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I've been with girls before, dating and the physical sense. Guys on the other hand, well I've really had no experience with guys. The closest would be that time I kissed Jyou but in my defence I was slightly intoxicated at the time and Tai dared me too. Besides, it was after Jyou had gotten into university, right around the time he started growing his hair out and stopped wearing sweater vests. He didn't look remotely geeky at the time. Still I don't think Tai will ever let me live it down.

Besides, kissing a guy is one thing. What I really want to do is date a guy. The problem is, I'm not so sure if said guy wants to date me. The probability of it is low actually. I mean I'm surprised he doesn't hate me. In fact, I'm really surprised he doesn't loath me.

Let me back up a moment so the people in the back can catch up just in case they missed the facts the first time around. The guy I have my sights set on is one Daisuke Motomiya. Yes, that Daisuke Motomiya, not, that I know many. Previously he was just Davis. Loud, stupid, vain, bull headed leader of the New Digidestined, Davis. I didn't think he was a bad kid, just one that grated me the wrong way. There was something about him. He was too pushy, too loud, too attention grabbing, too clingy. He was always searching for a spotlight. When I met him I felt I could either try to point him in the right direction, get him to grow and change into a better chosen child, or I could accept what kind of a person he was and silently dislike him.

Guess which I chose.

Teaching wouldn't have worked anyway. Daisuke was always more of Tai's protégé.

Anyways that's how we co-existed as Chosen Children. We didn't openly hate each other or anything but we weren't buddy, buddy either. Mostly we stayed out of each other's way.

Until that day in the Digiworld.

That day I learned more about Daisuke, more then I ever suspected. It's not that the bouncy Daisuke is a mask. Daisuke really is that bouncy happy go lucky guy. All his faults are his fault just like all my faults are my faults. The thing is Dai is more then that. He goes deeper. He has thoughts and doubts about himself especially about how others see him. He worries about being a good friend, like I do. It's funny now to think about how much we had, have, in common.

It's funny I guess because I always thought of him as Davis, The Jerk, capitals used. But, he's not always like that. He's like me. It's possible for him to love friends he's not sure are his friends all the time and it's possible for him to doubt his worth,

Like me.

Unfortunately, by the time I learned all this new stuff about Daisuke I had hit and hogtied him. He started it but I let it escalate to well that. We had a moment though, when we both learned about each other and connected on a much deeper level then before.

I offered him my friendship but realized when I had my arms wrapped around him to ward of the cold that I wanted something more then that. Honestly I felt pretty screwed at that point. Still do. The good thing is that Daisuke took me up on my friendship offer. So, with a little phone call, I set up a movie date. Though I made very sure, I never said the word date. I just really wish I could stop thinking the word.

After the concert, I'm going to be seeing Daisuke.

Man, I'm going to start scaring myself if I don't relax. It doesn't mean anything anyways. Ok it does to me but that's because I'm an idiot. I mean he wants to hang out with me not date me. Still he wants to be with me. If he didn't he wouldn't be here. Ok so he's here with Ken but that's ok too. Because Daisuke coming to see me. Me!

I didn't know you could be on cloud nine and still ready to vomit all over your shoes.

Still he's coming.

I'm a happy Yamato.

"Ready man?" Tad, the band's base, asks fiddling with the base lying against his chest.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I grin at him as he laughs then grabs the arm of Yuji the band's white blond guitarist. Yuji gives Tad a glare plucking the offending hand off his shirt. Tad, ignoring the look, moves in to mock whisper in the teen's ear.

"This is bad Yuji! Matty boy is happy and cheerful before a concert. Isn't that one of the twelve signs of the apocalypse?"

Yuji snickers. "No Tad it just means Matt's not in a pessimistic mood today. This means, either hell has frozen or that he's getting some."

They both snicker to themselves before they looked at me and freeze. I've always thought I had a nice firm grip on my emotions, not to mention my sanity, but apparently, not since I'm blushing.

"Oh my god!" Yuji clutched Tad to him in mock horror. "He's blushing!"

"He is getting some!"

"Since when are you dating anyone?" Yuji demands. "How could you not tell us?"

"Shut up Yuji." I try to ignore him and focus on my guitar. They both watch me.

