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"Hurry up. She'll be here any moment." A 16-year-old mokuba yelled at some maids who ran in and out of the living room.

"All done master mokuba," one said breathlessly.

"It better be to her liking or someone will be jobless." Mokuba coldly said, in a kaiba like manner. The maids and servants tried not to show any fear or sadness and left.

"He sure acts strange whenever she comes." One maid whispered to the other when they were well out of mokuba's reach.

"Yeah. And he doesn't even realize how cold and ruthless he's becoming." The other said.

"Whatever happened to the sweet little boy who was so kind to us?" another one uttered.

"Ever since she came, he changed." The first one said.


Mokuba smiled in satisfaction at the arrangements made by the maids. Everything was perfect, just like her. Infact, she was better then perfect. She was nice, kind, gentle, sweet, caring, loving, lovely, beautiful, charming, addicting, the list could go on forever. She was so much more. But...she wasn't his.

"Ding dong." The doorbell rang. His heartbeat increased dramatically.

"I'll get it," he yelled loudly, wanting to be the first person to see her and the first she sees. With a rapidly beating heart, he slowly opened the door, and there she stood in all her grace and beauty. Tea Gardner.

"Hi mokuba." She smiled brightly at him. His heart melted at the sight. She was so radiant.

"Hi." He managed to say.

"Can I come in or do I have to stand here all day?" she playfully asked. Mokuba blushed and moved aside.

"Sorry." He muttered. He had been lost in her eyes to realize anything else.

"You going somewhere?" she asked him, eyeing him up and down.

"No, why?" he asked.

"Do you are dressed like this?" she smiled. He was wearing an expensive black T-shirt and even more expensive blue jeans, both designer made.

"Yeah." Mokuba lied. The truth was that he dressed up for her.

"So you always look this cute?" she asked with fake surprise. A blush came to his cheeks. She thought he was cute.

"…" Mokuba didn't know what to say. She giggled at him and sat on the couch.

"Wow, there is a lot of food here, and all my favorite too." She exclaimed, talking a look at the table before them.

"Yeah. I got them." Mokuba said.

"Really? That's so sweet of you. Thanks." She said and started eating some chips. Mokuba sat beside her and turned on the TV.

"Wanna watch a movie?" mokuba asked.

"Sure." She said, drinking some pop.

"You seem hungry? Didn't you have breakfast?" mokuba asked in a slightly concerned tone.

"I did. Actually I just came from the game shop." Tea said.

"Didn't yugi offer you some food?" mokuba asked. Thought she didn't detect it, there was some loathing in mokuba's voice as he spoke yugi's name.

"He did. But joey and tristen were there too. So you can guess what happened to my food. They ate it before it reached me." tea said laughing. Mokuba felt the urge to storm over to joey's apartment and beat him and tristen up for taking tea's food. But he controlled himself.

"Hey, that's my favorite movie." Tea exclaimed loudly as she stared at the screen. "How did you know?"

"It's my favorite movie too." Mokuba answered. Tea laughed lightly and turned her full attention to the movie.

Mokuba's attention, however, was fully on her. Ever since the day in battle city when she saved him from the rare hunters, mokuba developed a liking for her. Her friendly and caring personality had himenchanted and he started spending more time with her. He also got to know yugi and the others but his attention was always focused on her. He always looked for opportunities to be with her, and treasured every second he got. As he grew, his affection turned into a crush. And the fact that she was a beautiful girl didn't help much.

As time passed, he grew closer to her, spending more time with her. Her little comments about his growth and his changing looks increased his affection for her. And before his knew it, his crush changed into something more.

She occupied his thoughts in day and dreams at night. Never did a moment pass when he wasn't thinking about her. Her beautiful face, her heart-warming smile, her twinkling eyes, her milky skin, her silky hair and her mesmerizing, rosy soft lips. His desires changed from being near her to being with her. His view of her changed from being a friend to being a potential girlfriend. There was no denying the fact that he wanted her. He knew that as well.

