Oh the Joy of Being a Bride

(sarcasm people get used to it!)

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The Teen Titans had had long day. 5 villains, 3 escaped, 2 in jail. In exhaustion, the Titans were resting in the commons area. Beast Boy was using the last of his energy attempting to defeat Cyborg on their newest game.

(A/n: Which we all know he'll never do, but hey he can try!)

Starfire was asleep and snoring, Robin was staring into space. Raven would have been meditating, but with Beast Boy playing Cyborg, peace and quiet was impossible. So she settled down with her new book "Phantom of the Opera".

(A/n: Read it! See the movie too!)

After an hour, everyone began to feel sleepy. Robin carried sleeping Starfire to bed and headed to his room. As Raven left for her room, she heard Cyborg and Beast Boy talking behind her.

"We should go to bed," Cyborg insisted.

"You just don't want to fight again 'cause I will win and I'll be the champion!" Beast Boy shouted. "I'm the champion! I'm the champion!"

"You're on!"

"Boys…" Raven muttered as she walked down the hall to her bedroom. She had a strange feeling, like something was going to happen. It kept her awake for hours. Finally she drifted into uneasy sleep…

Raven woke to the alarm. She ran to the commons room.

"Slade," Robin explained.

"Yes Robin… it is me."

Everyone swirled around and saw Slade blocking the exit! Slade focused his gaze on Raven, staring deep into her eyes, the way she had seen Robin gaze into Starfire's.

"Okay… this is really creeping me out. Guys?" Raven glanced around and realized that everyone was unconscious.

"That's right, little bird. This time I come for you. You must have some secret power to make men fall madly in love. I am not the marrying man, but love drives a man to do things he normally wouldn't." Slade said while walking toward her. Suddenly, Raven found herself unable to move. "Oh, dear," Slade murmured. "Your hair would be so much more flattering in black."

"You touch my hair, you die."

Slade pulled out a small metal tube. He pressed a button and it turned into a brush. It was obviously hot, as the metal soon glowed red with heat.

"This will burn your hair to a nice black." He touched it to her hair. She jerked away, and used her powers to grab the brush and crush it.

"Don't worry, little black bird. I prefer a wife with black hair, but purple will do fine." He reached out and grabbed her arm, then he took off his mask! And Slade really was…

(A/n: ya right I'd really tell you!)

The man behind the mask, his face hidden in shadow, leaned toward her, pulling her into a kiss! (eww)

"Eew!" Raven said as she spit. Then she realized she was in bed.

"Calm down Raven… it was only a dream!" she told herself.

Suddenly the alarm went off.

"There has been a robbery at the jewelry store." Robin said.

When they got there, it was actually Slade.

"Hello little black bird… Get my dream?" he purred.

"What the…"

(A/n: I'm too tired to write anymore make something up!)