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Chapter 1 Welcome to Their World

Kagome Higurashi drummed her fingers along her desk nervously. She checked her watch again to find it only a minute later than before. With a sigh she rested against the desk top content from the coolness of the wood on her bare arms. For the past four years Kagome had been attending a private boarding school in America by choice. She had every intention of staying in America for college and had been looking into several architecture schools, but her father had suddenly called a week before graduation asking her to return for the summer. She rarely saw or spoke to her family so she obliged his wish and had agreed. He said there was a family matter he needed to talk to her about as soon as possible.

"Everything is ok with Jii-chan right?" She asked nervously him being her first thought.

"Yes he's fine but I would rather speak to you about this in person." Was the only ambiguous response she received.

The reason she had left Japan in the first place had been because of her father. He was a politician who had been building his reputation up since before she was born as well as a successful stock broker who ran his own company, and work had always come before anything else. Money was what made his world run, the money he made at his company and then put in to his full time job of the life of a diplomat, and it left little time for anything else.

Kagome couldn't stand the way he treated their family so she left home the summer before freshman year. She was tired of the bureaucracy of the business world he inflicted on their private lives and he hadn't minded sending her away one bit. Saying he was scared how her rebellious attitude could affect his and the company's image. It was like constantly being on stage surviving in that family. She often pitied her little brother who didn't have the luck she did to have gotten away.

Having long ago accepted his daughter couldn't be depended upon, despite being the eldest, her brother Souta was the sole heir to the stock company. He had just started high school and he was already undergoing the training for the business world. She felt bad for him but she wouldn't have traded her freedom for anything.

A knock at the door stirred Kagome from her thoughts.

"Miss your taxi has arrived," a voice called through.

"Be right there!" Everything was already neatly packed but she paused to look back at her empty dorm room. So many memories over the past four years...but empty wasn't the way she wanted or would remember it, so she turned and walked out the door. She didn't look back again.

A shrill ring shot through the air causing Inuyasha to nearly jump out of his seat. He looked down at his flashing phone and flipped it open.

"What!" He snapped at the caller.

"Inuyasha this is your father, I don't know where you are and probably don't want to know what you're doing, but could you please come home sometime next week?"


"Because your mother wants to see you."

Guilt panged his chest, he hadn't called in over a month now and his mother was the only thing he truly cared about in this world.

"I'll think about it."

"I'm not asking Inuyasha."

"Don't order me around." He said sharply.

"I'm not ordering either; just understand there will be consequences to your actions if you don't. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate having your credit cards cancelled if I don't see a plane ticket charge on there by the end of this week." His father said calmly.

"If you think you can call me up and threaten me you've got another thing coming old man!" Inuyasha heard his father sigh on the other line.

"Look Yash, I don't feel like fighting, please just come home. Your mother wants to see you and I'd like to talk to you about something serious okay? You don't have to stay long. It's the least you could do for us supporting your party boy lifestyle without complaint."

"Keh, I'll still think about it. Bye." He flipped the phone closed stopping himself before throwing it. It would be the third phone he'd broken this year if he threw it against the wall like his first instinct.

"Who was that baby?" A silhouette voiced from the door frame.

"Doesn't concern you, you ready?" He stood impatiently.

"Yea, fine whatever." She headed for the door sliding into a pair of black heels. Inuyasha could tell she had probably just gone to throw up dinner or something, these fucking models why did he keep dating them?

"We've got to make a drop off first, then we'll head to the party."

"As long as you save some dust for me, I promised some to a friend too so don't fuck me over okay? I'm not in the mood."

"Fuckin' coke head...whatever lets go." He grabbed the keys to his beamer practically shoving her out the door. On the way down the elevator he considered what his father said...going home right now wasn't convenient. He had a lot of big deals in the works that were going to prove very profitable. He didn't even need those fucking credit cards, and he would have to be somewhat clean to even step into that house. And remain that way because he didn't dare bring anything with him, not with the bloodhound his father was. But he did feel guilty for not calling his mom. She hadn't been happy at all when he left home three years ago only a year after his brother did the same. The old man was right...it was the least he could do.

"Are you tripping on something? You're being so quiet, its weirding me out." His date complained while lighting up a cigarette.

"If you think you're smoking in my car, you're even dumber than you look." Was his only response, she glared at him through heavy eyeliner.

Upon arriving at the Tokyo Narita Airport Kagome was swept up in a big hug by what used to be her 'little' brother. He was now a little bit taller than her.

"Wow Souta it's so good to see you! I can't believe how much you grew in a year."

"Yea, same to you sis, you look great!" He took her carryon bag swinging it over his shoulder.

