Chapter 1 The Accident

Chapter 1 The Accident

''Bloody Hell!'' Blaise yelled upon entering the Astronomy Tower and finding Ginny Weasley passed out and with several cuts to her triceps, forehead and legs. She was bleeding badly. He ran to her, took her in his arms and ran as fast as he could to the Hospital Wing.

Mme. Pomfry came immediately when she heard the door slam.

''What happened?'' she asked

Gasping from the run, Blaise replied, ''I don't know! I found her like this in the Astronomy Tower.''

''Well, thank you Mr. Zabini. Now, please alert her siblings.'' she replied, then tending to her patient she whispered under her breath, "Good God, And it's only the second day of school!''

In minutes Blaise was in the owlery sending a message to Ron:


your sister's at the Hospital Wing. Check her out.


It was long after curfew when Ron, along with Hermione and Harry went to the Hospital Wing under Harry's invisibility cloak.

''Oh Ginny! My only Sister!'' exclaimed Ron with concern as he hugged his sister.

Ginny was still sleeping soundly when, Mme. Pomfry re-entered the room, and noticed the other students.

''I guess that Mr. Zabini told you about Ginny,'' she said.

''Zabini?'' asked Harry

''Yes, Mr. Potter. Zabini was the one who brought her here. Without his help, Ms. Weasley would be dead.'' she replied, keeping her voice low in concern for her patients well being.

''But what if he did this to Ginny?'' asked Ron

''Mr. Weasley, Blaise Zabini isn't capable of doing such thing!'' exclaimed Mme. Pomfry

As she ended the sentence they become aware of Ginny stirring.

''My head hurts,'' she managed to reply to the curious looks.

''Lie down dear. You need a rest. I'm going to get you a pain killer,'' Mme. Pomfry explained.

Ginny did as told, and Ron came closer and hugged her again.

''Sorry Gin, for not being there!'' he said with tears in his eyes.

''It's ok Ron. I fell off the stairs, that's all.'' she consoled him while glaring at Mme. Pomfry who didn't say a word about ''the accident''.

''By the way… who saved me?'' ask Ginny

''Blaise Zabini, Gin'' said Hermione.

''Good joke, 'Mione! You've obviously forgotten who I am.'' said Ginny

''Well, maybe HE forgot who you are because he actually brought you here. Just thinking about it makes me mad since it should've been me there.'' said Ron with a guilty expression.

''Stop it Ron, please! It wasn't your fault.'' Said Ginny angrily

''Maybe, just maybe, if you let her sleep she will be okay by tomorrow morning.'' said Mme. Pomfry

After the dream team said goodbye and left the room, Mme. Pomfry walked to Ginny's bed.

''Darling, Blaise found you at the Astronomy tower. If you want to keep in secret about whatever happened to you it is your decision, but be careful.'' said Mme Pomfry, "but for now, go to sleep, young lady or you will never get better." She ordered with a smile.