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"Okay hold on let me put you on speaker phone."

"Tell me you've turned around first." Kagome ordered in her haste.

"She says turn around and then she'll tell us what Kikyou knows." Inuyasha rolled his eyes and shrugged one shoulder to Miroku's annoyed look.

"Okay Kagome, we're stopped go ahead." Miroku lied. Inuyasha silently threw up his good hand mouthing 'What the fuck!' Miroku waved at him dismissively and kept heading towards the docks surrounding New York Harbor never taking his eyes off the road.

Kagome started to explain obliviously everything Kikyou had told her. She frantically rushed through the details trying desperately to not forget anything.

"This Naraku or Onigumo or whatever his name is. Kikyou was obviously terrified of him. He for some reason believes you're some kind of informant for the police Inuyasha. He's trying to tie up all his loose ends before going into hiding again. She said he's a master of this, just disappearing."

"Yeah she's always had great taste in men," Miroku smirked. Inuyasha fumed next to him at the comparison Kagome totally missed.

Miroku made a sharp right scanning for the street he needed, trying to remember the way he had come to this apartment before. It was about a month before Inuyasha had left but he had paid close attention to the details. Kouga had of course made a big deal about the importance of this pick up location and the quantities he had seen there made it memorable. He tapped the wheel with one hand spotting what looked like a familiar street up ahead.

"I'm so glad I caught you before you we're closer," Kagome exhaled in relief. She pinched the bridge of her nose between two fingers, closing her eyes. "Kikyou said he actually intends to blow this apartment up tonight destroying the evidence and killing his own men without hesitation. What kind of insane person does such a thing?"

Miroku slammed on his breaks jarring them both and making Inuyasha curse from the sharp pain it shot through his arm. "Shit!"

"What?" She asked quickly.

Miroku swung to the curb putting the car in park and turned to Inuyasha snatching the phone from his hand.

"What do you mean he's going to blow up the apartment?! He's not there?" He shouted.

"Oh no, I'm sorry I didn't get there yet. She said that he's hiding at the safe house of his partner Bankotsu, the banker guy."

Inuyasha paled recognizing that name immediately. "He's the one who worked with Jakotsu and the Shichinin guys at the law firm." Inuyasha whispered to Miroku.

"The one who overdosed, I remember how upset Bankotsu was when that happened... I had no idea he was so involved in all this." Miroku murmured both reflecting on this new information and eyeing each other as this sank in.

"What?" Kagome asked beyond confused what they were talking about.

"You don't want to know," Inuyasha sighed. Kagome was silent on the other line; she took his word for it and didn't press the issue. Her eyes rocked closed again in exhaustion.

No one spoke for a moment as Inuyasha tried to sort through all the new information Kagome had given them. He had never actually considered that Kagome taking Kikyou to the hospital could end up being a good thing he had been so concerned for her safety. A strange realization also rang in the back of his mind that he had missed somehow. Kagome and Kikyou had a conversation…that means they must have talked about him at some point. He gazed out the window trying to imagine how that conversation must have started, not well he guessed.

"Well, now what? Do we believe all of this? Keep in mind who our source is. Can we really trust what Kikyou tells us?" Inuyasha asked Miroku who was unnervingly quiet beside him. He normally couldn't get him to shut up but now his friend had his eyes narrowed silently, deep in thought with one hand continuing to rest on the steering wheel holding his phone. The engine of the Mustang was the only sound he got in return.

Suddenly and without warning Miroku threw his car into gear again and turned around speeding in the opposite direction. He handed the phone back to a bewildered Inuyasha.

He was still staring numbly in shock when Miroku swore and swerved the Mustang into a gas station. Rushing into the first parking spot he saw he jerked the car into park.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Inuyasha shouted when the movement wrenched his already sore and battered body forward.

Miroku swore another series of curse words under his breath ignoring him and getting out of the car. He slammed the car door behind him.

"What's going on?" Kagome asked sitting up more alert on the bench her eyes open once more.

"I don't know. Miroku just lost his mind." Inuyasha watched him in confusion rush inside the store pulling his phone out of his pocket as he did so.

