Summary:On a trip to Metropolis,Lana and Chloe witness a murder. When they're kidnapped by the killers,it's up to Clark and Lois to find them before it's too late. Meanwhile Lex and Lionel duel to learn Clark's secret.(This is my frist Fic R&R,please.)

Pairings:Lois and Clark,some Clark and Lana,some Clark and Chloe

Spoilers: None really might be some from the Superman flims.


Lana and Chloe walked out of the Metropolis Mall. Each of them had about five bags. They loved the city. It was a lot more was going on than what was going on the sleepy little town of Smallville.

"Oh I just love Metropolis."Lana said."Chloe thanks for inviting me."Lana continued.

"Hey, it's no big deal. I felt that we just needed to hang out and be friends again."Chloe said.

Things had been kind of rough for them over the past few weeks. They would usually get along well until the subject of Clark Kent. When ever it came to Clark,Lana and Chloe could not get a long. They would fight over Clark,yet none of them would admit to Clark that them had feelings for him. Then again Clark was not very straight forward with them.

When Chloe was told that has the editor of the Torch,she was going to the annual High School Newspaper Editor's Conference. She also saw it as a chance to fix things with Lana.

"Look at what I got Clark."Chloe said. She reached into one of her bags and pulled out a plaid shirt. Clark had a thing for plaid.

"Oh,a Chloe."Lana said. Then she reached into her bag and pulled out the same shirt.

"Give it to Clark anyway,you know how much he loves plaid."Chloe joked. Lana laughed.

"Yeah your right,Clark does have a thing for it."Lana said.

They walked down the street toward the hotel that they were staying at. They crossed the street and walked by a alley.

"No, Johnny,please."came a voice from the alley.

Chloe peeked into the alley. Her eyes went wide when she saw a guy on his knees. He was cut up and bleeding on his face. Two other men stood over him. They wear dress in suits and ties.

Chloe grabbed Lana and pushed her up against the wall.

"Chloe,what's going on?"Lana asked.

"Two guys are beating some guy up in the alley"Chloe told her.

"What?"Lana said.

"Look"Chloe said.

They looked around the corner and saw the two men standing over the guy. One of the guys pulled out a gun and fired three shots into the guys head. Then they turned and started to walked toward Lana and Chloe.

"Chloe,what are we going to do they're coming."Lana said.

"I got a idea act like your enjoy this."Chloe said. Then she kissed Lana. Lana was surprised at first but knew it was the only way to save their skins. The two men walked past Lana and Chloe one of the guys looked at them he smiled.

"Nice." He said and walked to the car. They got in the car and drove off.

Chloe broke the kiss.

"Sorry it was the only thing I could thing of off the top of my head."Chloe said.

"We better go find a cop."Lana said. Then they ran off to find a Cop.

In the car that the killers got into. The driver was telling what he saw.

"Those two girls that were kissing,weren't kissing. They saw the whole thing we got some loose ends to tie up."He said.

"How are we going to find them?"the one in the back sit said.

"With this."the driver said. Then he held up a camera.

To be continued...