lex…," Lois stopped. She bit her lip, scared to admit her feelings out loud. Speaking her feelings had never been Lois's strongest attribute. She dropped her eyes for a moment, and finding a loose thread in her skirt she picked at it with her free hand.

"I did have more fun tonight than I thought I would. I wouldn't say no if you asked me out again," Lois shrugged and continued picking at her dress.

"Lois, would you go out with me again?" Lex asked with no hesitation.

Trying to bite back a smile, Lois nodded. She kept her concentration fixed on the loose thread, unwilling to give Lex the pleasure of knowing he was getting to her.

She heard him move and felt the cushions of the sofa shift as he sat next to her. She felt his hand as he gently raised her chin, and she felt a complete sense of belonging and joy as he kissed her.

An hour or so later, Lois and Lex were parked in front of the Kent's farmhouse. The lights were all off except a lone porch light. Lex had driven Lois back in one of his many cars, and as they sat in silence Lois found she wasn't quite ready to say goodnight. She knew once she did the spell would be broken. Knowing there was no one she could confide in about the evening left her dreading the morning when Mr. and Mrs. Kent, and Clark, would all be watching her with expectation expressions.

"Right now I wish I wasn't staying here," Lois said absently, staring at the dark house.

"Just remember what you do on your own time is no one's business but yours. You own no one any explanations," Lex offered, taking Lois's hand and kissing the inside of her wrist.

"Yeah, I know you're right," Lois smiled at Lex and gently pulled her hand back. "Goodnight, Lex."

Lois leaned over and gave Lex one last, deep, goodnight kiss. Leaving the car she stood on the porch and watched the taillights of LEX XIX pull out of the Kent's driveway and disappear into the early morning.