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This story takes place….somewhere after book 3 but before book 6. They're still in high school, Rei and Kira are still at that awkward stage where neither of them wants to say it but they know it….so use your imagination as to where it belongs.

Rei sat on his bike, twiddling with the strap of his helmet. He was sitting in the school parking lot. Amazingly he was here before any of his friends. They'd all be surprised when they saw him sitting in the lot, just waiting. Not drinking, smoking or anything else the teachers would hate.

Just waiting, and sitting quietly.

He had come to school early to talk to someone, the meeting had ended earlier then he had expected and now had a good 20 minutes before classes were to start. He had decided to just wait for Kira in the lot. Of course it had occured to him to just ride over to her house and pick her up, but he knew what her mother would think of that; his engine blaring at a quarter to eight in the morning, the only sound echoing through the morning air. He laughed at the thought of him whisking Kira up off the side of the road and onto his bike while her mother ran out of the apartment complex still in her bathrobe, shouting angry threats to him.

He looked down at his bike, reconsidering the ride just to bug Miss. Aso but decided against it. He'd just surprise her here instead. It didn't take long for her slim, short, figure to show up in the distance, walking through the morning glare from the sun. He stayed where he was, fighting the compelling urge to jog over to her and give her a morning embrace but knew that would give her more of a shock then a warm fuzzy feeling. He got off his bike and looked down at his helmet again.

In time she made her way over to him, the moment she saw his tall, fair features standing near the bike rack, leaning on his motor cycle, she broke into a run. He gave her a quick smile before laying his helmet down on his seat, and opening his arms for her to jump into them. She did, and with a laugh she buried her face in his shirt.

"I can't believe you're here so early!" her voice was muffled by his shirt but he knew that's what she had said. He was used to her talking to his shirts instead of his face. He smiled and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him she blushed, slightly, "I'm sorry, I'm acting really childish." She looked down at her hands, still clutching his shirt, "I'm just happy to see you that's all."

Rei chuckled and kissed her again, this time on the lips, before saying, "You can see me anytime! At school, at home, on the track, on the road, in the nude!" he let out a burst of laughter the moment he got reaction he had wanted from his innocent girlfriend; a huge, cherry red blush spread over her cheeks at the last word he said. He threw his arm around her shoulder and began to walk her to class.

After lunch Rei gave Kira his usual goodbye before she'd head off to art and he: to sleep outside. Though she didn't know it or hear it in his voice, there was a lighthearted joke in his words when he said, "Okay, I'll see you later." because she didn't know how later or how sooner that would be.

Kira made herself comfortable in her seat. She set up her easel, and wondered what was taking the teacher so long to begin with the lesson. Her suspicions soon increased when she heard the teacher's voice out in the hall say, "This is a high school environment! Exposing yourself like that is against the rules!"

The entire class became interested in the conversation happening between the teacher and the-- supposedly-- nudist running around in the hallway.

Then they heard the voice of the nudist yell, "I'd rather sit there NAKED then wear a damn loincloth! No one wears those!" Kira blushed. The instant she had heard the nudist's voice she knew precisely who it belonged to.

Her suspicions were only confirmed when she saw her boyfriend, Rei, walk into the classroom. He wasn't naked, but he did hold a loincloth in his hand. He was angrily cursing at the art teacher before he caught sight of Kira. His features softened and he forgot about the argument. "Surprise!" he called out to her. "I'm in your class!"

Kira gave a short, "huh." with the cock of her head. The teacher came in and told Rei that he had to wear the loincloth. He sheepishly grinned at Kira before giving the teacher a slap on the back saying, "Alright. You old bag you win! You win!" he winked at Kira before going off to the washroom to change.

The teacher looked over her speechless students and shrugged. "You wanted a human model! So, I got you one!" she then explained how Rei Kashino had agreed to model for the class. "He's a perfect subject, all you have to do is look at Miss. Aso's painting --Mars-- to see that. He has a wonderful body, and you all have the optertuneity to…"

"Stop, stop!" Rei was leaning against the pane of the art room door. His arms were crossed over his bare chest and his strong legs were covered down to his knees in a loose white cloth. His rigid features caught everyone's attention in class. Not only the girls looked idoly at the scantily clothed Rei but the boys too, knowing for not only the first time what the girl's saw in him. He made his way over to the stool centred in the middle of everyone's easel, sitting on it so that he faced Kira and only Kira. She was still stunned to see him there, he laughed at the puzzled yet adorable expression on her face. Then he leaned over her easel and gave her a kiss. This seemed to have awoken Kira from her trance.

She looked up at him, "What are you doing in here?"

Rei shrugged. "I love you too, babe!"

Kira shook her head, and apologized, "I didn't mean it like that…it's just…" she trailed off and looked down at her hands.

Rei sat back down on the stool, still facing her. "I need the credit." he said bluntly. Kira looked up at him, concern and worry displayed all over her face. He smiled at her, he knew this would be her reaction.