"Ok you idiots. Cut it out. We have a concert to do if you forgot." Masao the manager/dummer for the Teenage Wolves finally makes his appearance and shoves away my rabid band mates. It had been Masao's idea to start a band in the first place and he had roped me along for the ride. After we signed on Tad and Yuji, we couldn't find a drummer so Masao was elected.

"But Masao! Matt's dating someone. All we want is some details" Tad whines, Yuji nodding along enthusiastically.

"And we want to know who." Yuji adds.

"If you don't hurry up and get your butts on stage you're going to have to worry about your own dating lives because I'm going to bruise your pretty little faces." Masao manages to sound quite threatening despite being short.

"Jeeze violence much?"

"Yea." Yuji agrees. "Jerk." Masao uses his powers of ignoring to, well, ignore the two and shove them out towards the stage. Turning he shoots me a glare.

"You too Matty boy. Unless you want your fans to rip us new ones?"

"I'm coming."

"An' all we want to know is with who!" Yuji says before he is not so nicely pushed out the door. I follow still a lovely embarrassed shade of red. It's ok though because I'm on the stage now and once up there I'm in my own little world. I can't really see the crowd. It's all bright lights and I fade away into my guitar only acknowledging the rest of the band. Yuji does the talk to the audience bit. Usually I do it but I didn't feel like playing to the crowd right now. They don't seem in the mood tonight either. They just kinda scream for blood, sweat and music. The rabid fans scream for Yuji and me to take our shirts off.

Yuji steps back and we start to play White Cat's Grace. The fans love it for the chorus and I love for the riff in the middle. Hands on my baby's strings the crowd goes away even more. It's really only music now. It's all just lyrics and my guitar. The cheerleaders are gone and if I am thinking of a certain holder of courage, it's not affecting my performance at all.

My mouth stretches into a dreamy smile


A concert seems longer when you're sweating under the bright stage lights, your guitar starts to feel like a ton, and your fingers are screaming. It's really the most alive feeling you can get after drugs or saving the world. I pull out the last cords of the song letting Masao almost drown out the guitars with the drums. The song's over but there's no real silence as the crowd is going wild. To my right I can hear the chorus loudly re-repeated by a group of fan girls. I send a grin in that direction and settle back on my feet.

"Ok wow you've been a great crowd tonight," Pause for screams and swoons, "and of course we love you all. But, unfortunately, we have to stop sometime." I have to pause again because the crowd screams again begging us not to go. I really shouldn't have paused because Yuji takes the opportunity to steal talking time. He shoots me a mischievous grin and I feel very afraid.

"Don't worry folks," He purrs to the crowd. "We aren't just going to leave you like this. We have a special gift for you. It's a brand new never before heard song."

Oh. Shit.

Let me give you a quick back story. Once upon a time during band practice Yuji and Tad began playing around, musically speaking, and came up with a great little lyric-less piece. Yuji began calling it the dirty limerick song because he'd play the first part and recite limericks. Beyond that, no one could fit in the right words to turn it into a decent song. It became our pet project. Any ways cut to the messy scene between Daisuke and me in the Digiworld, and one very guilty Yamato. About a day or two before I actually had the guts to call up Daisuke and invite him to the concert I decided once again to apologize to him this time via a letter. I don't know if I would even have sent it to him but writing stuff down always seems to help me.

The letter turned into lyrics and these lyrics were found by my band mates who then, decided that they, along with some of Yuji's favourite limericks, made a great song. Surprisingly it really dose comes off as a fun song. Unfortunately, there is no subtext and anyone who was with me in the Digiworld last weekend like say Daisuke, will know what it's about. And, really how silly is it to have written a song about your crush? To your crush?

And oh! I have I crush. Yuck.

Maybe it's not too much to ask that Daisuke didn't come tonight so I don't die of embarrassment when I see him.

"This was written by our own lead singer Matt!"

Oh that doesn't help my case any. Maybe it isn't so totally obvious what this song is about. Yes and maybe I'm really a brunette and the moon is made of green cheese.


But we're on stage and I can't really stop the song. I didn't even really tell the band I didn't want to ever sing it. There's nothing I can do. The song starts and I go along waiting for my que to start singing. The basic jist of the song is a guy apologising to someone (I donno, girlfriend something like that) for some inappropriate limericks he told at a party. The whole band had worked out those parts of the song but the chorus, oh the chorus is all me and my letter to Daisuke.

