Chapter 12: And then we became like one...



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Last Time

'you're way to formal Misoka' she thought to herself when she let him go. Misoka saw something that made a devious smile cross his face, and with that he bowed again and left. Mahiru stretched, happy that the pain was gone, and slipped from under her covers. She brushed her hair in the mirror and was about to go find something to wear besides bandages and pajama pants, but something made her turn around suddenly. On her window sill was a single black feather. Walking over she picked it up and twirled it in her hand.

She heard a soft gargling moan and her head shot up, Looking out the window where the sound had come from. But there was nothing there. She was about to go back when she heard it again, only this time from below her. She had to suppress a laugh when she saw what it was. On the fire escape below her window was Mitsuru, propped up against the building, sound asleep.

'How long have you been out here?' she thought, as she slid one foot over her window sill. Moving quickly but silently she slipped down next to him and sat down. He stirred a moment but didn't wake so mahiru decided to press her luck. She softly laid her head down on his shoulder. It surprised her at first just how warm and comfortable he was, and had to fight to keep from drifting off to sleep herself. She felt his body become ridged, but within a few seconds a he sighed and relaxed and she felt something wrap around her shoulders.

Mitsuru felt something heavy on his shoulder and willed himself awake. Looking over he nearly jumped at the sight of who else but mahiru?

'How the hell did she get out here?' He thought, not in the least bit upset though. Actually more nervous than anything seeing as her whole upper torso was bare except for the bandages. He sighed wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her in.

Mahiru realized he was awake and opened her eyes to stare back into his own. It amused her so much that when she looked at him his face turned beat red, still herself oblivious to the reason for his blush. At first neither of them broke the silence.

"How long have you been out here?" she asked finally looking up at him but he just turned away. Mahiru was a bit discouraged, they both had so much to say, but neither of them quite knew how.

"Last night." Mitsuru said, refusing to look back over at her. "Awww, that was sweet... thanks Mitsu." Mahiru laughed, but it faded when Mitsuru just nodded and got up. He walked over and leaned on the railing. Mahiru slowly got up too and stood next to him.

"Why did you say that?" He kept staring down at the empty alley below. "What? It was sweet? because you stayed out here-"

"No, not that,... back at the pool. You said- you were the monster."

Mahiru remembered, and let out a sigh. For a few moments she just looked blankly ahead, collecting her thoughts and trying to find a way she could possibly explain it to him "Well,... I guess, it was because whenever I saw you, I felt something. Like my heart would do anything to have you, but at the same time, told me no I couldn't. That I shouldn't touch" She forced a smile when Mitsuru finally looked over at her.

"Whenever I saw you I would see the demon prince from before. I kind of knew that until things were settled with the humans and lunar race, that the demon would always end up that way. Sad, defeated... alone. So, I don't want that to happen to you is all. It's that simple." She couldn't keep the smile on her face and it quickly faded away. Then she felt Mitsuru grab her around the sounders. "keh?"

She was suddenly pulled into a hug. "Is that it?" Mahiru hear Mitsuru chuckle, which in itself was rather strange. "Why do you always have to blame yourself for what happened back then? You can't fix it or change it, but... you can change what happens this time."

Mitsuru placed a soft kiss on her cheek, but as he pulled away Mahiru turned her head and brought their lips together. Mahiru poured all her relief, love, and passion into that kiss, taking the tengu off guard if only for a moment.

"I love you" Mahiru said when they both had to come up for air. "I know." was all he said back, before picking her up and climbing back into the room. He laid her down on the bed and for a moment just watched her. Mahiru had a thought, that frankly, was very unlike her, but after what had happened in the past few days she knew she was different than before. No more weakness or hesitation could be found in her mind at the moment and so,... she acted on it.

Mahiru reached up and grabbed the front of Mitsuru's shirt and pulled him down into her for another kiss. Mitsuru was again taken off guard, but soon found his footing again and kissed her back with as much force. Before he knew it Mahiru had pulled him back onto the bed and now he sat above her, straddled her hips. For a moment he flashed back to the night when he had been in this position unwillingly. He couldn't remember why he had been so upset.

