Ranma ½

Chapter 1

Tsukimaonichuan:Spring of Drowned Moon Cat

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Now, on with the show.

This intro for the series was given by Shadowbakasama

Sailor Pluto knew it was nearly time for the Senshi to awaken to their powers, there was just one problem.

"Where are those Damn Moon Cats?" Sailor Pluto yells in frustration pulling at her hunter tresses. "I've been using the Time Gates to find them for months now and nothing!"

"Time Gates, expand the search radius by increments of 1,000 km every hour until you find me a Moon Cat." she commands. "I'm going to get some asprin and have a lie down."

"Yes, Ma'am," the AI replied.

#Bzzzt# #Bzzzt# #Bzzzt#

Damn, what is it now! Pluto thought to herself as she got up and answered the comm. "What is it? Did you find Luna or Artemis?"

"A white male Moon Cat has been located in the Bayankala mountain range in the People's Republic of China," the monotone voice replies.

"I'll be right there," she said, causing her seifuku to appear with her staff, before teleporting from her bedroom to the Gates of Time.

"Alright, show me the location of this Moon Cat."

The Time Gates showed a map display of the PRC with a set of crosshair over a mountain range.

"Why would he be out there? All the Senshi should be in Japan. Hmm. Give me a world map and display the locations of all inactive Senshi."

The display changed and showed a flat world view with a blob of overlapping crosshairs over Tokyo, and one set of yellow crosshairs on London.

"Ah. One of them is out of the country. But there's still no reason for Artemis to be out in the boondocks of China... Give me a 10 meter side view of the Moon Cat."

The Gates of Time fogged over and resolved into a view of a hillside with a white cat chasing a large wounded panda down a path next to a cliff. The panda pushed a boy with a large backpack out of his way and the cat jumped up and uses his face as a launch pad to lead after the panda. The hiker staggered and almost caught his balance, before falling off the cliff into the springs below.

"Why in the Hell is Artemis after a panda?"

The chase went on until the panda is cornered by the small white cat. When the panda turned and take a fighting stance on two legs against the cat, Sailor Pluto realized that the panda must be possessed by a youma, and that Artemis must be out of his mind to fight it on his own.

Teleporting to the scene Sailor Pluto lines up on the panda-youma with her Time Key staff and whispered, "Dead Scream."

The panda, seeing a woman in a hentai school uniform appear from nowhere and attack him, pulled out a sign and threw it at the cat, and then jumped off the trail and ran down the hillside.

Pluto's attack hits the ground behind where the panda had stood and tossed up a cloud of dirt, and Pluto noticed that she had distracted Artemis so that he didn't dodge that thrown sign.

Walking over to the downed Moon Cat Sailor Pluto asks "Hey! Artemis, are you okay?"

The white cat rubs his paw on the golden crescent on his head, and then he looks at her and says, "Mrryow?"

Damn, that knock on the head must have made him feral, Sailor Pluto thought to herself as she tried to get the cat to come to her. "Here kitty-kitty, come here, Artemis."

When the cat just gives her one of those looks that seems to say "Uh uh, you come here!" she got off her knees and walked over and picked him up. Holding him up in front of her face she says, "You are still such a lazy stubborn cat." Then, she rubbed noses with him and held him across her chest and petted him. "But I'm still glad to see you. I don't know why you were after that panda, but I'm going to drop you off in England in an area that I detected one of the Senshi. Since there is only one of them in London you should be able to go right to her."

We now resume our usual Innortal psychosis...

By the time Ranma's mind finally resurfaced, he was confused, cold, scared, and very hungry.

Of course, the last item was of more importance to Ranma than the others.

All he remembered was Jusenkyo. It wasn't everyday where your father was turned into panda, and then stupidly continued the attack and made you cursed as well.

Ranma could never forget that curse: he was turned into a white cat.

He could only guess the Nekoken had taken over, but for how long and what it did was beyond him. All he knew was that he was awake from it, and somehow now in England. Well, at least things couldn't get any worse.

"Oh, you're such a cute little kitty!"

Okay, things could get worse!

Ranma sat in a small animal bed, watching as the hyperactive blond went about trying to make him something edible. Two wet towels were on the floor beside him and a third one that was for the most part dry covered his now slightly damp fur. Apparently she had been on her way to pick up a new cat that her parents finally allowed her to get when she came across Ranma in the alley.

"Now, I have a nice saucer of milk for you, and some premium grade cat food mixed in with some tuna. I hope you like it… Hey, watch it, those are my fingers!"

Minako watched as the cat seemed to inhale the food. Within a few seconds, her meal had vanished, with the cat now licking the plates clean. "Wow, that was quick; I wonder if all cats eat that fast?"

Ranma winced at that. "Hey, I ain't that bad!" Wait, did I just say that out loud?

Minako was just staring at the cat. "Um, did you just speak Japanese?"

Ranma was ecstatic. "Yes, I can talk! I can talk!"

Minako, however, had had enough, and thus passed out.

Ranma narrowly missed being flattened by his savior. "Great, I find out I can talk, and I have no one to talk to."

Minako stared at the white cat as it was gobbling up some more food. "So let me get this straight. You are really a boy who got knocked into a cursed spring by his father, who ended up cursed to be a panda. You went mad because of a technique the louse taught you that made you afraid of the very thing you became, and somehow ended up in England."

