Ranma ½

Chapter 10

Tsukimaonichuan:Spring of Drowned Moon Cat

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Now, on with the show.

Within the Negaverse, rumors were beginning to spread like wildfire.

The Sailor Senshi had gone mad.

Now, while rumors were often discounted, these were found quite easy to believe.

First, their forces on Earth had taken a major nosedive in numbers. Hundreds of hidden youma were uncovered in quite a short amount of time.

Second, the ones who had remained quickly teleported back, leaving Earth without one youma for the moment.

Third, the lone three youma who had returned had to be restrained from ending their own lives, madly yelling about psychotic Senshi who enjoyed torturing them.

The proof was more in how these youma looked. Claws were missing or broken, skin colors were unhealthy—even for them, fur was ripped out, their bodies littered with burns, broken noses, and one had a cable box shoved somewhere where reception was going to be a problem.

Since many had joked that the Inner Senshi were the weakest link in the group—Triton and the Outer Moon Senshi were on the "Run Like Hell" list since Triton loved to use her Trident and poke youma until it poked out the other side—they figured any of them could take them. It had become a ritual; much like those monsters that continued to attack that American City called Townsville.

But unlike there, the heroes in short skirts and ditzy personalities had turned from Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson in one night.

And all do to the newest acquisition by their Queen.

So, it was quite understandable when they witnessed the Sailor Senshi arrive through a portal that they did not go for the "roar and attack" routine.

Instead, their small brains came to one conclusion: Sailor Triton had taught them how to kill.

And like a newborn youma, they sought out to enjoy the blood of their kill.

"IT'S SAILOR MOON!" screamed one youma.


Sadly, some were not that smart, and ran towards the Senshi to score some points.

These poor demons had their necks snapped, limbs ripped off, and used as projectiles to take down the smarter youma who were running away.

And that was just from Sailor Mercury.

You don't want to know what the others were doing to the youma.

Artemis was pissed, even with all the pain killers running through his system.

He didn't know how, but he was still alive after a ten story plunge into the streets.

Sailor Pluto was now on his "Those Whom Shall Feel My Mighty Mooncat Wrath" list, thanks to her joke of dumping him in an apartment being lived in by two gay guys.

Not that he was homophobic. One didn't live in the Silver Millennium without witnessing such things.

But, he did not like gay males.

Lesbianism; however, was a very beautiful thing in his opinion; something he would support for all the time he lived.

Of course, had he paid attention to the pictures on the wall, he would have seen that the duo was merely house sitting for the Outer Senshi pair, as they had yet to finish the purchase via Michiru's parents to move into the house she had there in Juuban.

So now, he sat in a local veterinary clinic inside a full body cast, waiting for Pluto to try and check in, using his moon magic to try and heal his bones faster. When I see that green haired bitch, I'm going to claw her eyes out and—


Pierre in her closet while... Pierre?

Before Artemis knew it, and much to the pain of his still-healing bones and organs, he was picked up by the Nerima kleptomaniac Azusa Shiratori, who immediately painted his cast pink and ran from the clinic, ignoring the protesting screams of the main vet.

Artemis simmered. His list just kept getting longer.

Now, if he could only remember that flip with a twist he was to do to summon the Moon Kingdom's usual WMD. He felt this place needed a massive cleansing.

Tuxedo Kamen sighed as he stood on the rooftop observing the Tendo Dojo of Juuban. Today had been a day filled with many questions.

Sailor Moon wasn't one of them. As far as he was concerned, she was a flat-chested psychotic bitch who needed to be tested for rabies.

No, his main issues were right now with the Moon Princess: Sailor Venus.

As her destined husband, he was concerned for her safety. But someone was trying to steal his girl from him.

Omega Knight.

That bastard is trying to upset a love that has transcended time and space!

He had been observing the Dojo to determine if they knew the identity of the scoundrel so that Kamen could educate him on what happens to those lowly peasants who dare usurp the Prince's intended.

And after days of observations—and a few hours finding and reading the diaries of the Outer Moon Senshi—he discovered the name of his arch rival for the fair and pure heart of Sailor Venus was—


Kamen blinked. "Did I speak my thoughts again?"

Looking down, he saw a man with a fanged face, a leopard bandana around his head. He had on a large parka, a large backpack, a bamboo umbrella, and appeared to have a koala hugging his backpack and munching on some leaves.

"I HAVE YOU NOW, SAOTOME!" cried the man, after reading the sign on the Dojo. "You thought you could hide from me at the Tendo Dojo here in Nerima, but I have you now!"

