This thing jumped into my mind while drinking cocktails in one of the local bars... It's completely unbetaed and verysilly. Perhaps it doesn't even make sense to you. But I was so proud, my first drabble and it's exactly 100 words long!
Hope you like it . Taking place right after the regen,so tiny POTW spoilers obviously.


"Right, here we go: Barcelona! You'll love the beaches."

"Looks like a basement to me... TARDIS got it wrong again." Rose answered, suppressing a giggle.

"You know, lots of planets have basements. Come on."

They found a bar upstairs and the barkeeper eyed them suspiciously while the Doctor asked when and where they were.
"Germany obviously, 2005... What have you been drinking Sir?"

"It's not even the city Barcelona?" The Doctor sighed. "What is this place then?"

The barkeeper shrugged. "This is a bar, obviously. The Café and Bar Celona."

"Bar... Celona..." Rose barely stopped herself from laughing out loud.