"Inuyasha... I have the address of Bankotsu's place where they're hiding out. Kikyou said they'd be there overnight with just his best men guarding them because Naraku is leaving in the morning first thing. Once the apartment is destroyed and he gathers the funds he needs to leave the country he'll be gone. But if I give you this address… you're going there aren't you?"

He tried to plan his answer and choose his words carefully recognizing the fear and uncertainty in Kagome's voice. Thinking before he spoke was not usually one of Inuyasha's strengths but he tried for her sake. "We have to Kagome. It's our only real hope of getting out of this alive. I know Miroku and Kikyou are right thinking that." Inuyasha sighed lightly willing his brain to think of another solution but he couldn't.

Kagome was silent herself not responding yet. She breathed in the cool night air outside the hospital putting her forehead down in her free palm and rubbing it lightly through her bangs. She felt so drained in that moment.

"Can't you just try and lie low until morning when he's gone?" She asked hollowly.

"He's going to a lot of trouble to make a clean break here and he's already gone to great lengths to kill us tonight. I doubt that's something he's just going to say never mind on. He's not going to leave until he finishes this. He's not the type to lose. I'm sorry Kagome...I wish I could lie to you and reassure you but…" He stopped running out of explanations to give her. He didn't want to finish that last sentence and it hung heavy in the silence between them once more.

"You realize if anything happens to you and I'm the one who gave you this address- I sent you there. I will never forgive myself..." Kagome's voice cracked in a way she wasn't proud of. She was thankful suddenly that they were only speaking on the phone so he couldn't see the way she was trembling which had nothing to do with the night's temperature.

"I can't promise you anything. But I don't have any plans of dying tonight Kagome." He could at least offer that piece of comfort which was honest. Inuyasha's injured arm throbbed painfully still as an unwelcome reminder he hadn't intended to get shot either. He shook his head dismissing the negative thought pattern it lead to.

Kagome sighed pinching the bridge of her nose once more a headache threatening from all of this. "Write this address down." She waited a moment for Inuyasha to be ready then gave him the address Kikyou had of Bankotsu's house. After he repeated it back to her satisfied she added, "and since we're done lying to each other I'm not leaving the city either."

"Kagome no! This shouldn't involve you! You shouldn't even be here!"

"Well I am, so it's a little late for all that! I'm not saying I'm throwing myself in the middle of this shit. I don't want to get hurt or have you worrying about me. I'll be fine...but I'm not leaving without you. Just know that."

Inuyasha groaned and hung his head low, too exhausted to argue. "Fine, just call a cab and get away from the hospital at least, for me. If Naraku finds out Kikyou is still alive she won't be safe either and I don't want you anywhere near there."

"Ok. I'm staying close by though..." Kagome hesitated not sure what else to say but not ready to hang up. "Please promise you'll be careful...and please call me as soon as you can." She was trembling again at the thought of the danger Inuyasha was heading towards after this phone call. Dark thoughts circled through her mind and ate at her. What if this was the last time they spoke? Tears sprang to her eyes as she refused to think that way any further.

"I'll try." Inuyasha knew she wanted reassurance that everything would be okay but he couldn't honestly say that to her. They were both quiet for another heavy minute. "Hang up and pick up a cab. Please be careful yourself, don't do anything reckless."

"I'll try," she repeated his line. Inuyasha could see Miroku in line at the cashier and knew they would need to talk once he got back to the car.

"All right I've got to talk to Miroku and figure out what we're doing next. No matter what happens Kagome, just know how much I care about you..." Kagome sucked in a breathe putting her hand over her mouth as tears sprang to her eyes once more. "As much as I hate that you're here to witness this and had to be a part of any of this shit, it means so much to me that you flew out here. I'll never be able to thank you enough for it." Talking so openly about his emotions was slightly uncomfortable for Inuyasha, but he knew this was something he needed to say.

Quiet tears did roll down her cheeks now and she struggled to speak without her voice cracking.

"Of course Inuyasha, I'd do anything for you. We're in this together, remember?" He could hear her smile at the end of her question and it made him smile in return feeling a little lighter.

"How did you find my unlisted address by the way? I forgot to ask."

