Graceless Union

Chapter 5: The Temptress

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A/N: Have you guys seen the new trailer? It was awesome, and it sure answered a few questions. For instance, I now know that this fanfic is way off from the way the real story goes. But what the heck, I'm making some changes to the story.

1: Ovan and Kuhn use guns.

2: Everyone looks like they do in the trailers. (I didn't quite get all the details right when I described them before)

Haseo was enjoying himself.

His blades flashed red as they cut through the monsters.

He had been severely weakened by Kite's Data Drain, so it was necessary to level up if he was going to have to fight the legendary Kite (albeit, controlled by Morganna).

Ovan was behind him, swinging his huge gun arm back and forth at the various monsters charging towards them.

They dispatched with the creatures quite quickly, and stood panting, waiting for their SP to recharge.

"These monsters aren't difficult," groaned Ovan as he sat down, "but there sure are a lot of them."

Haseo nodded in agreement, and then glanced at the opening in front of them. He could tell that it was the dungeon by its distinctive detail in design, not to mention that it had stairs leading down.

"Shall we head on?" asked Haseo, glancing at Ovan.

"Yeah," he said, and struggled to get up, but fell back down due to his weapon's incredible weight.

Haseo restrained a laugh, and reached over to help his comrade up.

After about five or ten minutes, they had finally reached the Gott statue, and Haseo reached down and lifted the lid.

"You have acquired the Happy Helm!" said the message.

"What?" cried Haseo in disbelief. "We came all the way down here for this piece of crap? I want a refund!"

Ovan smirked, "Well we are at low levels now, so I guess that this would be a pretty good item for a low level place like this."

"That's no excuse!" ranted Haseo, "I could buy a better helm in Mac Anu, and this is the best they give out. Someone high up is going to pay for this." He tossed the helmet on the ground.

Suddenly, a new idea came to him.

"Hey Ovie, watch this!"

"It's Ovan!"

"Whatever, watch." Haseo pointed at the item lying on the ground.

"Data Drain!"

Sparks flew as Haseo's bracelet began editing the helmet, slowly it changed shape.

After the lights faded, Haseo picked up a cool looking helmet.

"You have acquired the Face Guard of Fear!" said the message.

"Now that's more like it!" said Haseo, stuffing the helmet into his Hammer-Space-Invisible-Bag.

"Ummm… I don't think you should abuse your powers like that, do you?" asked Ovan uncertainly.

"Awww, come on, Ovie. Can't I have a little fun?"

"It's Ovan, and no. We should be training, not messing around," said Ovan.

Suddenly they heard a cough from behind them.

"Excuse me, but is this Gott taken?" a girl's voice inquired.

Haseo and Ovan both turned to look at the newcomer (Ovan tripped over his gun in the process).

She apparently liked green, seeing as how her dress and hair were both of that color. Her dress was long, and had only one sleeve (the right one, I believe). On top of her dress was a short red chain mail vest, toped off with some shoulder plates. Her hair was done into a single long braid, and she was wearing a white scarf.

"Well that was descriptive," said the girl, looking at the paragraph above her. "Anyway," she said facing Haseo, "I'm Krul Hak, the Long Arm PKer, and who might you two newbies be?"

"Not… newbies," panted Ovan as he struggled to get up.

"I'm Haseo," stated Haseo, "and this is my friend Ovie. What's a 'Peekayer?'"

"Ovan," growled Ovan at Haseo.

"You don't know what a PKer is?" asked Krul Hak, "If that's true then you really are newbs. I'm a Player Killer, I kill other players. It's my job."

"Ohhh." Haseo grinned, "That sounds like fun, how do you do it?"

"Would you like a demonstration?" asked Krul Hak with a mischievous look on her face.

"Oh yes please!" cried an overjoyed Haseo.

"All right then, here I go!" shouted an equally overjoyed Krul Hak. Reaching behind her back, she pulled out an enormous pike. On the pointy end there were three little circular saw blades.

"Way cool!" shouted Haseo, as the blades whirred to life. Krul Hak's grin grew.

Without warning she leapt towards Haseo, pike lunging viciously. Before he could respond, there was a long pole protruding from Haseo's stomach.

He gasped as the Hit Points dropped to double digits. The pain was unbearable. Looking down at the pike, Haseo retched.

"What was that for?" he yelled as she pulled the pike out of his body. Somewhere in the background, Ovan struggled to lift his gun to face the girl.

"I was just doing what you asked!" stated Krul Hak calmly, wiping her pike clean.

"You're gonna pay for that!" shouted Haseo, pulling his blades out of nowhere. He rushed towards the grinning girl and tried to attack at her head.