Mitsuru felt a heat begin between his legs, and his kiss became deeper than before. Mahiru was feeling a similar way and beads of sweat began to form on her forehead.

The it clicked with Mitsuru what was about to happen and he broke their kiss to look down at her again, this time with a questioning glance. "I want this more than you could ever know mitsuru." Mahiru said wrapping her arms around his neck not even waiting for his question.

Back in the lounge

"I think I'll go check on the princess." Nozomu said walking over to the door that led up to the rooms, but Misoka stepped in front of him. "No, I don't think that's necessary." There was a glint in the fox demons eyes, but nozomu failed to catch it. Next akira came out, looking rather flustered.

"Where is Mitsuru? I have a mountain of dishes, there's almost no room for the food!" Akira attempted to go upstairs as well, but saw nozomu and misoka already arguing.

"Mitsuru and Mahiru are busy at the moment." Nozomu was getting annoyed now. "You left those two together! That spells out trouble!"

"Trouble?" Misoka laughed quietly which finally got the attention of the other two demons. "What do you mean Mitsuru AND Mahiru?"

"They wish not to be disturbed." Misoka regained his composure and was about to go back to the bar but was stopped by Nozomu one last time. "You mean?..." Misoka just smiled and walked back to the bar. Akira (nose bleed xx) "I-I- got dishes to wash! Yes! Dishes, dishes, dishes!" He screamed as he ran back to the kitchen. Nozomu just stared dumbly for a moment. "Oh..."

back in room 8)

Mahiru slipped two hands under his shirt and ran them along the muscles in his chest. His body felt so warm to the touch and although he was literally sitting on top of her Mahiru still felt like they were too far apart. Carefully undoing the buttons of his shirt she managed to throw it off to the side and resume exploring his exposed torso.

Mitsuru moved from Mahiru's lips to her ear lobe, nibbling it affectionately and blowing on the wet skin. Mahiru could barley take it, how she would make it all the way through was mind numbing. After a few more minuets she pulled him back to her and plunged her tongue back into his mouth.

Mitsuru's hands roamed her bandaged torso and ached to feel her flesh beneath him. Pulling away from her kiss he placed another on her neckline, working his way down her skin with feathery, hot kisses.

Mahiru's eyes fluttered as he made it to where the bandages began. Taking the end he began unwrapping it. each time it went around her back he would pull her in as close as he could get her. He kissed along wherever the bandage exposed fresh skin.

When he finally reached her breasts he stopped, for the first time hesitant, but he felt Mahiru take his hand and pull the bandage down. Her breasts fell out from their binding, making mitsuru turn beat red again.

Mahiru almost laughed, but decided it would just ruin the moment, and instead sat up to meet him with another searing kiss. Mitsuru cupped her left breast in his hand, and then took the other, massaging them back and forth, but never breaking contact with mahiru.

Mahiru on the other hand was not quite ready for this and when he finally touched her gave out a throaty moan which only spurred Mitsuru on. The two of them fell back onto the bed, Mahiru enjoyed the pressure of the tengu boy's body on top of her.

Mitsuru saw his chance and moved downward, wrapping his mouth around her right nipple and massaging it with his tongue. This only gained him more moans from Mahiru who squirmed under his touch.

The sensation caused Mahiru to lift her knee, only to find Mitsuru was getting very turned on. His erection stood at attention and the bulge in his pants seemed almost as if it would break free. She stopped moving a moment, as if it was finally sinking in now for her what they were going to do, but she loosed up when Mitsuru gave a quiet breathy laugh and looked up into her eyes. "I love you Mahiru." he said, half as if he was explaining something to her.

