--Jack, I'm a Man—

--Chapter 1 : Jack, I'm a man--


--Captain Matey Sparrow--


Disclaimer : I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. If I did... Wow...


Note : This story is pure randomness, and is not meant to be taken seriously. This was also not meant to be a masterpiece. I have corrected many of my mistakes, so that it would be readable, and finally, I am also about to update a second chapter.

Also, please take note that I began writing this long before the second movie came out, so this will have nothing to do with Deadman's Chest.


Jack stood at the edge of the Black Pearl, gazing at what was his life, the sea. He was deep into his thoughts, until Anamaria patted his butt as a joke.

"Wha' the bloody 'ell d'ye do that for?" shouted Jack as he turned to a face smiling Anamaria.

"Jack, I need to tell ye' somethin'," said Anamaria in a serious tone of voice.

"If ye're pregnant, it wasn't me," Jack joked, smirking.

"Jack, I'll never -" began Anamaria, before Jack rudely cut her off.

"Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow," Jack corrected her with a somewhat insulted look on his face. He wanted to be named 'Captain', because it was somehow made him feel more special than he already was.

"Captain Jackass Sparrow-" tried Anamaria again, in an annoyed tone before Jack cut her off. Again.

"Ana the Freaking Bloody Wench Maria," Jack cut her off again, but he sounded more annoyed than Anamaria's already was.

"Whateve'. D'ye mind listening to me?"

"What d'ye want?" asked Jack as he let out a sigh.

"Jack... ummmmmmmmm... I'm... I'm a man," confessed Anamaria very slowly.

"Well, I'm a woman." Joked Jack.

"WHAT?" shouted Anamaria, aware that Jack thought she was lying so he added a joke.

"Love, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow. You can't jus' trick me like that. Ye' know that," said Jack.

"Jack, I'm not bloody jokin'. I'm no' an idiot, like ye'," said Anamaria seriously.

"Well then, ye'll just have to prove me that you're lying in action, wont ye'?" joked Jack with the charming smirk that he has.

SLAP. Anamaria Slapped him hard on the face.

"I'd rathe' sleep with Gibbs then ye'," hissed Anamaria.

"Thanks for the image," shouted Jack with a disgusted look on his face.

"Ye' deserve it," she said loudly as she walked away.

Jack went the complete oppisite direction Anamaria had, and as he was walking around, he saw Gibbs.

"Gibbs! Come 'ere, mate!" Orderred Jack.

Gibbs walked towards Jack.

"What ye' want, Capt'n?" asked Gibbs with a smile.

"Anamaria want's ta sleep with ye'," said Jack so only Gibbs could hear.

"What? Why?" replied Gibbs, the smile came right off of Gibb's face.

"Ask 'er. That be what she told me," said Jack with a wink.

Jack now walked away in search for Anamaria. After about 10 minutes of searching, he had finally found her, or he... Anamaria was just gazing at the sea. He walked up towards 'it'.

"Anamaria," began Jack.

"What?" snapped Anamaria.

"Ye' sure you don't want to prove me that ye be lying?" asked Jack with his smirk.

"Aye, because I ain't be lying, Jackass," replied Anamaria, using the nickname she had just recently given him.

"Okay, well, just thought I'd let ye' know that I told Gibbs ye wanted to sleep with him for ya'," said Jack loudly.

SLAP! - Anamaria just slapped him and walked away.