"Where's Dad? He's the one who asked me here."

"You know..." He shrugged half-heartily meaning there really was no excuse to tell, or he just wasn't going to bother.

"Course, what about mom?" Kagome asked eagerly.

"Actually mom doesn't know you're coming home yet! She doesn't think you'll be here until next week, I wanted to surprise her. She's seemed sad lately."

"Aw...when did you turn into such a good kid?" She laughed reaching up to pat him on the head.

"Ok none of that." He moved easily out of her reach.

After getting two huge suitcases from baggage claim they headed out to the limo parked in front. A few camera men snapped photos of the siblings coming out and stepping into the car. Kagome plastered on her old fake smile for them.

"So I see dad's campaign is as lively as ever?"

"Yes he's up for a really big position in the coming elections a couple of months from now, LOTS going on at the office and with his team. Seems like the phones never stop ringing." Souta rubbed a hand through his bangs with a weary smile. Kagome frowned 'he's only 16 and he looks so tired...my poor brother.'

"He's about to unveil some surprise his team cooked up to boost his ratings through the roof I think. It's bad enough the way they sleazed around releasing such scummy news about one of his opponents so who knows what they've got planned this time. Don't tell him I said so though, he'll kill me. It's always public image this and that, watch your tone, and watch your demeanor. Well, you remember." He smiled a little looking up into Kagome's worried face.

"Yes I remember. I just wish you could have a normal high school experience like I was able to."

"Oh don't worry about me sis, I'm fine really! I don't have to worry about what to do with my life or anything; I'm really pretty lucky Dad says to come into the business world like I am. And I'm going to be graduating a year early with the advanced classes I'm doing."

"That's great Souta." She faked a smile to reassure him, and then turned to look out the dark tinted windows. It was odd being back. She hadn't even come home for the breaks that year. Instead she stayed with her group of friends because it was senior year and they knew they wouldn't be together after this. She really missed them.

Everything looked just how she had left it. And people still looked up to watch the limo go by, probably thinking some lucky people were in it. But they were wrong. Kagome would have preferred a more discrete car, hell she would have preferred a middle class family that she at least knew. But things were the way they were, and she had loved the last four years of her life. If her situation was any different, those years wouldn't have happened.

When the limo pulled up the old familiar drive way Kagome's heart clenched tightly. For the first time in being back she was incredibly nervous, but she had missed her mother very much. Souta gave her hand a quick squeeze then got out as the driver opened the door for them. With a deep breath she stepped out behind him and followed after him towards the front door.

"Mom?" Souta called his voice echoing off the high ceilings and deep marble floors of their entry way. Everything was sparkling as always. Kagome glanced around feeling out of place again in her 'home', and found she longed to be back in her cramped dorm room.

"Souta I'm in here!" A voice called to the right. Kagome walked into the kitchen and found her mother sitting at a stool pulled up to an extended marble counter. She was sipping what looked like orange juice but most likely had some champagne in it.

"KAGOME!" Her mother squealed and rushed over to her swamping Kagome in a tight hug.

"Hey mom," she said softly while returning the embrace. Souta looked from afar with a smile.

"Souta, you didn't tell me..." Their mother wiped away a quick tear from shimmering eyes then hugged Kagome again.

"Good surprise? Oh don't cry mom!" Kagome laughed and hugged her back for the second time.

"Does your father know you're here?"

"Yes he got me the plane ticket, but it was all Souta's idea to keep it a secret from you," she giggled knowing her mother wouldn't be mad.

"Well I want to hear all about your last year abroad honey. How was your graduation?"

Her mother led her back to where she had been sitting motioning for Kagome to sit beside her.

"It was wonderful mom, I graduated with honors." None of her family had flown over to witness her graduation, but she never expected them to anyway. In the last four years they hadn't visited America once. Her friends had become a second family to her and they were the best she could have asked for.

"That's so good to hear, you've always been brilliant dear." She gave her daughter a pat on the hand that felt more than a little condescending. "And I'm so happy you've decided to come home for college."

"Well..." Kagome faltered a minute...what did she say? Just then the door opened.

"Oh that'll be your father! He'll be so glad to see you home dear."

'Yea right...' she thought sarcastically.

"Kagome," her father walked into the kitchen and gave her a quick chaste kiss on the cheek. "I'm so glad you're here. Flight go well?"

"Yes father," she smiled softly. Even after everything he had put them through she still couldn't hate her own father.

"Wonderful." He gave her an awkward pat on the shoulder then headed over to speak to Souta motioning for him to join him in the other room, it was always business to him... Kagome glanced their way for a second then looked back to her mother. She had one of those pointless smiles on her face, the kind that just taint her real happiness.