Aaaand que my humiliation,


That had to hurt

But don't lose your shirt

Smile for this song

You say it's ok

But I'm a sucker you see,

And when I've done wrong

It means that I have to pay

So this is it now, the big one, my apology

I fall to my knees and I plead

Please forgive me

I fall to my knees an' I plead

I'm so, so sorry.

No, that's not obvious at all.


After the concert I'm safe in my dressing room from every fan lacking personal backstage passes (well unless they sneak the back stag passes are just these laminated neon orange badges that say 'Back Stage' on them. Still they're nice and effective in keeping the crazy people away. Except for my band mates. Nothing can keep them away with the exception of fan girls which is why, hallelujah, I'm alone in the dressing room,

Alone just waiting for Daisuke to show up.

There's a knock on my door.


"Hey. It's me." The voice is slightly muffled but obviously only one person.

"Cool. Come on in Daisuke."

Yup that's me. I am cool and collected. The door opens and Daisuke and his requested guest one Ken Ichijouji enters. To prevent the disturbing lingering looks at Dai I look over his newly acquired friend.

The Digimon Emperor. Huh. Now he really doesn't look very threatening. Without the body suit, the shoulder pads, the gloves, the tinted goggles, and the whip you can see who he is: A thin little boy with deep blue hair and violet eyes. He's lost all demeanour, poshness, and smugness. I mean damn! He's huddling behind Daisuke as if I'm about to jump and go for the jugular. Daisuke has Ken's hand clasped in his and seems to be pretending Ken isn't scared. The redhead sends me a dazzling smile and I nearly melt.

Only nearly! At least I can be given that.

"Hey Yamato." Daisuke says voice just as dazzling as his grin. Ok I melt. Slightly. But still I manage to put forth:

"Hi Daisuke." Daisuke tugs Ken from behind him so the blue haired teen stands nervously beside him. Poor guy. He looks positively ready to bolt. Actually, from what I know of Daisuke he probably is restraining Ken from running with that oh so innocent looking grip. Deciding to give them both a break, I give Ken a tentative smile. "Hi Ken."

He blinks smiling only slightly but stops tugging on his imprisoned arm kept by the force known as Motomiya Daisuke. "Hello...Matt." He gives an almost discrete look to Davis who keeps grinning like a simpleton. Sometimes it's easy to forget he's not. I wonder how long we would have stood there Ken and I staring at Davis like simpletons who in returned grinned simpleton like, eyes shut as he positively beamed. Luckily, Ken spoke up.

"Um, it was a very nice concert Matt." He informs me in a way that seems to speak that he'd never been to a concert before. Dai grins.

"Are you kidding? It wasn't just nice. It was awesome!" Hmm maybe all the Motomiyas are my number one fans. "It was totally-"

"Ow." Ken says weakly as Davis in the height of his excitement brings his hands up above his head taking Ken's hand with them.

"Gomen Ken-chan." Daisuke says hastily dropping the arm. Ken rubs his wrist.

"It's ok Davis."

Ken-chan? Daisuke calls Ken, Ken-chan? I try not to feel the hot waves of jealousy running though my body making me clench my teeth. That is totally irrational. I have nothing to be jealous over, nothing at all.

And I am not jealous! Although I think, I might be seeing red. At least I've stopped going red in the face. That was not a good look.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Stop mooning over Daisuke when you say that moron! "…um both of you. I'm glad you guys had fun." Yup that's me calm cool collected IDIOT Yamato.

We stand for what seems like hours of silence before Daisuke wanders over to my (shudder at the name! I've become Mimi!) vanity mirror. He sits in the chair and picks up a makeup brush before smirking into the mirror.

"Yamato wears makeup," he chants in a little girl singsong voice.

"You have to if you go on stage!" I protest.

"Yamato's a girl." He croons still looking at himself in the mirror, bating his eyes and pouting his lips.

"Oh yea? Well you're short!" I manage to grate out lips threatening to smile.

He whirls around and glares. "I am not! You're just freakishly tall. So there!" He toys with the brush running it over his palm. "Besides you're a blonde."

