The nights together were always long, but the nights apart even longer, she reminded herself, oh yes. Only fools would wish this away for such a frivolous thing as time alone. But she needed to collect her thoughts. One night would do.

'Fae, I'm not leaving you.'

'One night, Yero, please. I wouldn't ask this of you if it wasn't important.'

His response had been exactly what she thought it would be when she told him. Slight shock. Pleading. Then acceptance. As always.

She kissed him goodbye later on that night. The cat's eyes watched, resentful, from under the dresser. She shut the door, and turned to face the empty room. Sighing, she bent down to pick up another political essay, and walked across the room to the bed. Dropping the paper, she ran her hands over the sheets, still warm from where their bodies had lain most of the night. She sat down heavily, and rested her head in her hands, rubbing her tired eyes. Decided, she kicked off her shoes, and laid down on the bed. Unusually enough, she fell asleep soon after, the sound of the cat purring from some un-known location in the tiny room.

She awoke with a start. Her body ached and stung from the sweat of a nights restless dreaming. Standing up, she drew back the curtains on the window above the counter tops across the room, but swore under her breath as the harsh sunlight hit her eyes.

She missed him.

Oh god, how she missed him. She had sworn to herself never to become too dependent on another, but that was obviously already ruined. She needed him, and it was just like her stubborn nature not to admit that small truth, even in the privacy of her own thoughts where no one could hear her scream. A night, that's all he was missing for, one night. How pathetic to be wanting him there now, even when she had banished him. Settling her mind in confusment, she sat on the edge of the couch with her head in her hands, breathing deeply.

Even now, as she held her aching head in her hands, she could still hear echoes of her father's unionist preaching against the pleasure faith.

'Beware of earthly havens, nothing there will be as it should be.'

She thought she had found heaven on earth during the long, hot nights. But if her fathers outlook was true… Elphaba didn't know what to think.