"So how have things been here mom?"

"Oh good, good… your father ran into some trouble with his campaign though, it was just awful. One of his competitors managed to expose some dirt from his college days. Poor man, it damaged his shots badly but he thinks he's found what's going to pull him into the lead. He's revealing it tonight at a special dinner so we'll all hear about it. I'm so excited." Another fake smile accompanied her fake excitement.

"Ah, any idea what it is?" The awful competitor was probably the man they shamed first; Kagome thought back to what Souta told her in the car. She made a note to check the headlines for what they found out her dad did in college...

"Nope he's been keeping it a secret for some time now. But as long as he wins I'm sure it will be perfect, he's brilliant at this sort of thing you know?" It wasn't really a question which is good because Kagome didn't think she could have forced up a positive response. More like his team of bottom feeders is 'brilliant' she thought bitterly.

"Well the maid must have put your things in your room by now. Why don't we go unpack and chit chat a bit more about your senior year?"

"Ok mom...that would be nice." They headed up stairs and down the huge hallway until they got to Kagome's old room. Nothing had been moved since she left although when she was home she had taken down some of the old things during Christmas of last year. While she threw clothes on to her bed her mother sat in an idle chair still sipping her, what Kagome was now positive was a mimosa.

"So how is that darling friend of yours…Sango is it?"

"She's good mother, she's starting the summer session at MIT next week."

"Oh how wonderful for her." Kagome knew her mother knew nothing of American colleges, she could have said Sango had decided to become a stripper and she would have had the same response.

"And have you given any thought to what you would like to do Kagome?"

"I'm really interested in architecture actually." She wouldn't tell her mother just yet she wasn't coming home for college after all she had only been home a couple of minutes...no need to upset her. She wasn't going to summer school and still wasn't positive which university she would attend but she had been accepted to everyone she had applied for.

"Architecture...hmm...you're sure you wouldn't rather do something in business? Your father could set you up perfectly." That's exactly why Kagome didn't want to do anything in business but she mustered a smile.

"Well you know how I love art."

"Oh, of course, of course…" Her mother did remember her telling her that ...didn't she?

"Well whatever makes my baby happy! I'm going to go check on the caterers for this evening, ok darling?"

"Okay Mom." Her mom gave her a peck on the cheek then lightly cupped Kagome's face with her free hand. "It's so good to have you home." Kagome gulped and smiled hoping she didn't see her wince when she said 'home'.

After much internal debating Inuyasha finally decided a couple of days at home wouldn't kill him. Sober him slightly yes, which would suck, but he'd live. He told his best friend Miroku he'd be gone a couple of days so if anyone was looking for him to buy that Miroku could have them.

"Gee thanks," he said sarcastically. "Where you going anyway? You're not going anywhere in Europe without me are you?"

"No and why is it you care all the sudden?" Miroku was sitting on his dresser while Inuyasha stalked about his loft throwing things onto his bed.

"You can be such an asshole, whatever. Call me when you're back in town. We'll go to Bowery Bar. I met the greatest dealer there, you'll love him."

"Yea, yea, yea" Inuyasha replied. It was always the same shit. Same shitty people, same shitty drugs. New York was tiring; Manhattan could be downright painful.

"He owns a gallery on 79th street." Miroku pointed out.

"Of course he does."

"You haven't seen Kouga around lately have you?" Miroku asked nonchalantly, he licked the filter of his cigarette and smiled.

"No but if he was dead I'd know about it."

"Maybe he went to the Hamptons with those girls we met the other night...what agency were they from? I can't remember now...we met them at Tunnel, or was it Nobu...remember?" He didn't remember. "Were you there?"

"No, I don't think I was. But Kouga can't keep up with those girls. Their habits are too expensive, they can't just do coke anymore they're all asking for heroin lately."

"True...true," Miroku nodded to himself thinking about something and took a long drag on his cigarette.

Stuffing the things on the bed into a black bag Inuyasha took off. He didn't bother calling the girl he was supposed to go out with that night; after all she only did print work, no runways. He and Miroku shared a cab on the way to the airport. He said a short goodbye to his friend throwing his bag over his shoulder and putting one hand into his pocket. He took one last glance to the skyscrapers over his shoulder then walked into the Kennedy International Airport.

Almost a day later with jet lag already setting in after countless plane transfers Inuyasha stepped out of the Tokyo Narita Airport. He quickly lit up a cigarette and headed for the taxis waiting line. The ride was short and he thanked the man in rough Japanese after shoving him the fare and getting out.