Kamen blinked. "He thinks we're in Nerima?"

As the boy took off running away from the Dojo, claiming his vengeance was about to be meted out, Kamen followed, believing the boy would lead him to Omega Knight.

Neither noticed as they faded from sight.

The Dark Generals were shocked to see Queen Beryl exit her bed chambers in nothing more than a smile, before she ripped a pike away from one of the youma guards.

"This should do," she said, testing the weight of the pike. "Damn bastard won't come off the ceiling," she muttered as she went back into her bed chambers.

"So," said Jadeite, noticing his Queen was now pale white when she had strutted around, "she's fused with Metallia."

Nephrite nodded. "I would figure as much. One must doubt that the demon goddess held up any better than her chaotic avatar." He leaned back from his chair, looking towards a gauge that indicated how much energy said goddess had. "But the man is generating a lot of life force. Metallia's already half full."

Kunzite nodded as he and Zoicite continued to cuddle. "I figure in an hour or so, she'll be up to full power, assuming they don't kill him first in bed or when he doesn't desire to perform."

"SIR!" cried out a frantic youma.

"What is it?" asked Jadeite. He had been trying to enjoy his vacation. No deranged Queen, no missions with any chance of success, no fearing for his manhood on the nights Beryl seemed way too lonely. Damn it, he was trying to relax.

"The Sailor Senshi have begun attacking."

"Well, kill them," said Kunzite. Really, were the youma that slow?

"Our forces are in retreat, sir," said the youma. "All we get over the channels are screams and something about banshee bloodthirsty bitches from hell."

Sighing, Jadeite got up from his comfy chair and looked out the window towards the battle, taking out a pair of binoculars, and looked.

His pale face and quick gasps made the others curious as to what he had seen. No, he would not look at Sailor Mars the same again after seeing exactly how she had killed that youma.

Jadeite turned to the youma. "So, they have come back to get Endymion."

"Yes sir," said the youma. "Each one has been heard yelling about how they will save their Ranma from the foul clutches of the evil skank."

Jadeite blinked. "For Sailor Moon?"

"No sir, they appear to mean for themselves."

"Damn, " muttered Zoicite. "What did the boy do to win over all the Senshi."

"Further proof his is really Endymion," said Kunzite. "Who else would be manly enough to win over all of those cold fishes."

Of course, Jadeite was thinking of something else.

Namely, he was thinking of what his Queen would do to them if she was left nookie-less.

She would be pissed.

She would blow shit up.

She would look towards her Dark Generals to take care of her itch.

Grabbing the youma, Jadeite stared into its eyes. "Reorganize the troops for an assault on the Senshi. Remind them who they are taking away from Queen Beryl, and remind them what she will do if she loses him again."

The youma was smart enough to understand what was meant—an oddity in the Negaverse that usually ended up with said youma being beaten and forced to watch PBS until their IQ equaled their height, as a smart soldier for evil tended to get ideas of wanting more power.

So, it was quickly able to come to the conclusion that it was FUBAR'd beyond hope. So, it was left to choose which death would be the least painful.

Smartly, it chose the Senshi.

Beryl sighed once again as she entered the room with the pike, seeing that once again, the reincarnated Prince of Earth had come down long enough to eat a good portion of the prepared Earth foods, before jumping back up to cling to the ceiling like a gecko.


"Not a chance in hell!" screamed Ranma. Man; and I thought Minako was grabby!

Growling, Beryl began to use the pike, trying to knock him off his perch, or injure him to the point he might drop from blood loss. She had tried using her magic, but the damn guy was too fast and dodged them. She tried drugging him, but he shook them off.

Finally, Metallia had fused with her.

Guy still wouldn't come down.

Then she tried The Look.

He ignored it.

Finally, the fused Goddess decided to use one last option. "My Prince, please look at me?" she asked, sniffling and crying some tears.

Now one weakness of the cursed boy/moon cat/Senshi squeeze toy was to girls crying. Deciding he couldn't let that continue, he looked at Beryl.

Only to find out the said woman was now completely nude, and standing in such a way that Ranma was forced to see everything.

He hit the floor on his back doing Mach 3.

Smiling to herself that the big guns could still take down any battleship, she sauntered over to him, to claim her prize.

Wave after wave of youma soon met their quick ends, the Senshi no longer having the time to literally take each youma apart piece by piece. In their hearts, they could feel that Beryl was getting closer to claiming Ranma for her own.

