By Leah



He glared at the back of her frizzy head as she scribbled down whatever nonsense Snape was rambling on about.

He hated her.

Know-it-all little mudblood Granger. Even now, a few days from the end of their sixth year she was still working as hard as the annoying little first year he'd met six years ago.

Of it's own accord, his lip twisted up in a sneer when her hand shot up before Snape could even finish asking his question. The professor-of course- pointedly ignored her. One would think that after six years she would learn that the Potions Master loathed her, but it was apparent that the message had trouble getting through her hair and reaching her skull.

His glare intensified when she turned to the side so he could see half of her face.

He watched her lips move as she whispered something to Potty and Weasel. He smirked thinking of other ways he could put those lips to work.

Even he had to admit that over the last few years, she had changed a bit. She was no longer the skinny little girl he remembered; she had grown into a somewhat pretty young lady that could turn a few heads. Her hair no longer looked as if a nest of hornets lay in its depths, it was far from what he would deem as acceptable but at least it seemed like she'd learned the importance of a good brushing over the years.

Overall she was no supermodel, nowhere near it actually, and there were still many girls whose looks outshone hers, she was average at best, but it wasn't just her looks that had his body calling for hers.

Not that he would never say that to another soul.

He noticed her turn to look behind, her dark brown eyes landing on his icy ones, he sneered at her and mouthed the word 'mudblood'. She only rolled her eyes and turned around, leaving him with his thoughts.

He'd always said he hated being in her presence, but something inside of him screamed when she was far. He wanted her to hurt, yet he wanted to give her the most pleasure of her life.

He despised her, but how he wanted her.

He was drawn out of his thoughts by the scuffle of chairs, signaling the end of Potions. He smirked as he watched her get out of her seat; he also stood. His eyes ran over her figure as she turned to leave, a figure that to the untrained eye was well hidden beneath her baggy school robes. But when it came to women he was anything but untrained. With a smirk, he moved to make sure his body was blocking her path to the dungeon exit.

"Move Malfoy." She said with a sigh, pulling her book-bag strap slightly. He nearly grinned, and to her surprise took a step to the side so she could pass.

He was sure she thought she was clear of him, his lip twitched, 'foolish little bookworm.'

His hand shot out and grasped onto her wrist as she brushed by him, and pulled the surprised girl to his chest. He bent his head to her ear, feeling her shiver slightly when his warm breath tickled the sensitive skin.

"You should really work on your manners, mudblood." He smirked when he heard her breathing quicken, then pushed her away, dropping her hand as if it burned. He grabbed his bag and sauntered out of the room followed by his lackeys, leaving a very irritated girl behind him.

He hated her...but he would have her.

After all:
Forbidden fruit always tasted much sweeter.