Ranma paused at licking the now clean plate to think. "Yep, that about covers it."

Minako shook her head. "Man, that's really a punch in the shoe."

Ranma shook his head. "I think you mean kick in the pants."

"Well, that too." She paused and thought about things. "Maybe you're a magical pet, trying to find your lost princess so that she can give you the kiss of true love and restore your humanity."

"I think you've been reading too many mangas."

Her smile began to grow. She knew that if the boy was a martial artist before he was cursed, then he had to be in shape. A boy who was in shape was always cute. And a cute available boy equaled available boyfriend. Now, if she could just figure out how to get him to change back to being the cute boy.

After her parents had arrived home, Minako set her plan to get her hunky boy-toy in action. "Daddy?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Daddy, I need your help. I need to write a report on a mystical place, and I drew some place called Jusenkyo, but I can't find anything on it. Can you help me?" She then proceeded to give a cute sad face so strong, even Ranma wanted to help her, and he had been there.

"Sure, sweetie. Let me do an internet search, and get you all set up." He began typing away when he saw the white animal by the door. "Man, England has big rats!"

"Daddy, that's my new cat, Ranma."

"Ranma? You named a cat after a horse?"

"Daddy, can we not talk about that?"

"Okay, just remember to make an appointment with the vets tomorrow for the shots he'll need when we head back to Japan. Hate to have him stuck in customs because of a technicality." He returned to typing on his computer. "Man, glad that cat doesn't know what it's in for tomorrow."

Ranma however, was cringing, and wondering where he could hide. Shots were definitely not something he wanted.

After her father found the pages, he left her alone to do the "studying". "Let's see. Jusenkyo: Pools of Sorrow...very tragic story...yadda yadda yadda..."

"See if you can find what I hit. I doubt I hit a simple Drowned Cat."

"I'm looking...um, here we go. Tsukimaonichuan: Spring of Drowned Moon Cat. This spring is one of the oldest in Jusenkyo. It is believed that a magical cat drowned in it about 10,000 years ago. Now all who fall into it are cursed to change into magical pet cats and seek out a magic girl." Minako's eyes grew wide, before she jumped out. "YES, I'M A MAGIC GIRL!"

Ranma lowered his head. "Of all the lousy, freaking, ignorant... Why the hell couldn't I have landed in a spring like the Drowned Girl one? Damn you, Pops!"

"Why great-grandmother say we chase too too stupid panda-man?"

"She no tell us, but dumb panda sneeze much lately."

"Why we speaking in Japanese?"

"Author no know. We just do as told."

"Aiyah! Too too stupid plot holes."

Minako had waited until her parents had left for the day. It was Sunday, and a local holiday meant she wouldn't have to be in school Monday as well.

Now, she was in the bathroom, with a now nervous Moon Cat. "Come on, Ranma. Don't you want to see if you can be human again?"

"Well, yeah."

"Then why aren't you jumping into the tub?"

"Because I'll come out naked, and you're still in here."

Minako sighed. I really wanted to see what a fishcake he was. "Listen, Ranma, the site said you would seek out a magical girl to train, correct?"

"Um, yeah."

"And I am that girl, correct?"

Ranma squinted his eyes. "Well, your aura does have a lot of something in it that could be magic, so I guess so."

"So that means you have to train me, by orders of the Powers That Be."

"Powers that what's-it?"

"It means you have to teach me to fight the evil that lurks in the shadows, because it's my destiny."

Ranma sighed out loud. He wasn't comfortable teaching a girl to fight, but if these Powers said she was destined to, then he would make certain she could kick some ass. "I guess so."

"So," she lifted Ranma up, and proceeded to toss him into the bath, "change already!"

The white cat hit the water, which soon exploded into the form of a sixteen year old male. "GAH! Did you have to throw me?" He was about to ask why she wasn't responding, when he saw something in his hand. "Damn, where did this little pen come from? I guess it must be yours, Minako. Minako?"

Minako was gone, lost in the sight of the naked Adonis before her.

Ranma suddenly felt a weight on his chest, forcing him back into the bath water. When he surfaced, he found a drenched blond glomping onto him. "MY PRINCE HAS COME FOR ME!"

He shook his head. Man, why me.

Omake by Lord Raa:

"Minako, your mother and I have been talking about your cat, Ranma."

"Yes, Daddy?" Minako smiled sweetly at her parents.

"We think that it would be best if we had him neutered."

"Ok, Daddy," Minako agreed obliviously.

'Uh-oh,' Ranma thought as he saw that his trainee magical girl didn't understand what this meant for him. Backing away from the room, he decided he needed to speak with the young blonde.

Minako answered knock on the door. "Can I help you?"

A green haired woman dressed in a business suit smiled. "I'm here to provide a timely distraction for you pet cat and a warning to you."


"If you have Ranma neutered, he'll lose some of his boy parts."

Minako blinked as it sank in. "NNNOOO!"

She rushed back to see her father.

"I can't let you lose you naughty bits, Ranma," the green haired woman winked at the cat that was now breathing a sigh of relief. "I'm destined to part of your marriage when Crystal Tokyo is founded."

Ranma sweatdropped.