And frankly, that wasn't gonna happen if they had a choice.

"We may need a distraction," said Sailor Titania, as she used her Hammer to send another half dozen youma into LNO (lower Negaverse orbit).

"How about we send Moon out there with a sign that says free lunch?" said Pluto.

"WAH! My teammates don't like me!"

"Oh, but you did try to steal Ranma-kun from us for yourself," said Triton.

"But Luna made me!" cried Sailor Moon.

This caused Sailor Mercury to stop, several youma surrounding her, but frozen for the moment. "That furry bitch wants Ranma for herself!"

Jupiter sighed. "Told you Moon wasn't smart enough to plan that out."

"Guys," interrupted Charon, "we still need a distraction, or we'll lose another hunk to the forces of evil skanks."



The battling groups stopped, as a tuxedo clad fighter and somebody carrying what had to be a stolen koala appeared from nowhere, shouting at Senshi.

"Shit," muttered Venus.

Pluto smiled, realizing they had a chance now. "Ryoga Hibiki!"

"Huh?" said the koala stealer.

"The person you seek is that way," said Pluto, physically pointing Ryoga in the direction. "He is about to deflower a noble princess."

"DAMN YOU, SAOTOME!" cried out Ryoga. "YOUR DISHONOR KNOWS NO LIMITS!" he cried, running in the direction of the castle.

Hearing the name of his hated rival as well, Tuxedo Kamen bowed before the girls. "I apologize, my love, but I must depart to smash the foul usurper to our love. I bid thee a good day!" he said, dashing off after Ryoga.

"Was that a good idea?" asked Mars.

"Who cares," said Pluto, "it worked, didn't it."

Soon, the Senshi followed the umbrella wielding koala-thief as he tore through the youma towards the castle.

"Curse you, Ranma!" cried out Ryoga. "To consort with demons while you defile a young maiden; truly you are without honor!"

Kamen followed behind, listening to the weird man's rants, and started to find truths in them. If what this Ryoga said was true; than Ranma had been using the Dark Kingdom to win favor with Kamen's bride. So, Omega Knight is but a demon in sheep's clothing.

I shall assist this noble person in his smiting of Ranma, and thus free my beloved from his spell!

The koala, both seeing a eucalyptus youma and deciding that perhaps his ride had no idea how to get him back to his favorite tree, decided to leave the bad human to his own recognizance, and get off while he had a new food source available.

Beryl looked over her work. The ropes and chains were all enchanted and fully secure, the bed and surrounding area were heavily enchanted as well.

Subject was nude and awake.

Houston, we have ignition!

Sadly, this is when Ryoga decided to break through the wall. "Ranma, because of you—URK!"

Perhaps now would be a good time to mention Beryl; while evil, was currently naked as the day she was born, and that Ryoga was caught within the line of sight of her two most devastating weapons.

So, as usual, Ryoga passed out from blood loss from the nasal cavity, causing him to swing his umbrella around, and nail one crazed magical boy in the head, sending him into the nearby wall and out cold.

"If it's not one thing, it's another," mumbled Beryl, as she sent the two fools back to Earth. The fanged boy had threatened her nookie-provider, so he would be executed after Beryl got some. The tux boy ... he was a mood-killer. Seriously, the guy thought he was worth a girl's time.

"We have you at last, Beryl!" cried Sailor Moon.

"Return Omega Knight to us!" yelled out Sailor Charon.

"How dare you interrupt my elimination of a 10,000 year dry spell!" screamed out Beryl.

"Mine's lasted 3,000 years longer," said Pluto.

"Well," she said, Negaverse energy forming around her hand, "let me send you to Hell. Maybe you'll find a few Shikima who'll do you out of pity!"

As the girls began dodging the strikes, Mercury hung back, and made a mental note on the Mercury Computer to check and see if Jusenkyo had any Springs of Drowned Sex Demon.

It's always the quiet ones.

Thus, the Senshi began to play "fire and dodge"; a game pioneered by the Inner Senshi, while a game called "get close and kill the fucker" was being played by the Outer Moon Senshi.

Pluto just stood in one area, occasionally stepping to the side, and firing a Dead Scream.

Beryl continued to dodge their attacks, dark energy coursing around her body as she kept the Senshi from coming any closer to her boy-toy. But even with her fully charged Dark Goddess Strength—at least trying to get Ranma into bed had yielded some benefit—she was still loosing ground, as the girls began to inch closer to the bed holding the bound and nude object of all their desires.

