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Chapter 5 Night Terrors

Judas felt tendrils of fear creeping into his sleep. He had stirred only slightly when the terror slammed into him full force, propelling him out of his sleep just in time to hear Mary screaming in fright beside him. He turned and reached out to wake her only to have her knock him back into the wall as she leap to the far end of the tiny room. The force of her blow momentarily stunned him, however, he quickly recovered and went after her. She was still asleep and she screamed again in terror as he grasped her arms, both to try and wake her and to keep her from striking again. He could feel the terror in her mind and tried to reach into her dreams to see what had her so frightened. Before he could do so, she awoke, abruptly, gasping and crying in fear and panic. Without thinking, he pulled her into his arms and was surprised as she wrapped herself around him, clinging to him like a child to its parent. He began to rock, automatically, as Mary shook and sobbed in his arms. Whatever it was, it had obviously frightened her badly. He was honestly shocked that she had awoken out of the sleep he had put her in. It should have been impossible. With anyone else, he was sure it would have been impossible. But with his own blood running naturally through Mary's veins, the regular rules didn't seem to apply. Anything was possible.

Ever so slowly, Mary's sobs began to grow quieter...yet he did not release his hold. Mary no longer clung to him but lay quite still and quintesent within his embrace. Almost as if she had exerted herself beyond physical (and mental?) endurance into complete and utter exhaustion. He was, for the moment, totally nonplussed. Should he let her go? Put her back to sleep? Would she stay if he did? And still, straining above all these questions was the one small statement that held him temporarily immobilized with indecision.

It feels so very good to be able to hold her like this.

He stoutly resisted the urge to lay his head over hers and will them both back to sleep. However, after a few moments, he came to the abrupt realization that that question, at least, had been temporarily solved. Mary had fallen back to sleep, still locked in his arms.

I suppose this also solves my other questions as well, he thought, as he once again levitated them into a more comfortable sleeping position and gave himself up to the oblivion of sleep.