The Courier Droid

By ImperialJedi

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The mousebot beeped at Piett and wondered at the human's conviction that the Emperor was the rightful leader of the galaxy. He was evil, the courier droid thought. Yet, weak at the same time. Palpatine spent all day sitting on his throne sending Vader, his evil henchman, to do all the dirty work. Darth Vader was not as weak and without him the Empire would not live. If I rid the galaxy of the Sith Lord surely the Emperor will be weakened and the Rebels would prevail.

The droid continued to contemplate his attack at Darth Vader while as he entered the shuttle. They took off and flew into space leaving the Imperial Center behind. The droid decided to mess with someone's orders that way they would damage Vader's life support pod while he was in it, killing him. The little mousebot did not know of the Force and did not have that accounted for in his plan.

As soon as they landed in the hangar bay and the ramp was lowered down, the courier droid zoomed off. Admiral Piett looked at it strangely and thought it was malfunctioning. He called maintenance. They confirmed the order and Piett went up to the bridge.

The mousebot zipped along in the halls and was once almost blasted by a stormtrooper caught off guard. He immediately plugged into a computer terminal and started a scan for the right person to do the job. He had nearly finished his search when he suddenly squealed and fell silent. Standing nearby was a droid mechanic with a restraining bolt controller pointed at 1523.

He took it to his workshop and downloaded the film from the holocamera to his personal computer not connected to the ship. He then took the droid apart. It had become faulty one too many times and acted strange. He saved the powerpack and tossed the rest into his scrap pile. After viewing the film he transmitted it to the Rebel Alliance. The transmission was intercepted and the traitor was executed leaving the intelligent courier droid's effort a total waste.


Later, the Emperor physically punished Vader for his failure to turn or destroy Luke Skywalker on the planet Bespin. He later told him that his assassin, Mara Jade, would handle Skywalker. He was expected to arrive at Jabba's Palace on Tatooine to rescue Han Solo. That's where Mara Jade went while Darth Vader was sent out on some useless missions and battled against his rival, Prince Xixor, the leader Black Sun's crime organization. Things were moving very fast and Firmus Piett remained Admiral on the Executor for the rest of his days.


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