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The Secret Photographs: Part 2

Harry was not a breakfast the next morning but, Severus saw him. His picture was plastered all over the Daily Prophet. They were unmistakably the pictures from the gallery showing the night before. The headline read;



They were auctioning them off and the prices were astronomical. Muggles wanted them because they were beautiful, and wizard's wanted them because they were Harry. Severus didn't see Harry for the rest of the weekend or Monday at breakfast.

His classes were unbearable. You could order copies of the photographs from the Prophet and every witch in the school had at least one. That evening Hermione Weasley (formerly Granger) sat in Harry's chair at dinner. Severus ate quickly and left before most people had even begun. He headed out of the Great Hall; he was nearly to the entrance of the dungeons when Granger/Weasley stopped him.

"Severus Snape! I want to talk to you." In a tone so reminiscing of McGonagall that Severus winced in surprise. Severus turned around nervously; the young woman was glaring at him. Severus nodded his agreement and led her into the Staff room.

"You kissed him back," Hermione declared angrily.

"Pardon?" Severus asked confused.

"When Harry kissed you, you kissed him back before pushing him away. Why?" Severus stared at her, unsure how to answer, thankfully he was not required too.

"You wanted him to kiss you! Harry sensed it. He thinks he was wrong. I don't. I think you wanted it as much as he did. Which leaves the question why in the hell did you push him away?" Hermione glared expectantly at Severus. He sighed.

"I don't know, I wanted to say something to him, but then he was gone."

"He's too good for you." Hermione stated simply, her tone was not harsh just blunt. Severus nodded knowing it to be the truth.

"That's why you pushed him away isn't it?" Severus shrugged. Hermione nodded understandingly. "The thing you've got to remember Severus is there is not a person on this planet he's not too good for. He's stronger than Albus, he saved the world and he's still the kindest, most humble human being I've ever met." Severus was unsure what to say to this so he just stared at the young woman before him.

"If you make him wait around, he'll just give up. He won't pursue you, because, and here's the horrible irony of the situation, he thinks you're too good for him. Harry wants to be with you. Don't ask me why, but he does. I have to get home. Tell Harry goodbye for me." And with that Hermione left the room.

Severus returned to his dungeon. His mind wandering back to Harry, he couldn't forget the feel of the younger man's lips against his own, his slim body pressed against him. Severus closed his eyes and imagined Harry's mouth in places no other had touched in such a very long time. Severus undid his robe and trousers in an almost unconscious motion, reaching down to grab his own throbbing erection. Imagining Harry's lips and hands on him all the while. He came sooner than he would ever admit to, arching his back and crying Harry's name to the darkness.

Severus decided that if he did not see Harry on Tuesday he would seek him out. He half-hoped that whatever madness had awoken in him lately would be quelled by the sight of its focus. Though truthfully he'd rather have it returned by Harry.

Tuesday was hellish for Severus, Harry was not at breakfast and during his first period class (7th year NEWT's) he overheard a snatch of conversation that left him feeling rather sick inside.

"I'm telling you Millie, he as good as told me he wanted to be with me after graduation."

"Professor Potter said that?"

"Well not outright, he couldn't just say it because he's still my teacher, but I knew, it was all there in his eyes."

"Oh Sue, you're so lucky! Imagine Harry Potter in love with you!"

Severus knew this was probably all nonsense, seeing as Harry was very obviously a homosexual but, it drove home the idea that after Severus's rejection (accidental though it was) Harry might turn his thoughts elsewhere. The idea that Severus had already lost a man he'd only just started to want was unbearable to him.

By Severus's last class of the day (1st year Hufflepuff/ Ravenclaw) he was ready to kill. Though he was slightly amused to hear that Harry Potter was engaged to marry Seventh year Gryffindor Susan Tyler. Shocking to hear that they planned to be married within the month, when this morning they were only dating. Harry had not appeared at lunch and Severus was bracing himself for a meeting with him later that evening.

Sure enough Harry was absent from dinner. Severus ate slowly wanting to avoid the confrontation he was steeling himself for. Eventually, however, Severus could no longer pretend to eat the liverwurst that had been laid before him, vile stuff really. So with a sigh he pushed it away and left the hall. He was half way to Harry's private quarters when he decided he really aught to shower and change before heading to Harry's room.

Mean while Harry had also finished his supper and after a quick shower he laid out a robe before beginning his evening meditation. He preferred to do this naked because that way he had one less distraction to worry about.

Severus dressed himself in a loose robe and black trousers, (the robe was loose enough to cover anything that might develop in Harry's presence) and headed up toward Harry's room. Harry lived on the sixth floor in a room that looked out over the Quidditch Pitch. So that he could always look out and watch students flying. Severus tried to clear the nervous butterflies from his stomach. He felt foolish, never in his memory had he approached a room with so much fear and he'd been a Death Eater spy for over a decade. Hermione's words floated through his mind.

Harry wants to be with you. Don't ask me why but, he does.

Severus stopped in front of Harry's door realizing suddenly that he had no idea what he was going to say. He'd been so determined to just get there that he hadn't even thought about why he was there. Obviously he couldn't say he'd stopped by because just thinking of Harry gave him an erection. He couldn't say that, could he? Before Severus could decide what do to the door swung open and Harry stood before him looking. . . Delicious. His hair was wet and dripping a little. He wore a robe that hung open on top to reveal his torso and Severus saw a single droplet of water just above the mans nipple. Severus closed his eyes for a moment fighting the insane urge to lick the drop off.

