I knew it would happen eventually...my need for one-shots has returned once again. Just a bit of nonsense, some light reading for those of you that have been cursed with my intense stories for so long. Hopefully, enjoy.


"Oh come on. Why?"

"Because I said no."

"Are you scared?"

"Robin, do you value your life?"

The Boy Wonder paused in mock concentration. "Um...no. Now why won't you come with me?"

"Because!" Raven's eyes flashed dangerously, but frustration was not the primary emotion she was currently being plagued with.

Robin quieted at the tone in her voice, wondering if he had pushed too far. But, being the stubborn individual he always was, he continued to push anyway. Robin was one of those kids that would keep putting their hand on the burner until there was no hand left unless someone stopped them. "This one isn't that bad, I swear. It's fun! Come on, you'll like it, I promise!"

Raven's eyebrow quirked doubtfully as she stared up at the rickety contraption, the screams of poor tortured souls ringing in her ears. "Fun?"

Robin rolled his eyes. "Yes, fun. You know, rides, cotton candy...carnival? This place is all about fun."

"I don't do fun."

"Oh come on!" Robin yelled, tugging her hand in exasperation. "If we don't get in line we'll be waiting here all night!"

"Well then I hope you brought your sleeping bag, because nothing you could say would make me get on that deathtrap."

Robin looked almost ready to give up for a moment, or perhaps he was considering resorting to desperate pleas...but then the lightbulb went on with a pleasant ding. "If you ride this with me...then I'll let you dunk me."

Raven's eyebrows went up in surprise as she contemplated this idea. "And how do I know you'll keep your word?"

Robin's face grew solemn, his back rigid, one arm jerked forward in salute. "You have my word as an honorary crime-fighter." When this failed to impress her, he tried again. "...And you can give me a wedgie if I fail to comply."

Raven's nose wrinkled at the thought. "No thanks...but I'm sure I can think of some other method of torture..."

Concerned by the wicked light in her amethyst eyes, Robin gulped uncomfortably. "Well I'm afraid you'll have to save your creativity for Beast Boy, because I'll keep my end of the bargain...if you keep yours." Holding out his gloved hand solemnly, he said, "Deal?"

Raven stared down at it, carefully weighing the situation to see if a soaking wet and spluttering Robin would make up for five minutes spinning like a thing gone possessed. She decided it was...but she wasn't about to let him get off easy. Smirking evilly, Raven raised the stakes. "Double or nothing."

Robin's eyes widened. "Twice? For just one ride? No way."

Placing her hands on her hips with a supremely unconcerned look on her face, Raven droned, "Well then, I suggest you get comfortable. They say it's going to be cold tonight."

Robin scowled, doing something that was a teenage version of the toddler pout. Digging his steel-toed boot into the gravel and gazing longingly at the wildly twisting ride, he set his jaw stubbornly. "Lets make things fair. For every ride you go on with me, I'll let you dunk me. So, one ride, one dunk. Ok?"

"Throw in a live performance of Oops I Did It Again, and you've got yourself a deal." Raven struggled to keep her face straight, but it was revealed in the traitorous twitching of her lips. Seeing Robin's deathly white face, she reconsidered, however. As amusing as that would be, the others would ask awkward questions if she brought Robin back to the tower in a state of panic. "Just kidding. Deal."

Robin let out a sigh of relief, then glared at her in mild anger. Before he could say anything, she grabbed his hand and got in the ever-growing line. The Ring of Fire loomed before them: a towering circle of track with something similar to a train zooming around and around its rickety frame. There was no way in the free world that she would let him see how much...concern it inspired in her, especially since he was bouncing on the balls of his feet in eagerness. Her eyes grew wide in bewilderment as he practically itched with impatience. She had always known that Robin was not all there, but this...this was pure insanity.

He suddenly stopped his excited chatter, looking at her uncomfortably. "What? Did I spill mustard on my shirt or something?"

Raven jumped a little, looking away hastily. She hadn't realized she was just staring at him like that...when he continued to look worried, she relieved his doubts...kind of. "No. But you're funny looking enough without condiments, you know."

