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The great curry eating contest

"How are you coping back their Savyna?" Anna asked, coming into the small kitchen to take a break. Ever since she had decided to start to turn her tavern into a restaurant, it had been flourishing, mostly because of Savyna's cooking skills. The two woman had gone into a partnership a couple of years back, Anna as the waitress and manager, and Savyna as the main chef.

"Alright, though I could do with a break. We're nearly out of sea bream. Where's Gibari with the new haul?" Savyna admitted, leaning against the wall to relax.

"I haven't seen him, or Reblys either, come to that. Those two are probably busy arguing to hard to concentrate on the fishing." Anna sighed.

"Heh." Savyna allowed a faint trace of a smile to come to her face. Just then, the door burst open, and the two in question swaggered in, dragging several large fish fillets behind them. Dumping them at Savyna's feet, Gibari beamed at her.

"There you go, the biggest fish I could find. These guys are whoppers alright. Reblys couldn't hold on to most of his." He bragged.

"Ha, you wish. I saw you let that teeny sunfish get away-a true fisherman would have managed it with ease." Reblys replied with a snort.

"What was that? This from the man who couldn't even reel in a lunar starfish? Just face that I'm a better fisherman, and I'll go easy on you next time." Gibari taunted.

"Oh give me a break." Reblys rolled his eyes and turned away. "Hey Anna, I'm starving, how about some food for the workers?"

"Yeah, sounds good, how about a little something, eh Savyna?" Gibari agreed. "I'm so hungry I could eat a pow!"

"No way. A weakling like you couldn't eat his way through a sea bream. Now me on the other hand, I could eat a prancer, and still have space left." Reblys sneered.

"That's enough boys, break it up, you'll get rid of our customers, yelling like that. Go and take a seat at the tables and I'll be with you in a sec." Anna instructed. She collapsed in a chair as the men, still arguing loudly, made their way outside.

"Some things never change." Savyna observed drily.

"And I guess I wouldn't really want them too, immature as they may be." Anna smiled, lost in memories, before standing up again with a sigh. "I better go, they'll be other late arrivals coming soon two. Do you need any more supplies?"

"I'll be fine." Savyna stood up too, stretching slightly as Anna walked outside. As the door opened, she heard some furious yelling which sounded a lot like Reblys.

"What do you mean, I can't eat spicy food!" Curiousity brought her closer, as she heard Gibari laugh.

"I'm just pointing out that you can't hold strong flavours." He said smugly. "I of course have a stomach of iron."

"No way! How dare you question my stomach? I'll show you." Reblys sounded furious. "Anna!" He bellowed at the red head the other side of the restaurant. Sighing, the woman made her way over.

"What do you want Reblys?" She sounded weary.

"I want a curry, as spicy as you can get it." He demanded.

"I'll have one too, only make sure it's spicier than his." Gibari interrupted with a grin.

"Two extra hot curries, coming up." Anna rolled her eyes, making her way back to the kitchen. Quickly, Savyna drew away from the door as the older woman entered.

"Gibari and Reblys want…" She started, but was cut off.

"Two spicy curries. I heard." Savyna replied, Anna grinned.

"Hard not too." She said, turning back to go. "Do me a favour Savyna, will you?" She suddenly called back. "I could do with a laugh." She nodded towards the extra spicy paprika hot sauce, and Savyna grew a smirk, nodding, as Anna left again. She took the paprika bottle from the shelf, a gleam in her eye. A notice on the bottom of the bottle read. "Caution-use no more than a teaspoon at a time, exceedingly strong." The gleam grew.

"We'll see about that." She muttered to herself, hearing another yell of anger coming from the dining hall. This was going to be fun.


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Savyna and Anna would never get caught up in something as stupid as a curry competition. Or would they? And will the guys be able to manage the extra spicy curry?