She laughed shaken out of the seriousness of their conversation. "Rin naturally. I showed up at your house like a psychopath and she poured me a glass of wine and told me to do what I thought was right." It seemed like another lifetime ago thinking back to that stormy night in the kitchen with her.

Inuyasha chuckled. "Should have known. That girl is a hand full."

"She told me you were a good person and she was worried for you," she said a little softer.

"She's too sweet for her own good," he murmured embarrassed by the compliment.

"For what it's worth I agree." Kagome practically whispered.

Miroku walked out of the gas station heading back to the car. As much as Inuyasha would have loved to stall and continue talking about anything with her he knew time was running out. "Thanks Kagome. I have to go. Be safe and I'll talk to you soon."

"You too...bye."

"Bye darling." Inuyasha hung up the call sitting in silence. It rang loudly in his ears and he pressed his good hand up into his bangs with a groan. It was overwhelming attempting to express his emotions at a time like this. No one had ever done something so insane or caring for him as Kagome did coming here. And that was after knowing him barely a month.

'We're in this together, remember?' He thought back her words echoing and closed his eyes.

When Miroku got back in the car he had two tall boys in a brown paper bag. He opened one for himself taking a long swig then opened the second and held it out to him. Inuyasha cracked an eye open to stare at his best friend incredulously. "What the HELL are you doing?"

"We almost just got blown to fucking pieces. I needed something to calm me down." Miroku mumbled fidgeting with the top of the can.

Inuyasha continued to stare at him like he had grown a second head. Miroku held up the second beer motioning again for him to take it from him. "Come on, don't make me drink alone at a time like this." Inuyasha finally grabbed the beer out of his hand with a 'Keh.'

"Should I be drinking this with how much blood I've lost tonight?"

"Do you honestly give a fuck?" Miroku glared through the windshield intensely thinking and not really expecting an answer to the question.

Inuyasha shrugged and took a sip. The beer was cold, it tasted nice and familiar.

"Well there goes my plan." Miroku said bitterly and swigged from his can.

"I didn't know you had a plan to be honest." Inuyasha had meant the statement to come out playful but it just sounded defeated.

"You give me too little credit. But it doesn't matter now because I don't have a fucking clue what to do next." Miroku groaned dramatically laying his head back on the headrest and staring up at the car ceiling.

"We were prepared to go in there guns blazing before, what's the difference now?" Inuyasha took another gulp of the cold beer, thankful for it and actually feeling a little better. He decided this was probably because of mixing trauma and blood loss with alcohol. He tried to remember the last time he ate a meal and couldn't.

"For starters we don't even know where they are."

"Oh right. Kagome taking Kikyou to the hospital was apparently a very good call. Not only did she tell her all about Naraku but she gave her Bankotsu's address too."

Miroku picked his head up to gawk at Inuyasha. "When were you going to mention this?"

"Just did," he smirked.

Miroku rolled his eyes taking another drink from his beer. "Damn, I seriously underestimated her craftiness."

"Which one?" He asked with a dry snort.

"...either?" Miroku thought quizzically and rubbed his chin. "You sure do have a type for capable women."

"And you don't?"

"All women are my type my friend," Miroku reminded him. They shared a moment of normalcy both laughing lightly and taking drinks from their beers.

"Okay so where is the address?" Inuyasha passed him his phone he had typed it into and mapped.

"Upper West side, not far actually." Miroku copied the address to his own cell pulling up the map and zooming in on it. "Did she say what we should expect to find here?"

"Yeah two dangerous crime lords and their best hit men. So basically were fucked." Inuyasha drank again at this.

"Well isn't that just perfect." Miroku groaned leaning back again and squeezing his eyes shut. His mind was racing trying to formulate a new plan from this. Everything was getting so out of his control now.

"Do you think he knows were alive yet...? I think if anything we have more of an advantage of surprise now at least. He doesn't think there's any way we could know about Bankotsu's private apartment. Hell we didn't know about it until a few minutes ago. Let's just think this through..."

