looks blankly about room so... soooooo... Ello' duckies this is my first fan fic! I can just see the excitement on your faces. I got my first CM comic last Christmas and have fallen in love with the series! so here it is, wanted to make my first story a good one so theres gonna be a lemon/lime/grapefriut in a later chapter, but this fic isn't all... you know... 'few opening lines/ lemon/END.' its an actual stooory! whoa, can you sense the individuality? oh and Ill try my best to keep em' in character, but if they go OOC every once in a while blame my short attention span. whoot feel free to show compassion for my noobness and sheer disdain of all things gramatical, but please flaminig is welcome also (welcome but usually ignored) pokes text wow, the intro was like a novel in itself...


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The setting before you (the viewer and overall reader of this story in case you've forgotten) is that of the Moon Shine bar. At a passing glance one might mistake its humble outward appearance to be nothing but a second rate bar, but if you happened to wander inside you would find yourself bathed in a silver and blue atmoshpere. The tables are filled with people laughing and talking happily, while ordering their food and sipping champeign. near the back of the room is a good sized bar, behind it a rather short green haired boy quietly stands, skewring bite sized pieces of food with small toothpicks. the passing glare from the lights overhead flashes on his large eyeglasses giving him a calm yet aware appearence. On the opposite end of the long counter is another boy, seeming a bit younger, only about 17. His aqua colored hair seems to ,surprisingly, fit in with the silvers and blues of the room. He stands just as quietly as the other, drying a tray full of sopping dishes, stopping occasionally to look nonchalantly at his handy-work before grabbing the next glass.

Your attention shifts suddenly to the front of the room where a grand piano is situated, to its right a confident looking boy of about 19. his blond hair and blue eyes suggest a foriegner, that is until you hear him begin to sing. He has a kansia dialect, and a voice that could make angels croon (not to mention every women in the club) you hear a shout from behind the swinging kitchen doors that once again drags your atention back over to the back of the room. You turn just in time to see a brown head stick out as he says something to the first boy you saw. shaking his head he gets back to his toothpicks, making the taller brown haired boy groan and sulk back into the kitchen very much like a scolded puppy. Just as you think to yourself 'they have quite the staff' our last character appears. Well there's definatly no mistaking her age seeing as she stuffs a school uniform into her bag before walking over to the bar counter to grab her note pad and tray. She must be 17 by the looks of it, still in high school. Her short blond hair framing her bright blue eyes. She smiles sweetly at the shorter boy and walks over to her first table...


(intsros bore me!) gnaws on mouse next chappie com'in soon!