Author's note: XD Pictures are big inspirations. Sorry if this seems a little out of character, but I couldn't help myself. Poor Ed.

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The short blonde figure cornered the girl in her own room, confronting her with a serious issue which has been drifting around in his mind.

"Ok, Winry. No more stalling for time, you have to decide." He hesitated, staring into those not-so-innocent blue eyes which are now gleaming of mischief, "Who will stay in this house?"

"But, Ed, I love you both just as much! I can't decide!" Winry complained, chuckling to herself at the nervous squirms and the bright red which seemed to have found a home on Edward's face. At the same time, she complimented herself for catching him off guard.

He twitched, "Decide, Winry. This house is not big enough for the two of us."

"Oh, so you're saying my house is small now?"

"What? No! Just get rid of it…" His squirms seemed to have increased at his anxiousness.

"It's been with me for so long though…Plus! It's probably spent more time with me than you do anyways, with your frequent absences." Winry smirked to herself, 'that should keep him quiet for a while.'

"Er…But does it always have to be in the same room as you all the time?"

"Yes! I insist."

"Winry, I know you need it for repairs sometimes, though I don't see why you carry something so small with you everywhere. It's not like you need to use it wherever you go." The blonde alchemist had chosen his words precisely, though it did not have the effect Edward wanted.

"Just because it's smaller than you doesn't mean it's more vulnerable! Not to mention, it has a lot more uses than just mechanics." She lifted the object in her hands, high above her head and released it at her target.

"The wrench stays and you better get along with it!" The teenage mechanic spun on her heel and left the room in an amused rage, while a certain well-known state alchemist laid on the floor with a silver handheld object, which was not to be replaced in Winry's heart, next to his head.

He glared at it with his golden eyes, "You know, as much as I despise it, I still can't believe I'm getting jealous of a wrench."