Looking the house up and down he ground the tip of his boot into the pavement for a second debating internally, then walked up and knocked on the large wooden door. He shifted awkwardly from foot to foot his nerves sitting like a rock in his stomach. He wondered if his dad would answer the door, what would he say to him?

Thankfully his wait soon ended with a face he didn't expect to see open the door for him. "Yo, Sess what are you doin' here?" He blinked in some shock.

"I'd have to ask you the same question little brother." The two gave each other an awkward brief hug with a pat on the back. Inuyasha dropped his bag with a thud on the hardwood floor and followed his brother into the massive living room looking out a large set of glass French doors.

"Are mom and dad home?"

"Dad's at the precinct, but mom's upstairs getting ready for something I think. But I'm sure she would like to see you. Go say hello and we can catch up later." He nodded despite wondering where his brother had been the past couple of months, although he was probably wondering the same about him, Inuyasha realized.

His boots thudded up the stairs and he stopped in front of the master bedroom. He could see his mother putting a pair of earrings on in a huge mirror that covered the wall of their bathroom but she hadn't noticed him yet. He stayed quiet taking the moment to study the woman he had missed greatly. The bathroom she sat in had a double headed shower and a hot tub with a row of bulbs lining the top of the mirror illuminating everything in bright light. The entire bathroom was decorated lavishly in black and gold, her favorite colors, right down to hand stitched monogrammed towels.

"Looking beautiful as always mom." She whirled around in her chair her mouth falling open in surprise. Upon seeing Inuyasha she jumped up and rushed over to him pulling him down into a tight hug.

"Inuyasha! I heard you were coming in today! Oh I've missed you so much darling, you haven't called, it worried me..." She pulled back from the hug smiling with one of her hands still wrapped around the back of his neck. He stood much taller than her now and looked down at her happily.

"I know and I'm sorry for that, I've been busy." Standing with her now he really did regret how long he had been gone. He forgot how tranquil his mother could make him feel.

"Well of course you have, it only matters that you're here now." Her voice lacked any bitterness or regret; she was such a kind hearted person. She embraced him tenderly again and he leaned down to hug her more tightly, closing his eyes breathing in her scent.

He picked her up quickly hoisting her in the air and swung her around for a second forgetting how light she was too. If any of his Manhattan friends had seen him they wouldn't have believed it. Miroku probably would of made a comment like "My god it...it has a mother!" he thought with a chuckle.

"Inu!" She giggled, "Put me down already it's bad enough you tower over me when I used to be able to carry you everywhere."

"But that was a long time ago, why can't I carry you around now?"

She pushed him away laughing at his absurd question and walked back into the bathroom. "Tell me about your life Inuyasha."

"Well..." he came up next to her and hopped up on to the black counter. "I'm living in a loft in Manhattan, meeting people, dating a couple of girls, getting clients together since I may be starting a PR firm." It was total bullshit; he met people and made clients out of them...but not for a PR firm. It was a pretty good excuse though.

"That sounds so exciting; you must be having the time of your life. You're being a good boy though aren't you Inuyasha?" She looked up at him, her large eyes shadowed a bit with concern. She knew her son hadn't always led the most legal life, which was one of the major obstacles between he and his father and the ultimate reason he left the house for good.

"Of course," He lied quickly changing the subject. "What's Sessy doin' home anyway?"

"You know he hates it when you call him that. Your father called him just like yourself last week sometime. Wanted the family all together for a bit, I'm not sure what the reason is I'm just thankful." She gave his hand a squeeze where it rested fingers curled under the edge of the counter. "So you still haven't met a nice girl to settle down with?"

"Nope mom, there's no nice girls in New York." She laughed even though he was being serious. "I'm going to go catch up with Sesshomaru, come downstairs when you're done." He jumped down on the tile and gave his mother a peck on the cheek before heading back down the stairs.

He found Sesshomaru pouring himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen. A flat screen TV nestled in the corner was muted with the news on.

"So where have you been hiding?" He opened a cabinet taking a mug off the shelf and pouring himself a cup too.

"A couple of different places in Europe, mostly Milan, but I've been touring the countryside a bit with a girl I met."

"Cool, is she here?"

"Yes." Inuyasha almost choked on his coffee not expecting that answer.

"We've got in two days ago but she's staying with us. She's out shopping at the moment." He replied coolly as always pretending not to notice Inuyasha's reaction.

"No fuckin' way! What's her name? When do I get to meet her? I can't believe you'd actually get serious enough to have a girlfriend." Inuyasha leaned back against the counter that circled the kitchen and was glad he set his mug down for the next thing Sesshomaru said.