Beryl was pissed. These whores were here to steal her dream man, the one she had waited 10,000 years for. No, I need to win! I can't let my love go now! I'm calling out to any powers listening; help me!

Her pleas were met with a flash of light that dropped a certain object into her hands.

Beryl looked from the henshin rod in her hands to the Senshi and back again, before smiling. "Earth Planet Power: Make-up!" she cried, as she transformed into Sailor Earth. "In the name of the Earth, I shall punish you for trying to keep me away from my nookie!"

"Great," muttered Sailor Jupiter. "Now what the hell are we supposed to do?"

"Her power was equal to ours before, thanks to her merging with Metallia," said Mercury. "Now with a Senshi gift, she'll roll over us."

"I know," said Sailor Moon, as she grabbed the remaining crystals from Beryl's nightstand—also pocketing some scented candles ... for later with her soon-to-be husband. Slapping them together with the ones the Senshi had collected, the Ginzuishou was reformed, and began to glow.

"Ah, this is the life," said Beryl as she petted her fiancée/love interest/advisor/sex-toy.

The former Dark Generals had left no forwarding address. They merely disappeared after showing up in Hawaiian clothes, dropped off their letter of termination of their contracts, and teleported away.

Thus, the Senshi were now sitting at the Tendo Dojo: Juuban, staring at the new Sailor Earth, and cursing once again that there was yet another fiancée for the hand of their Ranma.

Damn Ginzuishou!

It had played a recording from Serenity based on Usagi's current mindset ... which was on her fiancé of this life.

The energy located and identified Ranma as someone named Lord Ra, then son of the King of the Kingdom of Sol, an assortment of colonies orbiting closely to Sol.

It also recorded that he was engaged to marry Lady Beryl 1000 years before she was born, let alone Endymion.

So, as the new Sailor Earth began cursing her luck for not waiting until her fiancé had arrived before nuking the solar system for passing on the last single prince in the system to a fourteen year old girl, most of the Senshi were pissed that now Ranma's engagements were showing up from past lives.

This now led them to here. Due to so many conflicting obligations—though Nodoka would not shut up saying that as a reincarnated prince he could marry them all—that was until Ikuko shut her up with a right hook—the wedding had been postponed; much to Usagi and Luna's ire—though the moon cat was in hiding due to a certain Dumpling Head spilling the identity of the one pulling the strings in the marriage idea—and the love of the other women.

Ranma sighed as Beryl continued to stroke his fur, wondering if this was the worst he would have to weather.

A weak little girl sat in her room, admiring her collection of paper lamps, and wishing she was both healthy and had a friend.

But Hotaru's dreams told her that her one true love would appear soon; a pigtail over his shoulder, and a white uniform.

Somehow, she just knew Omega Knight would be her prince one day.

Unknown to her, the sleeping demon inside her also enjoyed those dreams. If they foretold of the future—a possibility since Hotaru's magic was in a state of constant flux due to the possession, then she might have to hold off bringing her boss to this world.

After all, what use was a stud if he was dead before you broke him in?

On a large golden throne, Sailor Galaxia turned her attention towards a planet called Earth. For some reason, the chaos within her felt oddly drawn to this world, as if all it had been seeking out for this life was there at this very moment.

"Perhaps I should go to this Earth," she said, feeling her heart begin to beat faster at the possible thoughts of what awaited her there.

Ranma sighed once again. Why was his life such hell?

Genma sneezed as he began to look through his backpack for stuff to pawn off.

Suddenly, he found an old contract, made from before his training journey truly began with Ranma.

"Hmm, let's see. Made a promise to some tan girl named Urd to make Ranma manly.

"Fat lot of good that did. I don't think the boy's even found a girl; let alone what good they are for."

Urd sat in her room at the Temple, going over her outfits. As a Goddess of Love—despite the fact that Aphrodite was still trying to get that revoked off Urd's business card—she felt the need to groom a man who would be the very desire of love itself. As such, she needed a male who could win a woman's heart simply from first sight.

"Now, let's see if Genma kept his part of the bargain and kept Ranma pure for me.

"Always did love breaking in a virgin."

Hild sat at her desk, watching Genma as the man continued to root through his backpack.

It was so rare for her to see Urd go pissed-biblical-divine on someone nowadays with her Father watching over her.

But Kami-sama had issued a special pass for this one time.

