"Excuse me but your on the wrong side of the hall" A boy said to a young girl as he shoved her into a locker on the other side of the hall. As he walked away he sneered at her and walked with his three other "buddies".

"Every day I have to watch this it makes me sick!" A woman complained to another next to her.

"Relax Kagome there is nothing we can do about it!" The second woman replied to Kagome.

"I know Sango but god I wish some day that we could take down the Fabulous 4" Kagome grumbled to Sango.

"You mean the F4 which also stands for the FUCK 4" Sango said in a light humor as they walked towards their class.

"Or the fag four" a young boy said, his name was Shippo he was a new freshman in school and met Kagome and Sango who were sophomores.

All three of them laughed and walked into class together. The F4 were the most popular guys in school they had money and the power. They ran the school and controlled even the teachers. There was Sesshomaru, the "gorgeous one". Then Inu Yasha who was Sesshomaru's half brother and was known as the " sexy one". Miroku was the third member who was known as the "funny one". Last was Kouga the "Flirty one". The cheerleaders and fans gave all the nicknames to the guys.

Sango, Kagome, and Shippo knew the guys as Sesshomaru the closet case, Inu Yasha the hustler, Miroku the X in sex, and Kouga the fast lane man. All in all the three friends were good. They had other friends in school and were semi popular they were not in trouble with the F4 so they were left alone or so they thought.

As Kagome walked in she bumped into a person who just walked past her with out even saying sorry

"Hey buddy how about an apology or is it your one of those jocks who hasn't learned that word yet in their hooked on phoenix lessons." Kagome snapped at the guy.

"I was waiting for you to say sorry because I believe it was you who bumped into me" Sesshomaru replied as he turned around

"Also I might let you know it is my stupid brother who takes those lessons I on the other hand is very fluent in this language along with five others" Sess added as an after thought

"Well sorry Mr. Closet Case but you were the one who bumped into me and hurt me" Kagome replied anger in her voice.

The whole room gasped as Kagome now noticed she had just called one of the F4 a closet case. 'Oh crap!' Kagome thought as she stared at an enraged Sesshomaru's face.


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