"Professor Snape," Harry exclaimed in surprise.

"Professor Potter," Severus said curtly, unable to think of any other response.

"Please come in, I'm sorry I'm not really dressed. I was meditating." Severus wanted to run. He couldn't do this, couldn't be inside Harry's rooms with Harry dripping water, barely dressed and looking edible. Yet even as he thought this, Severus realized it was too late. Severus was already sitting on a couch and refusing a cup of tea.

"So Professor Snape, what brings you here this evening?" I want to fuck you, to feel your lips on my cock; I want to hear you scream my name as you come.

"I wanted to congratulate you. I recently had I from a first year Hufflepuff that you're engaged to Susan Tyler." Severus said smiling. Harry laughed and shook his head.

"Susan Tyler? Is she that tall blond girl? The one with the buggy eyes?" Harry asked curiously. Severus nodded.

"No, she's not my type. I prefer dark haired men. Nice girl though, she told me yesterday after class that if I ever needed someone to talk too, she was there. Told her that as she was my student I'd just have to struggle on in silence."

"She seems to have taken that as a proposal," Severus said with a smile, the words I prefer dark haired men ringing in his ears.

"So is that all you wanted professor?" Harry's asked searching Severus's face intently.

"No, I . . . I wanted to say I' m sorry about what happened Friday at the Gallery. And please call me Severus." Harry sighed.

"I wanted to apologize as well. For what happened after the Gallery. I don't know what came over me. It won't happen again," Harry was up and leading Severus to the door as he spoke. He turned suddenly and Severus found himself looking into nervous green eyes.

"What won't?" Severus asked softly, Harry stepped back only to find himself blocked by a wall.

"I won't kiss you again." Harry said softly directing his eyes to the ground. It was too much for Severus; he swooped down and gently laid a kiss on Harry's lips. Harry gasped and Severus took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Harry moaned as Severus gently caressed the inside of his mouth with his tongue. The moan sent thrills of electricity straight to Severus' groin. Severus broke off and began to bite and lick at Harry's throat. Harry began to work at Severus' robe. His fingers gently stroking the exposed skin until Harry's hands reached Severus' trousers. Severus moaned as Harry rubbed his hand against the bulge in Severus' pants. Severus was working on the buttons of Harry's robes and Harry was unbuttoning Severus' slacks when:

"Professor Potter! I need a word with you please."

"Fuck," said Harry softly, Severus recognized the voice of Professor McGonagall. Harry quickly redid the buttons Severus had worked so hard to undo. Severus pulled his robe closed over his half open pants. Harry opened the door just enough to see professor McGonagall.

"Yes Minerva?" Harry asked in a rather strained voice. Severus finished buttoning his robe.

"Ah yes Harry may I come in?"

"Umm," Harry glanced at Severus. "Must you?"

Severus was sure Minerva couldn't see him from where she stood.

"Harry this will only take a moment."

"Oh very well, come on in, Severus and I were just discussing various poisons. It's rather important."

Minerva entered the room. Severus saw her eyes flick from Severus' disheveled appearance to Harry, whose robe still hung open and Severus could plainly see a hicky forming just above his nipple, not to mention Harry's lips which were still red and swollen looking. He was also blushing roughly the color of his old Quidditch robes. Minerva smiled.

"Harry, I've come to make sure you haven't been propositioning Susan Tyler."

"What! No of course not!" Harry exclaimed in surprise.

"I thought not, I've just come to tell you that teacher-student relationships are strictly forbidden."

"Okay thanks for the FYI. Is that all? Good, this has been nice. Good night Minerva." Harry said herding the older woman out of the room and slamming the door behind her. Severus heard her laughter all the way down the hall. Harry sighed.

"I guess that moments lost," Harry said sadly. Severus advanced on him.

"I think not," Severus said kissing Harry again. Severus quickly unbuttoned Harry's robes, kissing him all the while only pausing to pull off his own robe. Harry's hand reached down into Severus' pants and grabbed his erection; Severus gasped as Harry squeezed him roughly. At this same moment Severus finished with Harry's buttons. Harry shrugged of his robe. Severus gasped, staring in wonder at the naked man before him. Without pausing to think Severus thrust his erection against Harry's. Harry moaned removing his hand from Severus' cock his ran his hand up Severus chest pausing to pinch his nipple. Severus pushed Harry toward the nearest flat surface. Harry stumbled over the arm of his couch and fell onto it pulling Severus with him. Severus thrust down against Harry in a fierce rhythm creating a wonderful friction. All the while staring deeply into the younger man's eyes.

Harry grabbed Severus' ass, a single finger dipping into the tight opening there. Severus moaned and thrust up against it, relishing the twinge of pain that came from that of lube. Harry took the hint pressing his finger deeper inside. He closed his eyes.

"Oh God!" Harry gasped before thrusting up desperately pumping his finger at the same time. Severus screamed and exploded at the same moment as Harry, each moaning the other's name before going limp with exhaustion.

They fell asleep there, not to awaken until the slats of sunlight from Harry's window would wake them some twelve hours later.

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