So, currently hundreds of demons were placing bets on which part of Genma might get ripped off first, as well as having set up several pieces of equipment to capture the energy from said mortal's soon-to-be painful suffering, to feed the less fortunate demons.

Wiping a tear from her eyes, Hild smiled. "WAH! I'm soon to be so proud of my daughter!"

In Tokyo Proper, Cologne sighed as she watched her great-granddaughter and the chef named Ukyo fight once again as the customers entered their establishment.

Taking a puff from her pipe, she had to smile. Obviously, this Ranma Saotome had to be something special if he had so many girls fighting over him.

Already, she had gathered the agreement of seventeen women to join the Amazon tribe.

Now, if she could just locate the boy.

Ranma felt a shiver go down his back. I wish I had fallen into another spring.

In the Negaverse, the lone koala quickly took control, being the most intelligent being within that dimension at the moment.

As such, if it was possible, it would have smiled as his loyal subjects brought yet another eucalyptus youma for it to consume.

One day, it promised it would thank the angry one for bringing it here.

Ryoga looked at the people surrounding him. They were short, dressed in red and green clothes, and sat along a conveyor belt that had toys on it.

Obviously, these were more minions of the foul demon; Ranma, meant to slow him down.

Suffice to say, Ryoga would get a lot of coal and exploding toys in his stocking this year.

Mamoru Chiba felt violated.

Maybe it was because his true love; Sailor Venus, had rejected him.

Maybe it was because when he returned to Earth, the large giantess known as Dowel of the Amazons was inadvertently knocked out by him.

Maybe it was because said girl grabbed him upon waking up, and dragged him to her bedroom where she made him her bitch.

Yes, thinking on it, he decided that the last one explained his feelings perfectly.

Ranma Saotome; I will destroy you for what you did this day!

"Airen want go again?"


Cologne looked at the ceiling as the tiny sounds of that tuxedo clad boy's crying filtered through to her ears. "Ah, true love."

Omake by Wargiver:

Ranma-mau stuck his head carefully out of the hole he was hiding in. The small wooded area was easy to get lost in, and as such was his favorite hiding spot. He had long since carved wards against detection, in the walls of his small, cat sized cave. In his little Den nobody could ever find him, or so he hoped.

As he looked around and sniffed he took careful notice that there was no humans near by. He then used his magic and Ki senses to look for anything magical in the area, and what he saw caused him to nearly wet himself. He was surrounded, they were in and behind various trees and although he could not see or smell them he knew they were there.

Ranma bolted, they had found him, he dodged around the tree that the cave was under and ran for it, there was no where to hide now. He dashed left and right dodging trees and could still feel them back at the hiding spot.

He was so distracted at this he stopped watching where he was going, he dashed around a corner and skidded to a halt at the sight he caught out of his peripheral vision. They were all there. It was a trap!

"There you are Ranma! We were just looking for you."

Ranma looked around and saw ALL the Senshi. The inners, the outers, the outer moon, Terra, Galaxia, the Animates, the Starlights (they decided not to take male form for some reason they did not say), and even Sailor Kakuu.

Ranma looked behind them and saw around twenty other girls, all dressed as Chinese Amazons. He knew they had him as Galaxia picked him up. They knew they had him. After he was lifted he saw about three goddess as well.

'So, ' he mused, 'What will they try this time?' he remembered the various attempts that each of them made, which any lesser male who had any interest in women would have long since faltered by now.

Pluto smiled, something Ranma knew did not bode well for him, "Ranma, after hearing the wonderful stories that Venus told us about how you trained her, we decided to get some additional training as well."

"But, I don't got any clothes with me." He lied

Ukyo opened her 'Japanese Amazon' robe and it fell to the ground. "That won't be a problem Ran-chan"

Ranma almost fainted from the girl's smiles, they had him cornered and surrounded. And Galaxia had him in a special hold that assured no escape, though relaxation pressure points.

As Saturn, age 18 now, approached with hot water he remembered the time he almost made an escape to a world without Sailor Senshi, but that Ranma, with a Girl curse, seemed to not want his life, he apparently figured out why he wanted to swap lives. That over-intelligent jerk, but he showed him, he called that Akane an Uncute Tomboy, that should make him regret rejecting the offer.

Omake by Warprince9:

"So thats my story." Ranma sighed as he finished telling his life story to the two young women. Finally he was safe.

"You poor dear, don't worry, we we'll help hide you." The blue haired Senshi said as she brushed his white fur. There was a knock on the door and the short haired blonde went to answer it.