Just then a girl from the other side of the room spoke up,"Hey! Unfair! Why is he facing Kira, why should she get the front? The front is the best part!"

Though this question was aimed at the uncompassionate teacher, Rei answered the question. "Because Kira isn't a big-huge-pervert like you! She'd take her time with my more delicate features, like my face instead of heading straight to my balls!" He turned back to Kira her expression was blank, unlike the red face he had been expecting. His face automatically broke into a concerned look, not knowing what she was thinking. "What's wrong?"

Kira looked up at him, a slight blush rising to her checks as she spoke quietly, "You're wearing your boxers under the cloth."

He didn't know what to say. At first he let his mouth drop open and his eyes bulged from his head as he stared at her embarrassed face. His mouth slowly turned into a smile but he couldn't change his eyes. "What the…I…KIRA! I didn't know you looked there!" he automatically shut his legs closed, as though she had offended him deeply.

Kira gave a small grin and tried to explain herself, "The cloth went up when you sat down."

Rei shook his head at the innocent girl's smile, loving how it casually spread across her face every now and then. He got up from the stool, much to the disgust of the students who had already began to sketch him. He grabbed a chair from the other side of the room and slouched down in that instead. He leaned on the back of the chair, still facing Kira as he let her sketch him and began to talk.

"I need the credit 'cause the old man says he won't send me anymore money unless I get a couple of credits this term." He spoke so that only Kira could hear him. She nodded, not keeping her eyes off of him or her sketch. Her eyes began to get really serious as she made sure to get every detail she possibly could from his astounding eyes. He let his long blonde hair hang in his face as he knew she had already sketched it that way.

A silence fell between the two. This was a silence that they didn't share often anymore. They used to when Rei had modeled for her but not anymore. This silence was different then the ones they had now. It wasn't awkward, or uncomfortable. Indeed neither of them had anything to say to each other but it wasn't because they were afraid to offend the other person, far from it. Rei didn't say anything because Kira's eyes had changed, they weren't bright and cheerful, or sad with despair, they were full of determination and loyalty. She still didn't know she had that look on her, the fearful look of concentration, even though Rei had already told her about it. She wasn't uncomfortable in the very least, she was busying herself in what she loved to do: paint. But in order for her to get to that stage she had to finish her drawing of Rei.

As she began to paint him her thoughts began to wander to why Rei really was in her classroom. He said it was because of a credit but how did he expect to get a credit without doing any work except sitting there. As her thoughts wandered so did the basis of her painting, she had finished Rei but the background was turning into something complex and dishevelled, though unknown to those who looked at the complex canvas. Then Kira looked over to Rei, the look in her eyes gone.

"Why did you say you're in here?"

"To get a cre--"

She cut him off. "No. No. Why did you choose art? Why not mechanics or shop or something you'd enjoy?"

Rei was speechless at her direct words but shrugged, "The art teacher came up to me the other day and offered a pretty good deal, I model for a week she gives me a credit. It's all good!"

Kira nodded and returned to her painting. She needed to choose the colours now, but wasn't sure what to use. At the moment clouds were covering her judgment. 'Rei only chose this class because the credit was easy. He doesn't appreciate the subject…or' she let her thoughts drift to the real reason for her sadness. 'or me. He didn't choose this class because I was in it. Just because it was easy.'

With that, she grabbed the blue, black, purple and green tubes from her box of oils. Squeezing just a little bit onto her palette, she began to paint her picture. However this picture was turning out much different then her other ones. Though she had Rei in a similar pose as the painting of Mars, his features seemed further away, making the object of this picture the background. She instantly began to brutally stroke the canvas, digging the bristles into the canvas as hard as she could.

Rei knew nothing about art, except that Kira was good at it. Her odd brush movements didn't bother him at all. Seeing that she was beginning to paint meant that he could sleep instead of model. Which he liked to do a whole lot better. He yawned and, ignoring the other student's complaints, fell asleep.

He awoke to the feel of Tetsuya kicking him. "Get up. What's this all about? Can't sleep in the nude anymore at home?" Rei stretched and looked around him. They were the only ones in the classroom. Tetsuya had a basketball in his hand, "So are we still on? The guys from North High are still game!"

Rei looked at him. "What time is it?"

Tetsuya looked down at his watch. "3:40"

Rei looked at Tetsuya, and jumped to his feet.,"School's been over for half an hour! Why didn't Kira wake me up! I had a class after this!"

Tetsuya looked Rei up and down before asking, "After…what exactly?"

Rei pushed passed him and grabbed his clothes on the way out, heading to the washroom. "Yeah I'm still game!" he informed Tetsuya over his shoulder before smiling at a group of girls in the hallway.

After he got changed and walked to the basketball court he played some ball. Every time he landed a shot he'd look to the crowd of cheering girls, wondering if Kira were there. He gave a disappointed sigh every time he didn't see her. He didn't know why he thought she'd be there watching them, she never did. Whenever she stayed after school she was in the art room, glancing outside every so often to peer at the court in perfect view of her classroom. When the other team had the ball a thought drifted into his head, 'Why hadn't Kira woken me up after class? Maybe she thought I needed the sleep because I was here so early.'