Saying it allowed was about as far as Inuyasha got with the thinking part but thankfully his words seem to spur Miroku on. He sat up and opened his eyes looking more alert again. Miroku drummed his fingers along the steering wheel a habit he did when intensely in thought. "We just need some time..." He looked down at his cell phone again checking a message that had just come through discretely out of Inuyasha's sight.

"Time for what?"

"Let's stalk this place out. Figure out what the building looks like and take it from there." Miroku texted something on his phone then put it securely back into his pocket.

"Who are you texting at a time like this?" Inuyasha asked a little less gruff than usual.

"My family. Shouldn't you say something to yours too...in case?"

"My family disowned me. There's nothing to say whether I live or die tonight." Inuyasha responded bitterly and then took a huge gulp of his beer.

Miroku stared at his friend silently putting the pieces together. "Because of what Kikyou said?"

"Yeah, my dad's a cop remember? I shamed my entire family. That's what brought me back here...guess I forgot to mention it. You know bigger shit going on." He shrugged not liking the look of pity in Miroku's eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that man-" Inuyasha cut him off not wanting to hear it.

"We don't have the time for that now. Chug your beer and let's head out. We need to think of something better than 'try not to die' as a plan." Inuyasha finished his beer with a determined gulp. Miroku followed suit.

Outside the hospital Kagome closed her phone and just like that Inuyasha was gone. The tears that were stinging in her eyes moments ago now flowed freely and she cried letting herself give in. It was cathartic in a way to just break down and process her overwhelming emotions.

She was feeling everything so heavily before Inuyasha's kind words. She let the weight of them wash over her for that brief moment and just reacted organically. Things had been so strange ever since Kikyou's interview had been released. The conversation they just had was the first they felt like…them again.

This brought back another flood of tears as she remembered their breakfast the morning everything went so wrong in Japan. How hopeful and excited she had been at the prospect of them going away together.

She pushed her hands up into her bangs moving them away from her wet cheeks. She chuckled a little when she realized they had gone away, it just wasn't ever how she had imagined. Despite everything awful that had happened at least now in New York she knew their relationship was real. It was ironic in a way that she finally knew how strongly Inuyasha felt about her and they had never been closer, because of Kikyou's actions.

Thankfully after her multiple straight days of crying in Tokyo she had seemed to get this out of her system. She was already sick of doing it again and her breakdown was cut mercifully short.

She rubbed her hands down along her face hiding her hands just focusing on breathing and putting herself back together. She counted her seconds breathing in then out quelling her anxiety. She was done being weak.

'Now what?' She thought in confusion after calming down. She had been running on fumes and just getting done what had to be done for the past hours, days? Now she felt jarred into reality by her sudden lack of purpose.

'Pull yourself together Kagome.' She reminded herself and wiped her remaining tears off her cheeks.

'Ok! Step one, get a cab.' She picked herself up from the bench shaking off her emotional weight and leaving it behind.

Throwing Inuyasha's messenger bag back over her body she walked to the front of the hospital. Thankfully a cab was already sitting there waiting for a new passenger.

Kagome found herself also thankful that a hospital was one of the few settings where no one seemed to notice a girl crying alone as strange. Dozens of people walked past her without so much as a second glance.

Getting into the cab she said a polite hello to a nice enough looking women. "Evening, where you headed miss?"

Kagome paused. She hadn't thought this far yet she realized in embarrassment. After a pregnant paused she glanced at the address still up on the screen in her phone where she had saved it to give to Inuyasha.

"Do you know the neighborhood where this address is?" The driver glanced at the screen.

"Sure that's a really nice neighborhood. You know somebody there they must be pretty damn rich."

"So is it safe?" The driver gave her a confused glance. "You know for a...girl to go alone this late at night?" The explanation was still weak but it was the best euphemism she could come up with.

"Uh, well yeah I guess. It's not what you'd call a rough street by any means. Just depends what you're looking to do..." She looked Kagome over still looking skeptical by the implied meaning of the question.

"Take me there then please. Just drop me at the end of the street, not right in front of the house."

"Okay..." She turned back around and started her meter with another confused look.

Kagome watched the street pass by outside the window biting her lip nervously. She knew she had told Inuyasha she would stay out of this, which she intended to. But what else was she supposed to do at a time like this? Go relax while her fake fiancé was putting his life in danger?