"Which, apparently means I have more fun." I snatch the brush way from Dai and push myself up onto the counter. The brush is tossed back into its case and I swing my legs.

"Nu uh. I have way more fun then you."

"Do not."

"Do too."

I cross my arms and send Daisuke a huffy expression stolen from Jyou. "I'm sorry but I'm much, much too mature to continue with this argument. Therefore I win." Daisuke makes a face at me and I laugh. This friend thing might actually work. Unfortunately. Le sigh.

"You are so not mature. One of your songs is about an overflowing toilet."

I attempt a lofty glare with my nose up in the air. "Oh please, like I wrote that song. I write only songs with deep artistic integrity."

"So like the one about the girl with the big boobies?" Dai asks slyly and my look drops and I laugh (though possibly because Daisuke just said boobies not because I did, in fact, help write the lyrics to that song.)

"Of course not that one."

He smiles.

"I really like you guy's songs. I heard most of them before. Jun always plays your CD. Um your new song. Your last" Daisuke stops with a stammer glancing at Ken panic filling his brown eyes. The blue haired boy just gives him a calm look and a gesture that looks to mean go on. Then he turns to me and gives a small nod/bow.

"Excuse me. I have to call my mother. I'm sure I saw a pay phone outside." He slips out the door without another word leaving me alone with Dai. I'm about to call him back because there is a phone in here somewhere but I stop. Ken being gone will give me alone time with Dai. I turn to him and he scratches his head nervously.

"I uh really liked it."


"So, ok I know this is probably a really stupid question 'cause I know it's not about…but is it about…um," he gestures lamely at himself looking away going red. Yea a perfect way to get rid of my embarrassment would be to say that it wasn't about him. Of course, that would embarrass him instead and maybe that'll be worse.

"Not a stupid question. Yes, it um is... I wrote the lyrics after the Digiworld." I chuckle and rub my neck breaking eye contact with Daisuke. He laughs too as a happy grin spreads across his face. I'm right when I say Dai loves attention. It's as if he's afraid people are going to forget him. Which is crazy 'cause I know no one could ever forget him.

"Dude I said it before and I'll say it again. You are a sucker for punishment."

"Yeah well it's an Ishida trait. I can't help it. It's in the genes." We both laugh then stand slightly uncomfortable for a second. "Look Daisuke I do want to say sor..."

"Ahhh! Stop!"" He claps his hands over his ears.

"I just want to..." Daisuke interrupts me by shaking his head wildly.

"Ok wait lets tally, kay? You got mad and went kinda crazy but that's mostly my fault cause I drugged you, and you said sorry like three times then officially apologised then wrote an awesome song and now you're taking me to a movie and buying me ice cream." He smiles. "Yamato no baka. I forgave you already."

"I just wrote the lyrics not the music and I still feel kinda ba-" Wait a minute. "Ice cream?"

Daisuke gives a wide grin. "It's part of the deal! Surly you knew you would be buying me ice cream?"

I just shrug and give in. If ice cream is what he wants, he can have all the ice cream in the world. Anything to make him happy.

It's hard to accept that I just thought that.

I shoot him an identical grin. "I suppose if I must I must." Shaking my head I head out of the dressing room assuming Daisuke will follow me. I give him a mock glare over me shoulder. "And don't call me Shirley!"

I couldn't resist.

It takes Dai a second to get it then he giggles. Giggles! It is the cutest thing ever and I blush with adoration. Damn I'm getting soft! Dai hops along until he catches up skipping (Skipping!) to keep up beside me.

"Hey like I said I'll call you Yamato. Yamato. Yama. Mato. Yamma-chan. Matty boy. Yammy. Ishida-san."

I grab his shoulder to stop the jumping turning him to look in my eyes. "I like Yamato, Daisuke. Call me that."

To my surprise, he goes red and looks away. I pulled my hand away hoping I hadn't crossed a line. Way to go Matty-boy I goad myself. Whatever happened to letting Daisuke choose what kind of relationship we have? Here I am touching him, writing him songs, looking deep into his eyes.

I am an idiot.

He's looking at his feet but I hear when he mumbles "Ok Yamato." He looks up at me from under his dark eyelashes and gives me is positively shy smile.

If I didn't melt before I'm melting now.

