Clark and Lois were in Perry White's office. He handed them a copy of the "Daily Planet" The headline read: "JERRY SLOAN BEHIND BARS".

"You two did a heck of a job and your not even reporters."White said.

"Thank you, Mr.White."Clark said.

"No problem chief."Lois said.

"What did you call me?"White said.

"I said no problem Mr. White."Lois said quickly correcting herself.

"I think you two should really think about getting into the newspaper game. You on the Torch in Smallville right Kent?"White asked.

"Yes, I do."Clark said.

"What about you Lane?"he asked.

"Mr. White I don't even look at a newspaper I could never write for one."Lois said.

"Well if you two ever change your mind come see me."White said.

"Really Mr.White that's swell."Clark said.

"Let's go Clark."Lois said.

Chloe and Lana were waiting for them in the newsroom.

"You guys all done?"Chloe asked.

"All done, now let's get back to the sleepy little town of Smallville."Lois said.

"Great it will be great to be back home."Lana said.

"Let's get going."Clark said.

"Hey wait a minute I want to say bye to Jerry and Joe."Chloe said.

"We'll wait for you outside."Lois said.

"Smallville,I want you to answer this question."Lois said.

"What's that?"Clark said.

"When Sloan threw me off the roof you jumped off and flew."Lois said.

"Lois your amazing,you got hit on the head with a gun and you have a concussion."Clark said.

"Besides,Clark's afraid of heights."Lana said.

"Right your right."Lois said. Clark smiled he knew that he had just dodged a major bullet. He really wasn't ready for the kiss that Lois gave him.

"What was that for?"Clark asked.

"Thanks for saving me,but don't think that it's going to happen again."Lois said.

Lana just smiled. It seemed that Clark Kent and Lois Lane were going to be great friends.

Chloe knocked on the door of the writer and cartoonist. No one answered. She opened the door and looked inside. The room was empty,it looked like they guys had gone to lunch. She walked in and looked around. There was a desk in the corner. On the desk was a typewriter and stacks of paper. She walked to the desk and looked and the sheet of paper in the machine. There was few words typed on the paper.

"Regine of the ..."she read it was all that they guys had gotten to. "Sounds like the title of a bad comic book."she added. She went to the drawing table and looked around it. There was no drawing on the table but there was a few on the floor. She looked on the floor,one drawing caught her eye. She picked it up.

The drawing was of a man. Chloe noticed that the face looked a lot like Clark. The man was dressed in blue tights and red boots. He also had a long flowing red cape. On his chest was yellow shield. She heard some one coming. She quickly folded the paper.

"Chloe you ready to go?"Clark asked.

"Yeah I'm ready."Chloe said.

"Okay"Clark said.

Chloe put the drawing in her pocket and followed Clark. She kept the drawing. she told herself that one day she would give it to Clark."Who knows"she told herself."Maybe the world cold use a guy in blue tights and a red cape." Maybe he just happened to live in Smallville.


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