Her heart rate seemed to keep increasing the further they travel. Kagome was tempted to ask her how far away they were just to quell some of her anxiety but didn't want to the driver to be even more suspicious of her erratic behavior.

If there was any way she could help she would need to be close by she reasoned with herself. She wouldn't get involved unless he called and needed her. Or she saw things going badly. But she had to at least be close by to be available...right?

'Right,' she decided with finality. She leaned back to watch the city roll past while her heart continued to hammer loudly in her ears betraying what she was trying to convince herself. 'I'll be fine.'

"Okay we're here...now what?"

"Would you give me a minute?" Miroku snapped looking over the building from where they were parked down the street. He narrowed his eyes back to drumming on the wheel and analyzing what needed to be done next.

Inuyasha waited trying to make his own brain come up with anything half way decent. Every scenario he imagined at the moment ended with him and more bullet wounds. He scowled at his useless thoughts and tried to be patient for Miroku.

Miroku pulled out his phone to text again much to Inuyasha's annoyance. He bit his tongue knowing how much he was relying on him and not wanting to aggravate him further for once.

"Well pros: we have plenty of ammunition." Miroku listed holding up one finger.

"Oh you mean against the skilled hit men?" Inuyasha muttered.

Miroku ignored the jab and kept going putting up a second finger. "Two, they're not expecting us to know where they are or be dumb enough to attempt this..."

"Dumb I think is the accurate word there." When Miroku didn't say anything else after a minute Inuyasha asked "...And?"

"That's all the pros I can think of."

Inuyasha sighed. "That's not encouraging at all."

The two sat in tense silence for another minute just watching the townhouse. It was on a quiet street on the Upper West Side and was lavishly decorated of course. It was mostly white with ivy running along parts of the walls and a huge set of French doors marked the front of it. The doors were closed at present but showed a visible large room. This was actually helpful as they could plainly see inside the well lit home that this room was empty. It was the only line of sight they had however. All other windows were closed with lush curtains blocking any view of the street. They could see the line of light bordering the curtains in several of these windows though.

Miroku had his phone out again and finally Inuyasha snapped at him asking him what he was doing on it now.

"I'm pulling up the floor plan of this home. Haven't you ever used your phone for anything besides texting?"

Inuyasha did a usual "Keh," in response meaning he had none.

Miroku held his phone up showing him his screen zooming in on some pictures of the house. Inuyasha reached for it but Miroku stopped him just continuing to hold the phone up. "I've got it just rest your good arm," he explained. Inuyasha looked quizzically at him but didn't question it.

Miroku flipped through photos quickly while they looked between them and back up at the townhouse figuring out the layout of it together.

"We're lucky. This place was available for rent less than a year ago so there are plenty of details online. Okay so foyer doors there we can see through open up to the living room through a garden. After that on the first floor it's all the typical stuff, kitchen and a bedroom. Upstairs on the second story there's a large master bedroom and bathroom with another spare room. Kikyou already said this is a safe house and they're here doing last minute business right?"

"Yeah she said he handles the financials and was getting the funds together for Naraku to leave the country tonight. They've got off shore accounts everywhere I'm sure."

"Then he must have one of those extra rooms be an office they can work out of. Where do you think they would have that?"

Inuyasha focused on making his brain think through this haze like a criminal. "Close. It's got to be on the second story by his bedroom." Inuyasha gestured up to the second story windows.

"Exactly, especially with us seeing no guards on this first floor at all. I haven't seen any movement or changes. They're on the second story in that room there which has been turned into an office. I guarantee it." He pointed to it on his phone then up to the window in the top corner across from them.

"Great work Sherlock. So now what do we do with it?"

"We need to watch for a few more minutes and see if we see any changes on the first story. If we have any guards come out unexpectedly to do a patrol we would want to look for that now." Miroku pointed to bottom right windows. "Watch those two for me and see if anyone is moving in the light on the edge of the curtains." Inuyasha nodded.

"She said this was a safe house and while I'm sure it's secure inside it really isn't that private considering who were talking about," Inuyasha noted.

"Well we've both dealt with Bankotsu before. What type of person would you describe him as?"

