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Summary: Vamps Willow and Xander were living large in the Wishverse before the Slayer came and interrupted their fun. Find out just what exactly kept these two entertained… A sexy, intriguing, sometimes grotesque, and always devilishly amusing account of their exploits.

Rating: M

Character Pairings: Vamp Willow x Vamp Xander… obviously… and some implied Vamp Willow x Faith

Warning: Some of the topics within this story are mature and contain dark themes including, but not limited to, torture and death resulting from the psychotic minds of the undead.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all characters and ideas related to the show are property of Joss Whedon and others. I own nothing but my computer… and I'm still paying for that.

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Chapter Five

Daylight. Again.

But Faith couldn't sleep. The sun offered no protection from the screams and cries she heard from the basement of the Bronze. Safe in her cage, Faith tried using the pillows to drown out the horrible sounds. But cotton provided no barrier from the human agony. She clenched her teeth and tried to think of something else.

Sunny days on the beach. Sitting alone in the park. Blooming rose bushes. Puppies…

But nothing could lessen the sound of the other person's pain. She wished she could alleviate their suffering. She wished they would just die… then she stopped herself.

No, she thought. If I wish for death then they have already won. I'm safe for now.

But for how much longer?

When will Willow get tired of me and let the other vampires have their way with my corpse?

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought.

Then the door open on the far side of the room and her two vampire captors strolled in looking contented and well-fed – nevertheless, that hungry gleam never left their demonic faces.

Behind them, trailed a young man, not much more that a boy actually, naked from the waist up with short red locks and a defiant stare in his fierce eyes. His hands were bound and shackled to his ankles but even so he seemed to dare the vampires to beat him.

Willow swirled in a small circle and found herself in Xander's capable arms. She reached up and kissed him long and hard, nearly bruising his pale, drained lips. Then, with a flick of her wrists, she pulled her new pet over to her and kissed him just as hard. He tried to move away from her but Xander put a strong hand on the back of his neck, effectively pinning him under the assaulting beauty. Willow drew back and admired her work. His lip was bleeding fiercely and she licked her swollen lips in anticipation.

"Oz," she said with wonder in her voice. "You're so beautiful. I could just eat you right up. Who's a good puppy?"

That's it, Faith thought sadly. I've already been replaced.

Then she chastised herself for her selfish remark. This poor boy was just as much sentenced to death as she was.

Then Xander took the chain leash from his death-dealing counterpart and looped it into a metal ring that protruded from the wall and he proceeded to tie the end to another ring that was located lower on the wall.

What the…?

Willow was almost jumping up and down now she was so excited. Xander ran his hands up the young boy's body with admiration for his slender figure and pulsating veins. Then his caresses became violent as he used his supernaturally empowered fingers to rip strips from his prey's back and sides.

Oz screamed. Faith cried. Xander smiled. Willow laughed.

Blood. Everywhere.

Faith shielded her face with her hands but even with her eyes clenched shut, she could still see the blood dripping and cascading down Oz's back.

"Oh, Xander," Willow said breathlessly as she stared at Oz's torn flesh with Christmas morning-like amazement. Then she walked carefully up to the dazed boy and put her trembling hands upon his searing skin. She embraced him lovingly.

"He's perfect," she whispered as she dropped to a crouch and ran her fingers through the canyons of broken skin. Then she dipped her face closer to the boy and her anxious tongue darted out to taste the bloodied flesh. She ran her tongue up his back, through the deep wounds, lapping up the blood and swallowing it hungrily.

Oz couldn't take it. The mixed pain of his freshly stripped flesh and the warm tongue that was probing his body caused him to open his eyes wide in pain. His released a blood-curdling scream that came from the very depths of his being… then turned into a soul-searing howl.

Faith looked. She had to see what had made him make that very un-human sound. Then she saw. He had transformed. He was no longer that boyishly handsome young man but a fur covered beast that was snarling and gnashing his teeth as he bounced uncontrollably as far as his leash would allow.

