Raging Rain and Longing Love

By: unknownangel

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Okay just one thing before I start, this is NOT the sequel to A Secret, Some Crying and A Kiss Or Two! I'll have to this one in chapters as well, sorry. ( I hate doing chapters….takes too much time…but…It can't be helped.) On with the story now…

Kazahaya stood in the middle of the park staring up at the sky. It was fall, the leaves on the trees had turned all sorts of colors, and many were currently laying on the ground. As Kazahaya watched the sky he saw lightening off in the distance. But he didn't care. Even though all he was wearing were jeans a white t-shirt and some sneakers. A cold breeze ruffled his hair and made him squeeze his arms tighter around him. In his haste to get away from Rikuo he had forgotten to take his jacket, knowing full well that it was cold out. Kazahaya sighed.

Had he pushed Rikuo too far this time? What if Rikuo hates him now? Kazahaya sighed again. Rikuo always hated him so it really didn't matter. Or did it? Kazahaya wasn't sure. Then he heard a soft rumble and looked to the sky, recognizing it as thunder. Then he was completely drenched with rain.

"At least it can't get any worse," he said as he sighed before turning to head back. Then before he could take a step it started raining a little harder. Kazahaya stopped then glared at the sky.

"Thank you for making my bad day worse!" he yelled to the sky. He growled before kicking the ground exactly where a puddle had already formed, getting his pants soaked even more. Kazahaya was getting very frustrated, but all he did was fume as he walked. As soon as he reached the exit to the park it had successfully managed to rain harder than before. Kazahaya sighed before making his way across a dark and wet street, shivering. Then he saw dim lights heading straight for him. And being a very curious and reckless person, he stopped in the middle of the road to see what it was.

Rikuo stared at the door Kazahaya ran out of and slammed. He sighed before he went and sat down on the couch in the living room of their apartment. He took a sip of his tea then stared out the window. After he took another sip and looked out again he saw lightening. Then he thought back to the fight he and Kazahaya just had.


Rikuo had just finished stacking the cold medicine when he looked at Kazahaya. He was talking to a man about twenty years old. He had short blonde hair and a muscular build, almost as muscular as Rikuo. He saw Kazahaya laughing and blushing and he knew automatically that the man was going to ask Kazahaya out. Rikuo sighed, that man was the tenth one today and he was pissed. After Rikuo set the empty box down he walked casually over to Kazahaya. When the two noticed him coming toward them they looked at him. Rikuo took that moment to speak.

"Kakei said to switch. He wants the pain killers out next," he said coldly as he glared at the unknown guy. Kazahaya glared at Rikuo, he knew he was lying but complied anyway.

"Bye Hiro," he said as he walked to the back room. Hiro glared at Rikuo with intense green eyes before he left the store. Rikuo smirked before he went behind the counter but that didn't improve his mood. Kazahaya angrily stacked the pain medication grumbling about how mean and cruel Rikuo was. After closing the store and heading to their apartment, Rikuo started dinner while Kazahaya went to his room.

'Why does he do that? Is he jealous or something?' Kazahaya sighed 'Yeah, right, Rikuo jealous? Damn it if he were jealous hell would be ice.' Kazahaya thought as he looked at the floor. Rikuo then came in and startled Kazahaya.

"Dinner's ready," he said emotionlessly before returning to the kitchen. Kazahaya got up and followed him. While they ate Kazahaya thought of a way to get back at Rikuo. The only problem was he didn't know how he would do it. Kazahaya thought his idea through. Rikuo cooked better than he did but he had never commented on it. Or maybe he should suggest jealousy. Hmmmm……..yes jealousy seemed like the perfect idea.

"Are you jealous or something?" Kazahaya asked as he put his fork down and glared at Rikuo. Rikuo glared back at him and did the same.

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you jealous? Are you mad because I can make friends and you can't?"Kazahaya asked.Rikuo's glare hardened.

"Why are you asking?"

"Just tell me! Are you jealous?" Kazahaya yelled.

"Why would I be jealous?" yelled Rikuo back. Kazahaya slammed his hands on the table as he stood. The dishes rattled from the shockwave that pulsed through the table.

"I don't know! But every time I try and make a friend you get in the way and scare them off!" Kazahaya yelled as Rikuo stood. He was angry. No, he was furious! Didn't Kazahaya see what those people wanted from him?

"So far you manage to try and make friends with people who will use you!"

"How the hell would you know? You know nothing about them!"

"Don't you see the look in their eyes Kazahaya? They just want to use you!" Rikuo yelled. Kazahaya opened his mouth to retort back but he was cut off.

"Not everyone in this world is good Kazahaya!" he yelled as he slammed his fist on the table. Kazahaya stared at him wide-eyed. Rikuo was looking down.

"Yeah? Well…then I…I guess you're one of those people," Kazahaya said quietly as he shook slightly in fear while tears rolled down his cheeks. He sniffed then let out a sob. Rikuo looked up and stared at Kazahaya. He looked so hurt that Rikuo was sure that Kazahaya wouldn't talk or even look at him anymore. In truth Rikuo was scared that Kazahaya would do something stupid. Like…he didn't know…like run out in front of a car or something…he had no idea but he knew he wouldn't like it. Kazahaya clenched his fists.


"No! Just leave me alone!" he said as he walked past Rikuo to the door. He opened it and before running out he glared back teary eyed.

"Not everyone in this world is evil either Rikuo," he said almost inaudibly, then he ran out the door and slammed it.

Flashback Ends/

Rikuo sighed. He hadn't meant to scare Kazahaya, but he had been angry before and…and he just snapped! Rikuo looked out the window and saw lightening flash and heard a low rumble seconds after. Rikuo looked at the door and saw that Kazahaya's jacket was still here. Rikuo set his tea down then got his jacket and Kazahaya's before going out the door.

Kazahaya stared as the lights got bigger and brighter. Then he remembered where he stood and froze in fear. As the car speed toward Kazahaya, lightening flashed and thunder rumbled then Kazahaya felt a heavy yet warm weight on his back.

Rikuo got off Kazahaya and helped him up as the car speed by unknowingly. Kazahaya had successfully managed to land in a nice, big, and deep puddle. When he turned to face the person who saved him he was surprised to find that it was Rikuo. Rikuo gave Kazahaya his jacket.

"What the hell were you doing? Trying to commit suicide!" Rikuo growled angrily at Kazahaya. Who glared back at Rikuo as he put his coat on.

"N…no… I…I… wasn't…" he stammered. Rikuo saw that the smaller teen was shivering profusely so he took his coat off and put it over Kazahaya's head to shelter him from the still falling rain. Then Rikuo gently pushed Kazahaya toward their apartment and guided him the whole way there. When they got back to the apartment Rikuo got some towels and handed two to Kazahaya. He took them then took off the soaked coats and hung them up. He was still shivering even with two towels and Rikuo noticed.

"Go take a warm shower Kazahaya," Rikuo said quietly as he lead Kazahaya to the bathroom.

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