The Courier Droid

By ImperialJedi

Summary: Post-ESB, Pre ROTJ. I found an old disk of mine and on it was this story of a mousebot and its adventures on the SSD Executer. I've broken it down into seven chapters and there will be minimal editing done to it. I wrote it my freshman year of high school, so that would have made me 14 years old. Enjoy! –IJedi

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the story, characters, industry, or royalties thereof. I do, however, own a modest collection of EU books, all but Ep. 3 of the movies, and a homemade Jedi outfit. Obviously, no money is being made.


The mousebot squeaked as it ran on its wheels down the metal plated hull. It looked more like a black toaster than a mouse, but it got it's nickname from the squeak and the fact that it ran along the floor near the crewmen's booted feet. In fact, it not only squeaked, it had a mission. Yes, it had a purpose for roaming the halls of the Imperial Star Destroyer. For it is known as...

The Courier Droid

Admiral Piett ran down the halls to his Lords' current location on the Super Star Destroyer. The Executor was massive and navigating the halls was a bit of a trick, but he arrived safely at his destination. He had, of course, been the Captain of this ship until his predecessor, Admiral Ozzel, failed the Dark Lord of Sith in the attack of the rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth. The attack had been counted as an Imperial victory in the end after the death of two fleet commanders and many others in the ground troops.

Piett slowed down to a walk and straightened his olive green uniform. Taking a deep breath he rounded the corner. Darth Vader stood like a dark monolith in the steel gray corridor. The Admiral walked up to the Sith and awaited acknowledgement. After only a few moments he started to feel impatient. Was the Dark Lord asleep? A mousebot rolled by to the end of the hall and took a left, disappearing from sight. He felt a slight tug through what he did not know was the Force and decided to face the wraith of Vader. He had important news that needed to be delivered immediately.

"Lord Vader," the Admiral said in a respectfully. Only silence responded. This was beginning to be ridiculous. "Lord Vader!" Vader stirred and then stood a little taller than before. He turned around sharply causing his long cape to flutter behind him. He raised one hand and curved his finger. Piett then found himself hanging more than a meter above the floor and fighting for air.

"What is it, Piett?" his voice boomed. Piett started to struggle with the invisible hand around his neck, but stopped suddenly remembering what he meant to say. It was important enough to save his life and excuse him for awaking Vader. With a fearful confidence he answered.

"Th, the Em, Emperor," the Admiral managed to stammer. He suddenly fell to the floor and felt a great pain in his leg. Piett winced. "He wishes you to contact him, immediately." His leg hurt so bad he sat on the floor. He could swear it was broken.

"Very well. Have it connected to my private chambers," and with that the Dark Lord whirled around and stalked off to his quarters. As soon as he was around the corner and out of sight Piett allowed his true pain to show externally. "Owww...," he moaned and then allowed himself a string of Corellian curses. Tears formed in his eyes, but they never fell.

A minute later, two medical personal rushed over with a stretcher. 'Bout time, he thought bitterly. A mousebot appeared out of nowhere and scurried straight to Piett with a datacard. The Admiral grabbed it and then lifted himself onto the stretcher. The droid scampered off as he laid down and requested a datapad as he was carried to the med bay. Piett was handed one and he put in the datacard. It distracted him from the pain. He read it carefully, very carefully.