"Hey, come on, I don't want to have to kill you!" shouted Krul Hak, as she pole vaulted out of the way of Haseo's attack.

Without pausing to think, Haseo changed directions and managed to get a few hits on the girl. Unfortunately, however, she was a high enough level that the attacks were not that significant.

"Calm down, already!" she shouted at him, ignoring the attacks, she then dug through her satchel, "Here, have a Health Potion."

Haseo stopped in mid-swing as a bottle full of some bluish liquid came flying at him. Quickly sheathing his blades, he reached out to catch the bottle.

"Health Potion?" he asked, looking down at the bottle curiously.

"Yeah, it's one step up from a Health Drink." explained Krul Hak as she put away her pike. "Go ahead, drink it."

Haseo popped the cork, and took a gulp. "So if you didn't want to kill me, then why did you stab me and call yourself a PKer?"

"Well… I don't know. I guess that I don't feel like PKing right now, but you wanted it so bad…" She glanced at Haseo. "You haven't heard about all the weird stuff happening to 'The World', have you?"

"Well, I know about some strange things," said Haseo, thinking of Kite.

"Yeah, well I know about lots of strange things happening in the world, and PKing is one of them. Still, I'm never one to complain."

"Hmmm," Haseo murmured as he finished off the Potion.

"Sweet! Level up again!" shouted Haseo.

"What do you expect?" grumbled Ovan, "We're only in an area SEVENTEEN levels higher than we are."

"Is there a problem?" asked Krul. She had just taken on an ogre, and had come out victorious. Her pike waggled threateningly under Ovan's nose.

"No Ma'am!" he shouted, and tried to salute, but fell over.

"Good." and she sauntered off laughing, "Keep up boys!"

"Hey Krul," Haseo ran so that he was right next to the girl.

"What?" she said. For once, her voice sounded… kind.

"Well… I was just wondering, why do you PK when there are plenty of monsters to kill?" Haseo was nervous; he hadn't expected her to turn mellow all of a sudden.

"Oh that's easy," she said with a laugh, "It's because the computer AI are too stupid. They can't think as well as a human can, so it's too easy too kill them. But humans, on the other hand are much more fun to kill. They think and react far more superiorly than any AI. That's why I PK, it makes things more interesting."

Haseo was silent. Then a thought stuck him, "Do you think I am stupid, Krul Hak?"

She laughed, "No! Why would you think that?"

"No reason," Haseo fell behind her as she led them to another portal.

Blackrose should have been at school. But she had successfully played sick, and was now attending an online meeting with Balmung, Haseo, Aura, and Ovan.

She sat in Mac Anu, thoughtfully watching the water flow past. Behind her, she could hear the others trying to plan a strategy to catch Kite. She shook her head, this was such a pain. Kite had disappeared at least three weeks ago, and no one had seen hair or hide of him since. She wondered what he could be doing right now. Probably something that would not be of benefit to her or their friends, no doubt. She hated the idea of that evil woman controlling Kite. Actually, she couldn't think of anyone she would wish that fate on, but definitely not Kite. She heard the conversation slow down, so she got up and turned to face the rest of the group.

"I know where we might find him," she said quietly.

She was answered by four questioning stares, waiting for her to continue.

"Delta: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. If he's anywhere, then I'm betting he'll be there."

Aura nodded silently, and Balmung smiled with comprehension, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?"

Haseo and Ovan were still confused, however.

"What's so special about this Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground?" asked Haseo, looking back and forth between Balmung and Blackrose.

"It's a one of a kind Area, in the form of a cathedral. There's a statue of Aura there," answered Blackrose apathetically.

"Oh, okay. That makes sense. Let's go then." Haseo turned towards the Chaos Gate.

"Wait!" Balmung tapped on Haseo's shoulder, "Shouldn't we form parties first?"

"Oh yeah," Haseo turned towards Blackrose and Balmung, (having exchanged member addresses when they first met) he sent them the flash mail.

They both accepted, and were about to gate out when a new message appeared.

"Aura has joined your party."

Blackrose looked at Aura, "I didn't know you could join parties."

Aura smiled, "This is my first time."

Balmung bowed, "It is an honor for you to join us on this dangerous mission. Do not fear, I will protect you with my life."

Haseo typed in the key words and they all disappeared in a flurry of gold.

Sunset shrouded the cathedral, dimming the walkway that led to huge doors.

Four sets of feet made their way purposefully towards the Cathedral, the fifth floated purposefully.

Ovan turned to look at everyone, "Are we all ready?" he asked.

Blackrose took a deep breath.

"Let's get this over with." she growled.

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