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Scott: Before this contest goes on I am going to do something. I am going to fall asleep and whichever contestant can wake me up should win! (falls asleep)

Me: (gets onstage with an envelope in hand and glares at Scott) Welcome back to another round of Harry Potter Idol! YAY! Here in my hand is the winner of the last round. I bet we're excited right? So let's see who the winner is! (opens envelop, smiling.) And the one who gets to move on is…(pauses for dramatic effect and goes a little too far…five minutes later) HARRY POTTER!

Harry: (walks onstage, smiling) Thanks for everyone who voted! You're so much nicer than the people that I went to school with!

Me: Congrats congrats! Now get off the stage so we can start the round for someone you can compete with

Harry: (gets offstage)

Me: Okie, lets get a look at what happened to our next two contestants in their last performance shall we? (moves as a giant screen comes down like last time)

Screen: (is black for a few moments)

Lupin: I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut. My weakness is that I care too much and my scars remind me that the past is real. I tear my heart open just to fail.

Me: (nods head) I didn't think you sung all too well. You could have been better.

Alex: Neh...(throws a tomato at Scott) (looks up) oh, huh? (looks up at the person on the stage) I'm sorry, did you already sing? I thought someone was killing a poor cat.

Scott: (finds some pineapple and pink stuff) What? Oh I'm not going to throw THIS at Kiwi and Alex...yet! It was good, wolf boy. But you need to have a cough drop for that throat. (Throws cough drop at Lupin) SUCK IT!

Screen: (blacks out for a moment again)

Hermione: Uh huh, this my shit. All the girls stomp your feet like this. A few times I've been around that track. So it's not just gonna happen like that cause I ain't no hollaback girl.

Me: I agree with Draco. Who knew? But I loved it! Let us hope the other judges think so too! (turns to Alex and Scott)

Alex: I would say I have a comment, but I don't think there is any to say. The cussing part doesn't raise your score. (Glares at Scott who is continually laughing) And if we might be able to get that through, your singing talent will be a success.

Scott: (Stops Laughing and hits Alex on the back) That is the best performance I have ever seen tonight...no point in bringing out the other contestants...Hermione should win just for singing that! (Glares back at Alex who is now holding a bat)

Screen: (blacks out once again and slowly goes back up)

Me: So! Let us re-welcome, Remus Lupin! (claps and gets offstage so Lupin can have the stage.)

Lupin: Hello there, I'll be singing "True Light", the English opening theme song to D.N.Angel, by Miyamoto Shunichi.

Judges: (nods and music plays)


A sad light shone
Turning into wings that cut the white darkness

Shone upon by the cold sun
I had some limited freedom
The miraculous night cast by the mirror
Started to remove my mask, my soul

On the other side of the collapsing wall
Despair and hope looks the same
If there's a heart that's yet to be seen
Let's head to the end of the prologue

In a world where the wind blows like a blade
What is it I should protect?
In a journey where I know one painful thing after another
I get closer to the true me

The fake light is disappearing
The true light is born
In these hands…

Pierce through the night dyed in white
Keep on creating a new era
Create time with your heart
Fly through the eternal white night
(music dies)

Me: YAY! I love that song! So beautiful. But better in Japanese of course, but wonderful!

Alex: What is wrong with that poor cat...Oops...that's your voice, sorry. (Turns to Scott who has his phone in his hands, and cat sounds are coming from it.) SCOTT! What did I tell you about playing with your cell phone during one of the contestants singing! No wonder I thought Lupin's voice was the sound of a cat getting killed! (sighs) I'll just go with what Kiwi-san says.

Scott: (sleeping, stops snoring) Eh? No mommy I don't wanna ride the pony! (stirs in seat)

Me: (glares at Scott again and gets onstage real quick) Okie! Let us re-welcome Hermione Granger! (claps and gets offstage again)

Hermione: Hi all! Glad to be back! I'm singing "Ring", the movie ending theme of Escaflowne, by Hitomi

Judges: (Alex and Kiwi nods, Scott falls out of chair, still sleeping, and music plays)

As my tears keep overflowing one after another,
I can't see your last smile through the blur.
Please don't go, please don't go…Stay here.
Light bursts through the sky.

"When you took off I was
Watching for a long time as the vapor trail disappeared."

Please don't forget
You're not alone.
Even if we're apart, we'll still carry on hand-in-hand.

With my first love, I first realized
That there could be such sorrow.

Even something lapses away, something will
Live once again.
When you gave me a smile when we parted, it was
Your message for me
To truly live with all my heart

I just know that we'll see each other someday.
If we're together,
Even if we're far apart, we can gaze into each other's eyes
Let's bet everything on our hopes and dreams.

Let's promise each other
That we'll hold onto the intensity we felt
That day,
And live the future that blooms
In tomorrow.
(music dies)

Me: (cries)(sniffs) I love this song! So beautiful! I might use it on one of my fanfics where you fall in love with Draco! (looks up to meet fire in Hermione's eyes as well as shock)(massive sweatdrop) Did I say that out loud? I was kidding. Anyway, you sung beautifully. If I were voting, I would say yes! But sadly, I'm not

Alex: Neh. Hey Scott, (hits Scott on the shoulder) get a load of this, Kiwi wants the reader's job! HAHAHAHAHA! That's funny. She wants their job, but she's the one who runs the show! (shrugs to get off weird vibe of laughing) Anyway, (turns to Hermione who is slightly laughing at the joke I made) it seems you not only have quite a talent with the voice, but you have a great sense humor. In my opinion, you win (points thumb up and winks, then lays back in chair with legs crossed on the table relaxing)

Me: (sticks tongue out at Alex)

Scott: (wakes up from nap and climbs back into chair) Wow...you woke me up Ms. Granger...or should I say soon to be Mrs. Malfoy! HA HA HA! (Hermione
I blame Kiwi for it all. You were very good. I hope you are one of the finalists! (yawns and runs to get some Mountain Dew: Live Wire)

Me: (gets onstage and calls out Lupin, then stands in the middle of the two) Two wonderful performances by two wonderful people. Now! Who is it that's going to go on? That's up to you, my wonderful, loyal reviewers! So! Get to reviewing and tell me who you like better, Remus Lupin, or Hermione Granger?

Kiwi: (turns to look at the judges table and finds Scott and Alex both missing) erm…it seems our Judges have run off…

Scott and Alex: (jump up from behind Kiwi and starts fluffing up her hair)

Kiwi: HEY! BITCHES! GET OFF! (slaps hands repeatedly)

Alex: (turns to Scott) Hey! Hey! Scott! The readers are still reading this, lets take a bow!

Scott: YAY! (grabs Alex and runs up to the stage)

Scott and Alex: (bows)

Alex: What? You guys want more to read? You gotta keep reviewing for our friend Kiwi-san here to get that. (does a bad imitation of an evil laugh)

Kiwi: She's right you know…(smiles while trying to get hair to lie flat without success) MONSTER BIRD-KICK OF RAGE! (does a horrible imitation of Misao from Rurouni Kenshin at Scott.)

Scott: (rolls eyes) YES! REVIEW AND YOU CAN READ MORE! YAY! Call... ambul...(faints)

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