"Her name is Rin and we haven't spoken in quite a while little brother. There's a lot you don't know about me, and we're engaged." His eyes bugged out while Sesshomaru took another quiet sip. Always cool and collected his golden eyes were the only part of him that showed emotion.

The two brothers looked almost identical with their tall frames, long silver hair and unique gold eyes but that was where the similarities stopped. Personality wise they were polar opposites. But something about Sesshomaru seemed different to Inuyasha who knew him better than his brother realized. Before his cool exterior was icy and his stare was intimidating. But now his quiet facade seemed more content than hostile, guess this was Sesshomaru happy. He'd definitely have to meet this wonder of the world. He took a minute longer to absorb the information he couldn't believe he just heard.

"Well... congrats bro I'm happy for you." Sesshomaru's only response was a nod but Inuyasha understood it. "And yourself Inuyasha?"

"I moved to New York and have just been there partying ever since...it's all, you know..." he paused not sure how to even describe it.

"No I really don't know. Do go on."

He shrugged finally. "It's intense and corrupt but incredibly 's probably the most fucked up place in the whole world, but I guess that's why I chose it. It's the age of un-innocence and you might as well be center stage for it all. But the models are easy and the parties endless so I'm having a great time."

Sesshomaru snorted "You would be. Doing tons of drugs no doubt?"

"Not as bad as I could be." The two sat in silence and Inuyasha waited for the lecture he would probably receive from saying too much but it never came. He looked up out of the corner of his eye and Sesshomaru glanced over at him. "What? What you do is no concern of mine Inuyasha."

"Fair-fuckin-enough for me, so how's dad?"

"Same old workaholic barking orders. He's chief of the entire police headquarters now, been in that position for about a year I think. He's gotten in pretty good with a lot of high ranking people in the city. He acted really strangely when I brought Rin home with me, mom was ecstatic of course and loves her but dad seemed almost pissed off about it. So I don't know what all that was about."

Inuyasha shrugged again. "You know dad, he can be kind of weird sometimes. I mean he called us both up out of the blue to come home."

"Don't be dumb Inuyasha you know he's planning something, I just haven't figured out what yet. But I know his reaction to Rin has a part in it somehow..." Sesshomaru looked past the TV screen obviously thinking about something.

"You're getting' paranoid in your old age Sessy, it's nothing I bet. But mom seems really happy we're back...had you been calling her?"

"No not really, but I send her little gifts through my travels."

"Psshh that girl has made you soft Sessy." Inuyasha scoffed even though he was slightly jealous he had remembered their mom more than he had and Inuyasha was supposedly the nicer of the two brothers people always said.

"Would you stop calling me that? I'll still kick your ass right here in the kitchen if you want."

"Really now? Come on if you think you can." Inuyasha turned to face him standing up straight with a devious smile egging him on. Sesshomaru gave him an icy glare and the brothers stood facing each other gun slinger style ready to pounce. Right before Inuyasha was about to make a move their mother clapped her hands loudly.

"BOYS! Can't I leave you two alone ten minutes without you attacking each other? Honestly!" The two boys went rigid at the sound of her angry tone and stopped, both hanging their heads murmuring apologies. "I mean you're grown men, and especially you Sesshomaru you know better!" She continued on with the rant a little longer then finally sighed and sat down at the kitchen table.

She was dressed in casual black Capri pants and a white button down with her hair loosely piled on her head a couple of chopstick pins sticking out, several strands hung framing her petite face. Diamond earrings sparkled in her ears and when she swung her head looking back and forth between the two the light from the window was caught in them. She was still very beautiful.

"Well try and behave yourselves, your father will be home any minute now. He's coming home early just to see you Inuyasha."

"Oooh I should be so thankful. I only spent an entire day changing flights to get here." He said sarcastically. She shot him a glare.

"Inuyasha..." Her voice warned.

"Ok, ok, mom we'll be good, we promise. Besides I don't want to scare off Sesshy's fiancé!" He jabbed Sesshomaru in the ribs a couple of times with a big grin. Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and shoved him over.

"Cut it out, you can still be so immature Inuyasha its ridiculous." He scoffed at the younger man.

But Inuyasha ignored the insult because he was already looking past his family and out the window to the view of Tokyo. It had been almost three years since he'd been back to see it. Three years since the argument with his father, it had all ended so badly. He had gathered his things, kissed his mother on the cheek promising everything would be ok and hadn't looked back since. He didn't even say bye to his dad. Why now had his father called him home? Maybe Sesshomaru was right...and there was more to this story than just a friendly family visit...

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