As Ranma began to purr from were he lay on the coffee table for the Outer Senshi's appartment Haruka is seen in the background pouring a packet of something into a thermos before she walks over to Ranma and Michiru.

"Who was at the door?" Michiru asked.

Haruka answered, "Remember that Chinese Mail Order Catalogue? I phoned in for some of those instant Junsenkyo packets. Care to try them out?" At that she upended the thermos over the white cat.

Ranma hadn't quite caught on to what she was saying before the water hit, he was also surprised to feel a change from cold water, so it was understandable that he didn't think to get his clothes from subspace. And that's how the two lesbians ended up with a very shocked, very naked, and very...er...healthy redheaded girl sitting on their coffee table. After a moment Ranma blinked and looked between the two outers.

"Well, like I said, we'll take GOOD care of you." Michiru repeated grabbing her arm. "Yeah, we won't let those boy chasers take you away." agreed Haruka grabbing the other arm. "Haruka, about that catalogue?" "I'll put them on speed dial in the morning." "Don't forget the overnight delivery."

Ranma felt like crying.

Omake by Kraude: (based off Ami's tentacle demon comment)

We see several people on the living room of the Expanded Tendo Dojo on Jubaan. It could be said that they are just talking, if not the fact that a red-haired woman was dancing non stop, while waving victory fans, and the sound of several feminine voice moaning upstairs.

Looking at the other people we can recognize Ami's mother, Rei's grandfather, Ikuko Tsukino, and Dr Tomoe, sipping some tea while trying to ignore the sounds from upstairs, and Nodoka's dance.

We can see also a girl with pink hair on carrot like odango, and a green haired boy, around 18 years old, also drinking some tea and eating some cookies.

"So, let's see if we understand everything." says Chisato Mizuno.

"You are both from the future." Seeing the nods of agreement from the children, Chisato continues. "And Ranma is your father." Both children nod again. "And your mother..."

"Usagi" says the girl. "Setsuna" finish the boy.

"And both of you are here now, to prevent someone from kill your father. And to clarify that what is happening up there isn't his fault."

"Yup" replies the boy while the girl just nodded her head, since she was still biting on some cookies.

"So, what is the story?" ask Ikuko while trying to ignore some loud scream.

"Well, you know that Beryl is the Senshi of Earth, meaning that she can control most of the Earth magic," says the boy.

"Also, mom has the Ginzuishou, Ami-mama has the Mercury Computer, and Galaxia have knowledge of magic of several worlds," says the girl.

"Since they agreed to share pops; they're afraid that he would be unable to keep up his performance," continues the boy.

"So, after some research, they decided to mix some Jusenkyo water, modify the magic of the curse, and use it to give father some edge," says the girl.

At this moment, hear some screams, loud enough to make the plaster fall from the ceiling.

"Let's just say that it was successful," finished the boy.

Omake 2 by Wargiver:

Ranma sat alone in the room; he had just gotten the shackles off and activated his curse for the first time since the solution was decided upon. He carefully checked himself and inwardly swore at the fact that the name tag/tracking beacon shrunk and turned into an appropriate collar.

He snuck out of the room and carefully got down to the bottom floor of the Tendo complex's main building. As he snuck to the gate he heard someone coming and hid. He saw himself being led back into the building by Akane. He sweated at that, just another reminder of the solution.

A moment after he exited the gate he ran for it, he shortly heard an alarm go off, it sounded like a car alarm to him. As he ran he rounded a corner and ran into Kasumi, or rather her leg. He swore inwardly again as she picked him up and looked at the name tag.

"Now now, Ranma-chan. What would Beryl think if we let you get away. Why we would have another war over this again." Kasumi had said to Ranma as she carried him back into the house, completely disabling him by the behind the ears spot that he was weak against.

Across town a shiver ran down Ranma's spine, Ranma was glad that this compromise was made, after all, only two of the outers had female versions of him, and with all the Drowned twin clones they made of him, he was able to escape and managed to replace his moon cat curse with the girl curse he wanted.

She looked across the street and saw Ryoga, she only recognized him because of the girls that kept calling his name. Inwardly she thought if she should give him the technique she used.

"Damn you Ranma, because of you I've seen Hell!"

'Nope!' she thought, 'if he is like that now, no way will I help him! He can figure it out for himself. Perhaps I should move to some place far away and make sure I made a getaway. Maybe America?'

In America several dozen girls sneezed and simultaneously their parents pondered telling them about their fiancé in Japan, but decided to only bother if he was heard of nearby.

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