"A pretentious asshole," Inuyasha scoffed.

"Yep, and his home fits that perfectly. It's one of the most expensive listings in New York and is valued at over 5 million. He's just renting but it would have killed him to have a less showy home I bet. No matter what his line of work he still wanted to have a place like this because he thinks he deserves it." Miroku had always been good at analyzing people and situations and this was no different to him.

"Definitely not what I would chose if I were going to be involved in a cocaine ring this large."

"It's the largest on the Upper East coast Inu, but he's not practical. He's an over confident ass which is exactly what we're seeing."

The two fell into a silence again thinking through the next steps while continuing to monitor the house for changes. They waited another 15 minutes but nothing happened. Everything was quiet, eerily quiet.

"That's thirty minutes total we've been here. If they had a guard patrolling we would have already seen it. They don't think anyone knows about this location." Miroku finally broke the silence saying. He flexed his hands on the steering wheel carefully stretching his stiff fingers.

"There's a side door through the gardens that's an alternate entrance to using those French doors at the front. That's where we enter from and head to the stairs. From there we'll hopefully end up seeing someone. Any idea how many guards they have inside?"

"Kagome didn't say. I'm impressed Kikyou knew this much to be honest but considering Naraku did try to kill her as well tonight I doubt he shared that with her."

"Lets over estimate to be safe. There's realistically two to six guards in there plus Naraku and Bankotsu. If we plan for six and only find two then were in good shape. Four is the safest bet, that's their two best men each."

"Are we really assuming we can take them out?" Inuyasha stated what he thought was an obvious question.

"You forget our only pros my friend. We have plenty of supplies and the element of surprise on our side." Miroku smirked and reached into his back seat to pull out a case carefully. He unhooked the latches and opened it to show Inuyasha what might just tip the scales in their favor.

"Holy shit," he whispered. "What else is in that rainy day fund of yours Miroku?"

The driver turned onto a beautiful street and then abruptly pulled over the cab. "We're here," she explained at Kagome's confused look.

"The address you gave me is a few houses up on the left. The white looking one I think." Kagome's heart leapt up to her throat in sudden fear. She froze feeling rooted to the spot just looking at the house.

"Oh okay, fantastic." Kagome faltered looking up and down the street for anything suspicious or dangerous. It seemed very quiet and calm especially for New York, although it was approaching midnight. This didn't little to calm her frantic heart which was still thumping away.

The driver made an impatient cough waking Kagome from her thoughts. "Oh right. Thank you very much." Her manners returning to her she gave the women the fare and got out of the car with Inuyasha's bag safely around her.

She fidgeted her hands around the worn strap uneasily as she looked up and down the street for where to go next. Her nerves were getting the best of her now knowing she was so close to the dangerous man who had hurt Inuyasha and his friend. The same one that made Kikyou look so frightened and frail in that hospital bed.

The address Kikyou gave her was still several safe blocks away but she didn't want to be an idiot about this and be somewhere on the street in plain view. Kagome knew Inuyasha would be mad enough about her being this close so she needed to get out of sight and to a safer location.

Pulling out her phone she checked she didn't have any missed calls from Inuyasha. They were still steadily rolling in from Japan but she suspected her family had figured out she wasn't in the country anymore. She then searched her current location. Within a few seconds she found a coffee shop only one block behind her that stayed open until three.

'Perfect,' she thought. 'Surely I'll have heard something by then.' She decided once she got there and settled in with a coffee she should call Sango. She missed her terribly and felt bad that she hadn't had the chance to even tell her she was coming back to the states. She was too scared to use her cell phone in the airport in case they were trying to track it but knew it didn't matter by now.

Hopefully she and Inuyasha would be safe and fine by tomorrow morning. She let herself think out a little optimistic scenario where everything is fine and back to normal by the morning. Maybe they would even take the time to go visit Sango, she would love for her to meet him.

Putting her phone away she turned feeling more confident in her decisions that she had in hours.

Unfortunately that's the exact moment when a man's hands grabbed her from behind. He skillfully covered her scream with one hand and swiftly dragged her into a nearby alley, disappearing into the night.

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