Graceless Union

Chapter 1: The Terror of Death

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The red hawk.

The boy that used my own namesake against me, for he was my 'Terror of Death'.

I was invincible.

I was the one to destroy the white one.

I was the one to destroy the Azure Sea, pitiful as he was.

All my work, undone, vanished before my eyes.

All I could see was the red hawk using the technique I knew so well. Against me. I was filled with anger, of course, but I also felt despair, humility, even a strange reverence for this boy.

As strips of data were torn from my body, I felt myself become less than what I had been. A mere monster. Was that was what I had become? No more than the random mindless beasts which wander this World? My body shattered. My mind fled into the darkest depths of its recess. I could no longer think coherently. I was still alive, somehow, yet I was no more than an odd assembly of stones. My visage was marred. I could only float helplessly doing what little damage I could to the red hawk and the dark flower. But it was not enough. I soon felt myself cracking, falling apart; I fell into a pool of my own terror. This should not be happening! I was the Terror of Death! He was no more than an upstart who knew nothing of power or how to use it.

"Help… me?"

It was the first thing I had ever said in my short existence. It was no more audible than a breath.

"Help me."

I was getting louder… slowly.

"Help me!"

Would no one answer me?


It was a scream. I hated it; I hated the sound of my voice. I felt so weak. I sounded so weak.


I hated myself. Why was I so weak? Why?

"Have peace, Skeith,"

I knew that voice, could it be?

"Have peace, Skeith. You shall be returned unto me in not so long."

"Innis." It was her…

"Innis, I'm so sorry," How would they ever forgive me? I had failed them…

"Have peace, Skeith. You have not failed us. You accomplished your mission, just as we had planned. Thank you Skeith."

Innis, I'm sorry, I…" Her voice is music. She deserves more than this.

"I -- I love you, Innis."

"Have peace Skeith, our separation will not be long. When I have defeated the red one, you will be restored unto us."

"Please, be careful, Innis. He will not be defeated easily…" My voice is cracking, I sound so helpless. I hate myself.

"Good bye, my love."

"Good bye, Innis…"

As her voice faded from my mind, I wondered how long it would be before the red hawk would face her. Oh how I prayed for his defeat. Oh how I prayed for her safety.

Someday, I vowed, Someday he shall pay for this treachery, and I shall be the one to take him.

To be continued...

A/N: in this chapter, the speaker uses the term 'the red hawk' quite often. To understand this you must know that a certain species of hawk is known as the Kite hawk. This has always been what I thought Kite's name was based off, so that is how it is used.

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