I never though I'd think this, especially now that I'm totally jealous of the ex emperor, but thank god for Ken. I was about to pull Davis towards me, and crush his lips under mine but Ken popped back up. He cocks his head and gives Davis a look I can't decipher.

"I called Mama and she expects me home soon." He inclines his head politely towards Daisuke and I. "Thank you for inviting me."

"Wait Ken!" Daisuke cries from beside me grabbing the ex-Kaiser's arm clutching it for dear life. My eye's narrow. "You're leaving now? Right now?"

Does he have to sound so upset at the prospect of being alone with me? Does he have to cling to Ken as if he's in love or something? It's so... It's so...

It's not fair that's what it is.

Ken easily detangles himself from Daisuke's grasp showing that I was slightly mistaken when they first came into the dressing room. It may look like Daisuke's pushing but he's probably not making Ken do anything he doesn't want to do. With the look of a drowning man in his eyes, Daisuke looks quite ready to grab at Ken again. The blue haired boy smartly steps back giving the redhead an odd smile.

"It'll be fine." He murmurs making me want to scream in frustration. Does Daisuke really not want my company? A little louder. "Have fun." He gives a small wave then walks off down the hall shaking his head. Daisuke stands where he is watching the retreating figure like a drowning man watching the boat sail away. Does that make me the ocean or the shark?

He turns back to me and grins sheepishly. I forgive him with a smile.



We end up seeing some new action flick. It has no plot. Things blow up. Houses burn. Cars are shot at from men riding motorcycles and at one point a cop and a terrorist get into a knife fight at the top of a scaffold that just happened to be on fire and about to fall on a bus load of orphans. All and all it was very satisfying. We walk out of the theatre, blinking at the afternoon light, mocking the bad dialogue of the movie. That somehow led to us discussing other movies and, of course, our shared passion, Horrors.

Which then lead to a big discussion about The Ring. Or rather, a debate over Ringu vs. Hollywood's The Ring. I liked the Hollywood version because the extra budget made for some great, and may I add, terrifying special effects. Daisuke claims that because it's a remake it was obvious subservient to the original. Instead of pressing with my case, I burst out laughing because those are his words exactly.

"It's true."

"I believe you."

"Good. Sooo, Yamato?"


"Are we getting ice cream now?"

"Do you want ice cream now?" He just gives me a look. "Ok dumb question. There's a good shop a few blocks up we can walk to." He nods happily at that. We pop in; we get our cones. I pay, blowing the extra money to get dipped waffle cones and three scoops of ice-cream each. Daisuke gets, I must note, a totally disgusting combination of two scoops bubble gum sandwiching one scoop tiger strips in the middle. He retaliates to my disgusted 'ewww' by mocking my choice of one scoop chocolate two scoops vanilla with the middle scoop covered in chocolate sprinkles. I defend my cone and the placement of sprinkles by explaining the sprinkles would be half dissolved by melting ice-cream by the time I reach them. We banter back and forth insulting each other's ice cream choice before finding the steps of an apartment building to sit on while enjoying our ice cream.

During the lull in the conversation, I decide to try and broach the subject of Ken hoping to figure out his relationship with Dai. My fear is that Daisuke already has the relationship I want with him, with Ken. Him already dating some guy is much worse them him hating the idea and only liking the girls.

"So I'm glad you and Ken had a good time at the concert."

"Me too."

"Sooo…um, he'll be fine getting home?"

"Yea. His mom's good about picking him up and stuff, you know, ever since he ran away and all."

"Good. So how's he doing?"

Dai shrugs. "Pretty good. Better. He's happy."

"That's good. So it's good that you guys are friends and all."

Instead of another line of cruelly lame small talk, Daisuke pins me with a glare. "Do you want to get rid of me or something Yamato?"

"No." I say slowly nervous about the mood change.

"Then why are you trying to pin me on Ken?

"What? I'm not trying to pin you on Ken!"

"Yeah right. You were all like, do you like Ken? Do you like him that way? Why don't the two of you marry under the cherry blossoms!"

"I never said that!"

"It was implied!" He snarls.

"That's ridicules."

"It is not! You're acting like a total spaz."

"I'm just curious about you and Ken!"

"If you didn't want to be with me then why'd you kiss me in the first place!" I snort in surprise and promptly choke on half melted ice cream.


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