"I knew it," Willow stated as she drew the last remnants of blood into her mouth. "I knew there was something feral about you. I just didn't know that it would taste so damn good."

Throwing her head back, she released a very maniacal laugh which filled the air with an ambiance that was tangibly evil.

She and Xander exchanged glances and he walked up behind her to wrap his powerful arms around her slender waist. That smile still graced her features and no doubt was left in Faith's mind that this girl, this creature, was insane.

"We'd better go now, kitten," Xander said softly into her ear. "The Master will be expecting us at the factory for the Grand Opening tonight, you know,"

"Aw, can't we stay for just a little while longer?"

"No, let's go," with that, he released the werewolf from the holding pins and began to drag him towards the door.

"Can't I take the puppy for a ride first?"

Xander looked over his shoulder appreciatively.

"Alright," he conceded. "But be quick about it, we don't want to miss his opening speech,"

"Of course," she blows him a little kiss as he exits the chamber. Then she turns to Faith.

Faith whimpers unintentionally.

"Well, now, puppy," she coos. "It's just you and me."


Buffy arrives at the nightclub-turned-feeding-ground known as the Bronze. It was nice enough, in a deathly, morbid, half-eaten carcass kind of way. She tightened her jaw against the rancid odor of old blood and continued her way through the facility.

A door in the far corner led her into a room with holding cells. Silently she made her way through, mentally preparing herself for whatever she might find next. It was so quiet. She wished for a door to creak, a shoe to squeak, anything that might break the silence and tell her that she was the only living thing in the building – no pun intended. Then she got it.

A soft whimper to her right. In one of the holding cells a figure lay huddled in the near darkness – a man, by the size of the broad shoulders. She thought about releasing him, then thought against it. If he was stupid enough to get himself caught by the vamps then she would be doing the world a favor by letting them eat him and ridding humanity of the weak and idiotic. No, she couldn't think that way, she was the slayer. She was supposed to help humanity. All of humanity. Even the not so intelligent specimens.

Well, she would pick him up on her way out. Right now, she had far more pressing business to attend to…

"Buffy?" she reflexively turned her head to the sound of her name. "Buffy Summers?"

After a long conversation and the realization that this Angel guy was a "good" vampire, Buffy thought with mental quotation marks, she decided to release him from his prison and allow him to show her this factory that the Master was in. She unbound him from his shackles and he lurched forward with his newfound freedom. She remained tense and ready to stake him should he attempt anything. Actually, she was ready to stake him if he looked at her the wrong way. The first rule of slaying was: Don't Die. One did not live very long if one took unnecessary chances with vampires.

"It's okay," Angel tried to reassure her. "I'm not going to bite you,"

"You think you could if you wanted to? I'm the Slayer, remember? My nine-to-five is dusting people like you under the carpet where you belong,"

"You're a lot different than I expected,"

"What? I'm not the My Size Barbie doll that you ordered? Well, excuse me if I don't…" she stopped and trailed off, turning her head as if she could hear something or smell something on the air.

"What is it?"

"I'm not sure,"

"I don't hear anything,"

"Shh. Just because you can't hear it doesn't mean it's not there,"

"I'm just saying that my Vamp improved senses aren't tingling,"

"Quiet," she barked in a tone that left no room for argument.

That feeling returned. That sense that someone else was there, sharing a pain so strongly that Buffy had to check and make sure it wasn't her own fear and anguish. Then it changed. No longer Fear. Just Anger and Hatred.

And the whimpering.

"What's behind door number one?" Buffy asked Angel eventhough she opened the door as the answer came pouring over his lips.

"The Master's private chambers,"

It was disgusting. Disgusting in a way that made Buffy's heart skip and her stomach lurch. She had seen so many revolting things in her time as the Slayer, the smell of blood and the sight of disemboweled carcasses, but these things she could handle. This was wrong.

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