Pre-Blade: Trinity


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Abigail pulled her long hair away from her face as she found herself arched over the toilet for the fifth time in the last two hours. Her whole body heaved as she vomited blood and stomach acid into the receptacle. It was the worst experience of her short life.

Second worse, she reminded herself, thinking back to that night with King lying in her arms.

She felt it again, that newly familiar tremble in her jaw and her stomach as another flood of fluid presented itself to the daylight.


A time she thought she would never get to see again.

But she did.

She could. Because of King. Because he loved her.

His blood had nullified the concoction Danica had dosed her with though they would never know how. Probably because Danica was a fashion slave and not a scientist – she really should stop trying to be smart. It wasn't working for her.

Then, sure enough, Sommerfield had given her something to erase all traces of the drug and to help her get the blood out of her system.

She still had the headaches though. She still had the nightmares.

But she was alive.

King had saved her. He had brought her back from the dead.

She had been Resurrected.

She walked out of the bathroom, got a glass of water from the kitchen, and downed it quickly to erase the unpleasant taste in her mouth.

Then a pair of powerful arms wrapped around her slender waist and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"How are you feeling?" a voice breathed into her ear.

"Better now," she said quietly.


"Help me, King," she said seriously. "Help me kill them all."

"Gladly," he said as a wicked smile crossed his face. "I've already got a headstart."

Danica walked out of one of the many nightclubs that she owned and headed toward her Ferrari. It was early, but she wanted to find out if there was any progress in her game with King. She clicked the button to deactivate the alarm and put her bag in the car. Just as she was about to step inside, the entire building exploded in a volcano of flame and ash. She heard the agonizing screaming of her brethren as the flaming establishment came crashing down on top of them. One vampire escaped, though already aflame, and ran down the street before his clothing completely caught and he dusted like the rest of them. Ashes pasted themselves to her face and the force of the explosion threw her car end over end in the parking lot.

Pulling herself up, Danica reached her car only to see the note left on her steering wheel.

If you're reading this, you're alive

Enjoy it for now

You Lost.

Don't Fuck With Us

'Night Kitten

"Fucking Hannibal King!"