Never Been Kissed

A/N: This story follows the events of Never Been Kissed, flicking between third person narrative, and first person from the point of view of Sam and Josie (mostly Sam, cos he'll have the most interesting, dramatic and conflicting thoughts). This story is pretty much all about the romance between Sam and Josie.

I've used the complete script to write this, so there will be some bits a little different from the movie, and some extra scenes that weren't included in the movie, as well as some I've created myself. ENJOY.

Rating: somewhere in between PG-13 and R. There aren't any adult scenes (I just DON'T write sex scenes!), but there are some points where phrases, words or sentences won't be suitable for children.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. They're someone elses.


Chapter One

No Sooner They Met...

"I don't think we've met. I'm Sam. Coulson. For some reason the school has some thing about letting you guys call me Sam." Sam Coulson introduced himself to the new girl, and was surprised to hear himself babbling.

"I'm Josie" she replied. "But I'm pretty sure the school will be okay with you calling me that."

Sam couldn't help but smile.

"Right," Sam said, holding up his travel mug of hot coffee. "I love to drink coffee during my class, and since I allow myself to do this, I allow everyone to bring beverages to class as well, ok?" Josie nodded, and Sam walked up to the blackboard. "Welcome to Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'"

"Okay," Sam went on, turning to the class, "How many of you actually read the assignment last night?" He smiled to himself as about five hands were raised. "Not bad. Now how many of you spent more than thirty minutes eating salty snack foods?"

Josie found herself suppressing a laugh as about twenty hands were raised, causing a clearly audible laugh from Sam.

"Man. If I could just get you guys to read while you eat." Josie smiled again at Sam's comment.

As Sam spoke, Josie found herself watching him walking round the class. Whilst in her previous high school experience, she would always take detailed notes of every word a teacher said, now, shew found herself almost mesmerised by the teacher speaking in front of her.

"Pastoral Comedy". Sam said sharply, walking back to the front of the class, Josie's eyes following him all the way. "Can anyone tell me what that means?"

"Oh oh oh! That's what they do to milk!" Josie and Sam both smiled at the young, slightly ditzy girl's mistake.

"No, that's pasteurise, Sera." Sam corrected. "But close."

"Parakeet?" Sera tried, almost desperately.

"Okay, anyone else?" Sam looked hopefully round the class, before noticing the raised hand. "Josie?"

"Pastoral means set in the country." Josie explained, and a small smile appeared in the corners of Sam's mouth. "Originally seen in the Eclogues of Virgil. It comes from the Latin pascere; to graze."

Sam stared at her, stunned. For some reason, his heart was pounding in his chest, and he found himself thinking 'Finally. A student who has a clue.'

"Are you sure you're seventeen?" he asked, not quite sure if he was joking or not.

"Yes." Josie replied. "I'm seventeen. I'm seventeen!"

Sam stared at her for a moment, before regaining his composure. Smiling, he walked up to her, and shook her hand; "Did I mention to the class that I love our new student?"

Josie beamed up at Sam, until - "Did I mention that the class also loves our new kiss ass!"

Josie's face dropped, and she lowered her eyes to look at her knees. Sam was silent for a moment, before he finally let go of Josie's hand, and stood up straight.

"Gibby, that's not exactly the kind of participation I'm looking for."


Josie walked into the English classroom, and found Sam Coulson sitting on his desk, wearing a black suit, complete with a black shirt and a red tie, and holding a single red rose.

Standing up, Sam handed the rose to Josie, using his other hand to pull her towards him. Out of nowhere, Josie heard slow music playing, and she and Sam began to dance.

As they danced, Josie's breath caught in her throat, as Sam lowered his face towards hers, and kissed her.


Josie sat bolt upright in bed, her eyes wide, getting a sense of her surroundings. Swinging her feet onto the floor, she buried her face in her hands, her eyes closed tight, remembering her dream. As the image of Sam Coulson kissing her flooded her senses, she opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

"Not my teacher." She said pleadingly to nobody in particular. "Please don't let me fall for my teacher!"