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When the cold takes its toll

A fanfiction by Chiyoku Shibata

Chapter 1: And the chill is felt...

Yuki sat on his chair by the desk, loving the precious silence as he wrote in his laptop as usual, when Shuichi burst in; a big smile on his face he jumped around over to the writer. "Yuukii!" he screamed in delight. Yuki looked up from his laptop only barely with an annoyed look on hisface and then glanced back to his work. "Guess what?" asked Shuichi, whom was now standing behind Yuki, still smiling brightly as he playfullymessed with his lover's hair. Silence reigned. "Yuuuki!" said Shuichi impatiently, "Gueess whaat!" he said again, louder this time. Yuki stopped writing, but still looked forward, he answered in a very serious tone. "I.don' I'm busy." Shuichi still persisted. "But Yuki! You have to guess why I'm this happy!" he yelled cheerfully. Yuki now got up and turned to face a very annoyingly happy Shuichi. "Look brat, I don't care about what makes you happy." he said in a cold voice. Shuichi shivered but it went unnoticed. Then, Yuki added in a low growl "Now, leave me the fuck alone. I'm busy." Shuichi stared with wide eyes and a surprised expression, the boy could have swore he saw streaks of ice coming out of Yuki's mouth as he spoke. Shuichi left Yuki's office with a silent step and he gently closed the door.

Yuki took a deep breath to calm himself and he sat back down. Shuichi was awefully quiet when he left, thought Yuki. But, mad as he hadbeen, Yuki just figured that Shuichi had finally understood the meaning of silence; What the writer would later regret was not noticing the sadnesson Shuichi's eyes.

Said boy was now in the living room. Quietly sitting on the couch, his eyes staring into space as he meditated about everything that hadbeen going on in his life this past weeks. Why doen't Yuki care about me? He thought, Am I really so annoying? I really do care about him, and I love him so damn much; but every time he treats me so aloof I feel my heart breaking just a little more. Normally, it doesn't matter, because I know that his distant demeanor is just an act, a mask he uses to hide his true feelings just because he's afraid of getting hurt again, but...lately it doesn't seem like an act anymore. I think Yuki really hates me now. I just don't know why...

Yuki came out of his office three hours later, still looking angry, but now he was also tired, you could tell by the look in his eyes. He walked to the bedroom but he stopped at the door when he noticed that the bed was empty. It was late. Where's the brat? He wondered as he turned around going back to the living room. He found Shuichi, still dressed, sleeping on the couch. Yuki stood there pondering about what to do, finally, he decided to cover Shuichi with a blanket and he went back to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Yuki had been with a writers block for a few weeks now and this was bothering him to no end, thus the reason for his being colder than usual. He was working his hardest to finish his latest book but it seemed that his muse was taking a break. His mind was concentrating solely on his work and he hadn't even noticed how hard he was being on Shuichi.

The next day, Shuichi woke up and dragged himself off the couch; the blanket fell on the floor, unnoticed, as Shuichi rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly. He walked to the window and coughed a few times. "Still dark..." he murmured sadly. Looking down on himself, Shuichi noticed he was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Walking silently, he went to the bedroom and stripped of his clothes. Yuki was still sleeping. He changed as silently as he could, which meant that he tripped on a shoe and landed on the floor with a loud thud. Yuki stirred at the sound and sat up slowly. Shuichi was startled and he jumped up as he grabbed the shoe. "Sorry Yuki! Gotta go!" he yelled. Then he run from the house at top speed, slamming the door and not even giving Yuki a chance to react. Back at the apartment, Yuki looked at the time and plopped back on the bed. "damn brat" he whispered as he went back to sleep.

Shuichi got to work about two hours later, having stopped at a cafe for breakfast. "What did Yuki do this time?" asked Suguru as he looked at a tired Shuichi coming in. Shuichi fell on a chair carelessly as he ignored the question. Hiro, the guitarist of Bad Luck and Shuichi's best friend, grabbed Shuichi by the shoulders and shook him gently as he tried to get his attention. "Hey Shuichi!" he said. Shuichi looked up, and with a confused face he looked around. His bandmates were looking at him intently. Shuichi gave a goofy laugh. "Hi, you guys! When did you get here?" he said as he scratched the back of his head and laughed some more, for good measure.

