Past Decisions, Future Uncertainties

Author's Note: Hey everyone! At last, I finally decided to write an Everwood fic! So here is my attempt of changing things concerning the Madison/baby storyline that was first introduced in the season two finale, "The Day Is Done." The first part of this story takes place at the end of season 2, although I have changed it. (I won't say much more, you guys will have to read on to find out). The rest of the story after that will be taking place in season 3/season 4- but it won't be like the season 3 that aired on TV. A lot will be changed because I changed this first part. Anyways… I hope you guys enjoy the story. I'm not necessarily saying this is how I wished it happened, it's just my way of dealing with this particular storyline that I really didn't care for. Oh, one last thing; in this story, Rose does NOT have cancer.


Dr. Brown had a feeling this day was different from the others from the moment he awoke that morning to the time he stepped foot in his office, which had once been a train station in Everwood. As usual, as soon as he got there, Andy and his nurse, Edna, exchanged good mornings while he poured himself a hot cup of coffee, in hopes to further awaken him.

As he slowly sipped on his hot mug of coffee, Andy glanced around his office. His office in Everwood was so different from the office he had back in New York City. He wouldn't trade anything in the world for getting to wake up every morning and going there. Nor would he trade anything for his family, and the mending that had been done between him and his son, Ephram.

"Heya Doc, I gotta go pick up a few supplies at the store. Think you can hold down the fort while I'm gone?" Edna asked as she walked into the room, pulling him from his thoughts. He looked at her and smiled.

"I sure can. Besides, my first appointment isn't until eleven," he explained, setting his cup of coffee down.

Edna looked at him oddly. "Then why the heck are you here so early?"

"I figured I'd catch up on some paperwork I've been putting off," he explained as he grabbed some papers off Edna's desk for emphasis.

Edna smiled at Andy as she grabbed her purse. "There's more from where that cam from in your office, ya know."

Andy laughed. "I'm sure there is." A few moments later, Edna said goodbye to Andy before disappearing out the front door, leaving Andy alone in the office. He stood there a few more moments before grabbing his cup of coffee and disappearing into his office, ready to tackle some paperwork.

A little while later, Andy was sitting behind the desk in his office; the behind paperwork he had to tend to was almost finished. He felt as if he had been very productive that morning. He set his pen down and leaned back in his chair, taking a break.

His gaze fell upon the pictures he had on his desk and smiled. His office in New York City, Andy had pictures of his family, but didn't much take the time to look at their smiling faces. But things were different now. Now he made sure to look at the pictures on his desk each and every day, and today was no different. The first picture on his desk was in a frame by itself; it was a picture of his wife, Julia. Seeing her face and that radiant smile smiling up at him from the pictures he kept helped him go on each day. He would forever miss her, but with each day, the pain caused by her unexpected death lessened a little more.

He then moved his attention to the picture of Delia and Ephram, taken just this past year. He looked at the photograph of his two children and felt an overwhelming sense of pride. The past year and a half had been hard on all three of them, yet they seemed to all have survived; they even got to know one another and become a real family in the process. He and Ephram also seemed to have come to terms, which meant a lot to him. The one thing he regretted about his old ways of life was that it had almost cost him his son. Sometimes it scared him, looking back and realizing how blind and careless he had been when it had come to his own family.

Just then, the sound of the front door opening and closing drew him out of his thoughts. He looked over at the clock, which read a little after ten; too early for his eleven o clock patient. Andy tilted forward and got up from his chair, before heading to the main office.

"Got everything you-" Andy began, assuming it was Edna returning from her errand running, but instead discovered a very distressed looking young woman standing there.

The young woman happened to be Madison Kellner, the college student he had hired in the beginning of the year to take care of Delia. At the time, he had thought it a good idea; Delia would get another female figure to look up to and Ephram would get to 'have a life,' as he had put it. But his thoughts on that idea quickly changed when he had learned that by Christmas time, Madison and Ephram had become a couple. Andy's internal red flag went up at the thought of Madison, who was twenty years old, and Ephram, barely seventeen, sneaking behind his back, in a relationship. The two had continued dating, even after he confronted the both of them, and even fired Madison and re-hired her for Delia's sake, until they had finally called it quit a few months ago. Since then, he hadn't seen her; until now.

"Madison, is everything okay?" he asked. She looked up at him with her sad brown eyes, making him feel bad for having fired her months before.

Madison quickly brushed the tears from her eyes as she met Andy's gaze. "I.." She opened her mouth to speak, to begin to explain, but words wouldn't come out. Unable to look Andy in the face any longer, Madison averted her gaze. "Is it alright that I'm here?" she asked finally.

"Of coarse. Is there anything I can get you?" he asked, still unsure as to what was wrong with her. She shook her head, her arms crossed over her chest. "I just wanted…" she stopped once more, unable to finish the sentence.

Andy's concern grew more and more as the seconds of silence between the two dragged on. He could tell by the look on her face that she was holding something back, but what was it?

"Listen, are you sure your alright?" he asked once more, putting his hand on her arm. She looked up at him once more.

"Not really. I-I think I need your help.." She averted her gaze once more as Andy sensed she was clamming up once more. A new batch of tears began to form in her eyes, and she brushed them away before they spilled down her cheeks. She looked back at him, as if searching his face.

"I-I can't do this," she said, taking a step back from him.

"Madison-" Andy began, taking a step towards her as she headed towards the front door. She was clearly upset about something and had come to him for help. Not she seemed to have lost her nerve.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Brown," she apologized once more before disappearing out the door, leaving Andy standing there, dumbfounded.