Burning Heart

I'm standing outside as the rain pours down all around me.
I stand there, soaked to my skin as I wish over and over again.
That everything said, be done over and over again;
All the problems we had, all the dangers we faced.

What good is your word, if you don't keep it?
She asked me and I couldn't answer her.
Standing there in the rain, wishing
I could give her an answer…

Now she's gone and I'm standing here alone;
Where we first met, falling in love the instant I saw her.
I made a promise to her, but I didn't return in time.

And now I'm falling into despair,
Never gone, never far… she'll live in my heart forever.
I remember that vow I made, too her all those years ago.
But now that vow, is burning in the ruins of our house;
As the fire rages on and on, in my heart and soul...

The words in my heart fade to ashes;
So does my life.

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