At that moment, Shuichi was saved by the producer-man, Sakano, who entered the room followed by K-san, the gun-loving manager.

"Break is over! Time to record some hits!" K-san yelled out, noticing that nobody was moving, he took out his gun and added "Now!"

At this, Hiro grabbed Shuichi by the arms and dragged him to the microphone.

After many failed attempts of recording one song, everyone had noticed that Shuichi was a little out of it that day. "Ok, lets take a break." said a very frustrated Suguru. Hiro took the opportunity to grab Shuichi and yank him to the bathroom so they could talk in private. He was determined to get an answer out of his friend. "What's wrong with you today?" asked Hiro with a worried tone of voice. "Nothing!" Shuichi yelled out innocently as he gave a ditzy laugh. "You worry too much!" he added. "Hey, come on, I've known you your whole life Shuichi! You can't hide it from me! And apparently, from anyone else...even Suguru noticed..." he gave a dry laugh as he finished this. Shuichi didn't say anything. "Anyways..." said Hiro as he coughed nervously. "Tell me what Yuki did to you this time." he added. Shuichi looked up at Hiro, he hadn't expected that question. "How did you...?" asked Shuichi as he trailed off. Hiro just looked at his friend with an 'it is so obvious' expression. Shuichi sighed and he suddenly found the floor very interesting. "I'm sure it's nothing...I'm just an annoying brat...but...Yuki has been acting different..." Hiro look at him curiously. "different?" he asked. "what do you mean?" he added.

Before Shuichi could think of an answer, the door opened and a hyper-active Ryuichi entered. "Shuichiii!" he exclaimed happily. He jumped up to Shuichi with Kumagoro in one hand while he placed the other hand around Shuichi's slim waist, putting a little force in it, he brought Shuichi close to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hiro, surprised by this action, limited himself to a shy 'hello' directed at the hyper-active singer. "Hey Hiroshi!" answered Ryuichi with a wave of Kumagoro. Then he turned back to Shuichi, whom had been to stunned to say anything. "What's wrong with Shuichi?" asked Kumagoro. Shuichi turned to Ryuichi and responded. "Nothing! I'm fine!" Ryuichi, being the experienced adult he was, studied Shuichi's expresion for a few seconds. "You're lying! It's obvious to Kumagoro! Shuichi is sad about something!" Hiro, who still wanted to know what was wrong, looked at the two singers in front of him and said "Just before you came in, Shuichi was about to tell me what's wrong with Yuki." Shuichi just stared at Hiro, feeling betrayed, while Ryuichi stared at Shuichi, then at Hiro, and then back at Shuichi. "Eiri Yuki? Is something wrong with Shuichi's lover?" he asked. Shuichi blushed at hearing his idol call Yuki his 'lover' but he answered quickly anyways. "No! Yuki's fine! Well, apart from being colder than an iceberg...but I'm sure it's nothing! Even if he has been meaner than usual to's probably something stupid! So, no worries!" as he finished, he smiled widely and gave a little laugh.

Ryuichi, having his adult moment of the day finished, was convinced that everything was fine. "Great!" he yelled out happily. "Then, come on Shuichi! Ryuichi wants you to sing with him!" saying this, Ryuichi grabbed Shuichi's arm and run out of the bathroom, leaving Hiro to react a few seconds later and running to catch up with the lead singers.

Shuichi was now happier when he sang with Ryuichi and took his mind of off his problems. They were in the studio recording a duet, and word had gotten out around N.G. Productions about this once in a lifetime opportunity, many people had gathered outside the room to listen to the two boys singing in a God-like manner.

"Yes! I feel great right now!" Yelled out Shuichi as they finished. "Man! I feel so pumped up! Hey K-san, bring it on! I'm ready to record every song now!" Shuichi was jumping around, making poses and yelling "Bring it on!" Hiro semed relieved to see Shuichi back to normal, or at least what normal is for Shuichi. And he was not the only one who was relieved, Suguru was worried that this sudden change would be temporary, so he decided to take advantage of it to its fullest.

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