"Hey mokuba, are you watching at all?" tea asked, noticing his drifted look.

"Sorry, I was thinking about something." mokuba apologized.

"Hmm." She turned off the movie. "I don't feel like watching it," she said and mokuba smiled. He knew that only reason she had turned it of was because of him. She thought he was bored. That was what he loved about, her concern for others.

"So, any plans for the week?" he asked causally, happy that he had her full attention.

"Well, I do. I haven't told anyone about it yet and you'd be first to know. I am performing at the Arts Theatre on Saturday." She excitedly told him.

"Really? Cool. Congratulations." Mokuba happily said.

"And since you're the first person I've told, you'd be the first I'm going to invite as well. So would you like to come?" she asked.

"Of course Tea. I wouldn't miss it for the world." Mokuba honestly replied, his heart already jumping at the fact that she told him first and invited him first as well. He must have been the first one she thought about. His lovesick mind deduced that he meant more to her then anyone else.

"That's so sweet of you mokuba." she said and hugged him gently. It was as if his dreams came true. He quickly wrapped his arms around her, afraid she might pull away soon.

It felt so good to have her in his arms. He knew that he wanted to hold, to kiss her, to feel her skin against his, to make her, his. But he couldn't. It wasn't possible. Their 4-year age difference didn't matter to him at all. What did matter, or more precisely, who did matter, was a man who stood between him and her.

"I'm home mokuba." came a deep voice, causing tea to pull away abruptly.

"Seto is home." Tea happily exclaimed and got up, leaving mokuba feeling angry and jealous. Yes, the man that stood between her and him was none other then his own brother.

"Hi seto." tea said and walked towards seto. He smirked and placed his brief case aside.

"Didn't know you were here." Seto said and held her small waist in his large hands.

"I was with mokuba." tea told him, eyes twinkling in joy.

"And what were you two doing?" seto asked in a stern and suspicious tone, even though he was kidding. Mokuba, however, frowned at his brother's inquisitive nature. Who gave him the right to know what they did?

"Nothing. I was just spending time with a very cute kaiba." Tea said mischievously, much to mokuba's joy. Seto smirked and pulled her body closer to his, causing mokuba's blood to boil in rage.

"Cute kaiba? What about me?" he asked, his lips inches away from hers.

"You're my handsome, hot and sexy kaiba." Tea whispered seductively and pressed her lips against his. Mokuba turned his head away in jealousy.

The man that stood between him and tea was also her boyfriend.

Mokuba got up, not wanting to see the display of love anymore. Seto noticed his retreat and lightly pulled away from tea.

"Mokuba, where are you going?"

"Outside." Mokuba curtly replied and before seto could say anything else, mokuba slammed the door behind him.

"What's wrong with him?" seto asked tea with a puzzled expression on his face.

"I don't know. He was fine a minute ago." Tea replied, equally perplexed. "Anyway, I have to tell you something…"

Mokuba marched out of the mansion, his mind buzzing with hateful words directed against his brother.

'Seto has no right.' mokuba thought venomously. 'She doesn't love him as much as she loves me. Seto is forcing himself on her.'

Mokuba's feelings for tea had clouded his eyes so he was unable to see the love between seto and tea. His feelings for her also overcome his feelings for his brother. Instead of considering seto his brother, he thought of him as a threat, an obstacle. An obstacle he had to overcome in order to get to tea. And he would, in time. In time, mokuba would tell tea how he really felt about her. In time, tea would realize her feelings for him and would come to him. In time, he would be able to kiss her, to hold her, to tell her how much he loved her and to show her how much he loved her.

That all, mokuba knew. But what he didn't know was that his feelings, or "love", as he thought it was, had turned into something more, something more mental then emotional. It had turned into an obsession. And mokuba was willing to do anything for it, even if it meant hurting his own flesh and blood.

'I'd make tea mine no matter what.' Mokuba thought determinedly. 'And I'll start with her performance.'

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