Mahiru smiled and pushed him back, quickly climbing on top of him. She ran her fingers through his now mussed up hair and began kissing down his chest. Mitsuru now better understood why mahiru had had a hard time keeping calm under his own touch. every kiss, every lick, and hell, wherever he could make their flesh touch brought on a surge of pleasure, yet somehow he still ached for more.

his hands slid down her back, and slipped under her pajama pants. pulling them down he tossed them aside to where their other clothes lay. Mahiru shuddered as the cold air stroked her skin, but the sensation was suddenly replaced by Mitsuru's warm hands on her legs. Mahiru reached the zipper on Mitsuru's pants and could feel him hardening underneath. sliding the zipper down she removed his jeans.

Now they were both in nothing but their underwear, the point of no return had been reached and left far behind. Mahiru slipped her hands underneath his boxers and for the first time realized just how big he was. But she guessed it was no huge surprise seeing as he was a tengu. Mitsuru hissed at her touch and took pulled his boxers down the rest of the way. Mahiru remembered seeing something in a magazine she had found in Nozomu's room while cleaning.

At the time she had just set the magazine down and left the room, so embarrassed to think. Now it didn't seem like such a bad thing. Taking his cock in one hand she began kissing it's length. Mitsuru raked his hands through his hair. He had never felt anything so erotic. Mitsuru finally snapped; sitting up he grabbed Mahiru's shoulders and began kissing her like crazy, and soon they were laying down with Mitsuru on top.

At last Mahiru decided enough was enough and ripped her underwear off. Mitsuru's erection brushed against her center and they both knew at that moment it was time. Opening her legs he put the end of his cock inside her. At first Mahiru felt wonderful, but it was shattered suddenly when he pressed in further. "Kya!" Mahiru gasped out in pain, clenching her eyes shut.

"Im sorry mahiru... I know it hurts" Mitsuru gave her a shaky kiss on her forehead and plunged his whole length into her. Mahiru screamed and grabbed Mitsuru around the neck pulling him in as close as she could get him. After a few moments the pain subsided and she felt confident enough to continue. To show Mitsuru she lifted her head to give him another steamy kiss. Mitsuru began rocking his hips back and forth slowly at first but began to escalate his pace. Mahiru's mind reeled and before she knew it she was moving along with Mitsuru's thrusts.

"Faster,... Oh god... Mitsuru! Faster! h-harder!" she moaned when he pushed his whole cock into her and stopped to hang her legs over his shoulders. As soon as they were both comfortable again he began thrusting as hard and fast as he could manage. Mahiru felt the heat inside her grow and threaten to burst.

With every plunge they grew closer and closer to their climax. "Mit-su-ru... Im gonna- cum." She managed to get out. "Me- too." Suddenly something inside both of them went and each of them screamed the others name. Like a machine gun Mitsuru went off inside her, and Mahiru's like a wave washing over them both.

As their orgasm subsided Mitsuru rolled over so Mahiru was on top of him, careful to stay inside her. "I love you Mahiru... so much.: Mahiru snuggled up to him and smiled "I love you too" With that each of them fell asleep.

The next morning Mitsuru was the first to wake. For a few minuets he just held onto her. He would make this time different. He and Mahiru would be the first to break the lunar curse. Nothing could take her away from him.

He gently got up and placed her on the bed before turning to find his clothes. But suddenly he felt a hand grab his own and turned to see Mahiru standing behind him. She leaned in and gave him a kiss. "Good morning mitsu." They shared a quiet moment before getting dressed and heading down stairs together.

The sat down at the bar and waited for akira to come out with the food. Right away the werewolf came out with two heaping plates of waffles, but instead of his usual jumpy happy self he was rather calm and reserved, and wouldn't look either of them in the eye. The Nozomu came down he stair and was about to walk into the bathroom when he saw them. Sighing he walked over and pulled a piece of paper out of his robe and handed it to Mitsuru.

"how about using a silencing charm next time, eh? you nearly shook the building down." He grumbled and went back to his business. Mahiru and Mitsuru just gave each other embarrassed glances and went back to eating their waffles.

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