"What the hell are you doing, man?" Tatsuya hit him hard on the back. "Didn't you sleep enough in class? Why do you need to sleep on the court?"

Rei gave a snort of laughter, saying, "You just can't win without me can you?"

The next day Rei didn't say anything to Kira: teacher's orders. However, he did sneak a few glances up at her and saw that something seemed to be troubling her. He also noticed that the class had gotten a lot larger since the previous day.

The art teacher had noticed this too and ordered everyone who had not signed up for art at the start of term to leave the room immediately. Roughly 20 girls and 5 boys stood up to leave the room. Rei gave his fan club the royal wave, causing everyone sketching to grumble again.

Rei had decided to catch Kira after class, but in the minute it took him to put away his chair and turn around, she had vanished. Rei asked a few people where she had gone but the only answer he got was "out the door."

"Okay, I'll catch her tomorrow. Maybe before class." he thought out loud as he went to the washroom to change.

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The next day Rei made his way to the other side of the classroom, he and Kira had had a great lunch that day, they talked and laughed but when he asked her if he could walk her to art class her expression turned cold and she told him it wasn't necessary. After he picked up his chair he waited until he saw Kira walk to her easel. He moved forward but the art teacher caught a hold of him first.

"Rei! The students want you to get into the outfit you had on before, they already began the sketch of you in that. Besies, you've been disturbing their sketching by moving so much the least you could do is wear the same outfit."

Rei looked down at the jeans and T-shirt he was wearing. He sighed, knowing Kira would be there when he got back and reluctantly went to the washroom. When he got back the teacher forced him into his seat and he wasn't able to talk to her. He sat down and let the kids sketch him. Actually, most had already moved on to painting him, they were the people who had made a mental picture of Rei instead of copying every position he made.

Rei stared at Kira, though he was in the same classroom as her and she just behind her easel, he felt he'd never been farther away from her, not since they'd known each other, at least. He sighed, he knew that he had to get to the bottom of what was going on with her. He fell into a silence as he watched her. Trying to pinpoint what might be wrong, but her expression only held the determination it always did when she was painting. Which gave Rei nothing but determination of his own. 'I have to find out what's wrong with her.' he thought. Hoping it wasn't him.

While the teacher was making her way around the classroom she spotted a boy who was not a proper art student. She tapped him on his shoulder. The tall blonde boy turned around to reveal his headphones and loud techno music to the teacher. She threw her hand up in the air and swiped it across the boy's head. He let out a yell and began to fight with the teacher. This was the perfect opportunity for Rei to talk to Kira; since all the other students had gone to see why there was a teacher and student wrestling on the floor of the art room.

He made his way to stand behind her. His eyes opened in shock at the sight of the painting she was making. This was the first time he'd ever laid eyes on it and, in all honesty, he was a bit frightened by it. He tapped her shoulder and she jumped out of her painting to look up at him with frightened eyes.

"What…When- when did you move?" she looked to the chair he'd been sitting in and then back at him.

He laughed and pointed to her picture asking some questions about the colours, "Why all the blue?"

She gave a nervous laugh to the question saying, "What's wrong, you don't like blue?"

He looked at her, a serious expression on his face, "Not the way you're using it." He then looked over at the conflict on the other side of the room. Everyone was still distracted but he leaned in to her ear to say his next words, fearful that anyone would hear him, "My physiatrist once told me that kids who painted with blues, especially dark blues were upset, depressed in some way or another. While those who used reds and yellows were extremely happy." He pulled away from her to see her reaction.

She was looking up at him with her large, curious eyes. "What if blue was just their favourite colour?" she asked weakly, knowing he'd already thought of an answer to her response.

He looked down at her, concern and hope appearing all over his face. "The way you use the colours can make all the difference. Now, I don't know anything about painting, that's your and Sei's department," he gave a weak smile, trying to ease the situation. Then he grabbed her hands as he spoke, "but I don't think there's nothing on your mind when you practically kill your brushes." He picked up the size 0.2 brush. It's white bunny fur was drenched in black paint, the bristles were going all over the place and Kira stared at it as though for the first time in ages; shocked at how distorted it looked.

She grasped the brush in her hand and a tear fell down her check. Rei tried to gently catch the tear from her cheek but Kira pushed his hand away. "What are you doing here?" she asked firmly. Several more tears fell down her face but she didn't care, she wanted a straight answer for once from him.

Rei looked at Kira's face, he didn't want to see her upset. It was killing him to just stand there and let her tears fall but he knew Kira just wanted an answer. The problem was he didn't have one. "I told you- I needed the--"

He reached out to her but she shoved him away. Tears falling more frequently and her voice rising. "You've never given a DAMN about any credit before!" Kira stopped, not believing what had just come out of her mouth. She looked around to see that every student was watching them now. She put a hand to her closed lips, then slowly walked out the door, not making eye contact with anyone.