Laughing and shoving her lightly in a buddy-buddy manner, Robin returned his attention to the scientific miracle before them, Raven's staring completely forgotten. It was amazing how dorky and care-free he could be when the word "crime" wasn't involved...almost made her wish they could be normal more often.

The line crawled by as group after group climbed onto the rollercoaster with confidence and excitement, then climbed off in varying states of mental collapse. With each passing group, Raven became more and more quiet, while Robin was increasingly enthusiastic. The empath was extremely glad that she had turned Robin down on the offer of a chili dog...she could imagine what those would feel like coming back up.

"Finally!" yelled Robin as they were at last allowed to climb on. He stopped his forward dash only when he realized that Raven wasn't with him. Turning questioningly, he cocked an eyebrow. "You coming?"

With a steely glare that seemed to him unwarranted, Raven jerked her head and joined him in the coaster. The bars locked down with an alarming finality, saying quite plainly that there was no getting off now...she was completely trapped. Fighting the...worry that gripped her chest painfully, Raven nodded stiffly in response to the question she hadn't even heard. And then...they were moving.

It was slow at first, rocking back and forth in a way that would have been soothing, if she hadn't known it was about to get infinitely worse. The grin plastered to Robin's masked face had her wondering if he had sniffed something before leaving the tower. How on earth could he possibly be enjoying this nightmare?

She soon realized why the Boy Wonder had insisted on riding in the very front car...you were the first to go. Her stomach leapt into her mouth, her fists clenched in vain around the bar as they zoomed up the track, Robin whooping beside her. For a moment, she thought for sure they were going full circle...but then it dropped back down with stomach-turning speed, zooming along the track backwards at a rate greatly increased from the last. Watching the world fly by in sickening swirls of strangely bright colors, Raven saw the ground before she felt the falling...that horrible sinking sensation in your stomach...and then they just stopped. Upside down.

"This is great! Hey, check it out, there's the tower!" Robin pointed happily, rapping his knuckles on the ceiling of their compartment...which had now become the floor. When he got no response from Raven, he glanced in her direction, then fixed her with a worried stare. "Are you ok?"

The pressure of being upside down for this long was pushing her head to exploding point, the screams of her fellow victims ringing in her ears as her entire body buzzed with panic. She couldn't breathe, couldn't seem to force air into her lungs as her arms screamed from the effort of holding onto the bars. As they continued to sit there at the very top, she inevitably began to wonder if they were stuck...


She forced her head around slowly, locking eyes with him...and in that moment, it didn't seem strange. With a sort-of detached logic, she realized that his mask must have been ripped off by the speeding air currents. Knowing this didn't matter, though. The eyes gave her focus.

"Shh just breathe, ok? Breathe." His voice was calm and soothing, easing her franticly beating heart. "We'll be moving any minute, just calm down. Now listen, when we start down again, scream."

"W...why?" It was hard to force the words out of her locked jaw as a piercing shriek came from the car behind them and the track creaked ominously in the wind.

"Just do it. If you don't scream...well, just trust me, it's always better if you scream." He reached over with difficulty and squeezed her hand, a gentle smile in his deep brown eyes. "Ok?"

She jerked her head in consent, tensing as the coaster screeched into action again. "Robin?" she yelled over the wind and screams.


"You Are One Dead Little Water Rat!"

His laughter was the last thing she heard before they dropped, the force wipping her hair wildly and stretching the skin on her cheeks. Shutting her eyes tightly, she took his advice, letting all the tension and fear out in a throat-tearing scream.

Scream. Gasp. Yell. Scream. Gasp. Scream again. Breathe. Shriek. Yell. Try not to break Robin's fingers. Scream once again.

After what seemed an eternity, the ride finally came to a hault, rocking back and forth a few times for good meassure before the attendant finally let them off the living nightmare. Raven had never been more grateful to feel solid earth beneath her feet.

"So...pretty fun, huh?"

Raven gave him a withering look, and Robin quickly shut his mouth, though his brown eyes sparkled with amusement. Apparently the Boy Wonder had yet to realize the absence of his mask, not that he could have found it if he had. He didn't know, and Raven sure wasn't telling. No need for him to have a panic attack and leave before she got the chance to submerge him in a large pool of ice cold water. "Ok, Boy Blunder, now it's your turn for misery. To the dunking pool!"

Robin sighed wearily, then darted a glance in her direction. "Now, when you say 'torture', what exactly do you mean?"

Raven rolled her eyes, grabbed him by the arm, and physically dragged him to the rudely named Whale Wash. The line was--surprise surprise--incredibly short, as in consisting of two people besides themselves. Robin started to perspire, gulping uncomfortably as he watched the Dunker hit the Dunkee with a missaimed thick rubber ball. At last the poor soul, by this time cursing and attempting to extricate himself from the dunking chair, was plunged into the ice-cold pool with a splash that soaked his uniform. Oh well, no point worrying about a drop or two when he was about to become personally aquainted with the germ-infested water from whence it came. Darn it, he should have considered that before agreeing to this evil little deal.

"Ready?" The wicked smile just kept getting wider as Raven stared at the stockinged and sour-faced Robin perched on the little metal seat. Right then and there, she made a personal resolve to ride on everything available, maybe going twice on some if necessary.

He merely scowled, folding his arms across his chest and swinging his legs. "Just get it over with all ready!" What had possessed him into agreeing to this?

Raven pretended not to see his distress as the rubber ball glowed black and flew in little circles around Robin's head, occasionally bouncing off his skull. This continued for about five minutes until Robin finally snapped. Just when he opened his mouth to scream a stream of explitives at her, she aimed the ball at the target and sent it flying with inhuman speed. It hit its mark (how could it not?) and Robin's brown eyes widened ever so slightly as the only thing between him and the radioactive waste beneath him vanished.

Not only was the water cold, filthy, and halfway down his throat, the pool was shallow, a bonk on the butt adding injury to insult. He came up gasping, spluttering, and uttering a stream of creative swears (Holy Cheese Wiz! Holy Heart Failure! etc). The sight of Raven engaged in a personal battle with a horde of persistant giggles did nothing to improve his mood. Grinning twitchily, she offered a hand to pull him out, saying with some level of sincerity, "Here, let me help you."

Robin smiled evilly on the inside (he saw straight through her little trick), but on the outside, his face was composed. "Thanks, Rae," he said, smiling and extending his hand.

A quick jerk was all it took. With a loud splash, Raven joined him in the Whale Wash, coming up soaking wet and spitting mad, Robin laughed and choked on the dirty water, his face bright red.

"You evil, retarded, bird-brained, dirty rotten--!"

Raven's eyes widened, looking straight into his deep brown orbs and feeling a blush creep into her face. It was over in what was perhaps a millisecond, just a quick pec on the lips, nothing too bold or sappy. All the same, it left her head reeling and her mind very much confused.

"See that? They're spontaneous! Why can't you be spontaneous?"

Robin and Raven jerked their heads around, showering the girl with little droplets of water. Former Dunker and Dunkee were standing a few feet away, a dreamy look in the Dunker's eyes. Instantly both titans turned a fiery red.

The Dunkee scowled and grumbled something to the affect of "my spontaneous muscles are broken" before shuffling away, the dreamy-eyed girl trailing along in his wake.

Slightly embarassed yet not regretting their little spell in the Whale Wash, they climbed out and shook off a bit, Raven squeezing out her hair while Robin desperately tried to salvage his. "You know...it actually looks somewhat decent, like this," commented Raven, a tiny part of the blush returning as she carefully avoided his eyes.

When Robin scoffed and shook his head skeptically, she shrugged, looking for another ride to earn her another dunking. "Hey let's go on that one, The Zipper."

Robin stopped dead in his tracks, a muscle twitching furiously at his temple as his face drained of all color. "The Z-zipper?"

MUHAHAHA! What's this? A ride that Robin's afraid of? Ok there it is...and don't even SAY one word about sappiness, cuz this was TOTALLY not! Robin: -snicker- Dusty: -growl- If this reminded you of the ep Betrayal, it was unintended, though I do like that episode. I got the inspiration from going to our county fair...so yeah. Review please!