Chapter 2

Rei caught up to Kira outside. She was sitting on a bench; sobbing. Quietly, he sat down beside her. He cautiously laid his arm over the back of the bench, not wanting to spook her or scare her in any way. She noticed his presence and turned towards him, not taking her hands off of her eyes. Then she leaned into his bare chest, apologizing and crying all at the same time.

Rei wrapped his arms around her, and had to gulp down a lump in the throat before continuing. "I'm sorry." he breathed at last. "I shouldn't have said anything about your painting, it…looks nice. I didn't mean to hurt you when I…"

She looked up at him and shook her head, "You were right though, I didn't notice the colours I had chosen because I was really upset about something." She pulled away from him and looked down at her hands, slowly her tears died down and she was able to look at his longing face. She knew what he wanted but she wasn't ready to tell him why she was so upset. Instead she put on a smile and tried to tell him she was okay.

Rei shook his head, knowing that the smile on her face was fraud but knew why she'd put it there. He decided to play her little game and dropped the interrogation, he sat back and changed the subject. "So, I was thinking that you and I should go somewhere after school. I'll give you a ride anywhere you want, you name it!"

Kira looked up into his smiling eyes and gave him an excited grin. He was happy, seeing she was really going to enjoy it. Then her hands shot over her mouth and anxiety swept over her eyes. "Oh no. I promised my mom I'd come straight home tonight and help her clean up the apartment. She's having some friends over tomorrow night." he saw the look of disappoint run across her face, knowing he was feeling the same way.

She looked away, apologizing but he shook it off. "We can do it another day." She nodded still feeling upset. He kissed her cheek then asked with a smile, "What day are you free this week?"

Kira thought for a moment then her eyes lit up. "I'm free tomorrow!"

Rei's smile faded, knowing he had to diminish that glow from her. "I'm sorry…I'm really busy tomorrow, I have to go to an important meeting right after school." he saw the look of disappointment shadow her face again and immediately felt awful. "But I'm free Friday. Friday's the best night for a date anyway!" Kira smiled again, saying she was free that night too. They began to retreat back into the school when they heard a group of girls giggle at the loincloth Rei was wearing, both of them felt a light jump in the other's step as they walked back to class.

The next day Kira had started painting Rei in class, though she was still mad by the fact he'd chosen to take the art class just for the credit, she felt a bit happier, knowing he cared enough to ask her what was wrong. She picked up her pinks and pale yellow to begin his face. She'd look up at him every now and then to see how the light fell on him. She tried to shake off all of her bad thoughts, telling herself, 'he's here, I should be happy about that.' After art class Kira hurried to her next class with Rei, the first time they'd done so all week. Since Kira didn't have anything to do after school she decided she'd stay to finish up her painting. It had been awhile since she done that and she was beginning to miss the peaceful comfort of being alone while she painted.

After the last bell rang she rushed to the art room. She had said goodbye to Harumi and told her where she was but she hadn't even gone to Rei's locker to say goodbye; she didn't want to keep him from his meeting.

She moved briskly around the classroom, taking her time to set everything up, just happy to be back in the creative atmosphere. She grabbed her brushes from her art box and began to wash the bright colours evenly onto Rei. Slowly covering up any of the dark colours that had edged their way on to his body. She put her brushes down when she'd finish painting all of his skin. She looked her painting up and down, wondering what to paint next. She decided to do the loin cloth first, this way she could wait for her oils to dry a bit more before colouring in his blonde hair. She looked at her brushes. "I need to wash these before I do anything with white!"

That was another thing she liked about being there after school, she could talk to herself and not look like a complete fool; because no one could see her!

She stood up but stopped. Something caught her ears. She strained them to catch what the sound was but it didn't matter, it still sounded the same, it was the cry of a motorcycle. Rei was the only motorcyclist in the school, she wondered why it sounded like he was coming back from somewhere. She hoped Harumi hadn't told him about her staying after school. If she was indeed alone in the school then he could get worried; knowing him.

She sank back down in her chair, wondering what it was Rei was doing there, she soon had her answer. She heard his footsteps quickly approach and before she knew what was happening she saw his head poke through the open door.

He looked around the room, it was dark because Kira was using the light from the huge window on the other side of the room instead of the lights. He apparently didn't see her. "Are you in here?" he called out loudly.

Kira sat where she was, she didn't care if he was looking for her, she was painting and hadn't asked for him to come. She hid behind her easel, hoping he'd leave but instead he entered the classroom. "Are you in here?" he called again.

Just then the art teacher came out of her office. "Yes I'm here! I just had to finish some marking!"

He laughed saying, "Aww…you didn't forget about our date did you?" Kira listened and could tell Rei was just joking around with her teacher.

"You little! Do you at least have it?" Kira poked her head out from the side of the easel, she couldn't see anything except Rei's back. She could tell he was handing her teacher something but couldn't tell what it was until the teacher exclaimed, "Waffles!" Kira looked closely as her teacher held a golden, blonde, kitten high in her hands. "I missed you my little snuggle-wuggle-kitty-kin's! Yes I did!" Though the teacher was excited to see him the cat looked like it was in pain to be seeing her again.

Rei stroked a hand through his hair, "Yeah, so…can I have my credit?"

The teacher balanced the cat on her shoulder and reached into her pocket. Kira could hear the rustling of paper as the teacher handed him a note. "Give that to the principal and he'll give you the credit. Though stealing a cat just to get into your girlfriend's class? Really!"

Immediately Rei rebuttled, "I didn't steal him! He wandered out infront of my bike, you're just lucky I didn't run over it! When I'm bored I run over things!" He turned away from the teacher and Kira could tell Rei, from his voice and his the bit of expression she could make out from the window'slight, that he wasn't serious but the teacher seemed to think so and she clutched the cat even tighter then before.

"You're an animal! You know that Rei Kashino?"

Rei nodded, "That's what everyone tells me!"

She walked back into her office muttering about blackmail and comforting Waffles. Rei gave a snicker at the sight before turning to go. He gave the classroom one more look then saw Kira peeking out from behind her easel. She saw his cheeks gain a few shades of pink but he ignored them as he moved towards her.

He ruffled her hair before sitting in the seat next to her. "What are you doing here so late?"

She stared at her hands while she spoke to him, "I was about to ask you the same thing."

He stroked his chin and looked up at the ceiling, "Well…I was here because…"

"Was your meeting with my art teacher?"

He smiled down at her, "You're a smart one! Why were you eavesdropping?"

She looked at him, though he sounded cheerful she knew he hadn't wanted her there. "I was going to finish up my painting of you. I'm sorry! I didn't know you'd be here!"

"Did you listen to all of it?" She nodded and he gave a sigh. "Look, I'll try to explain. I didn't… "

"Why didn't you just tell me you choose art class because I was in it?" she interrupted him.

He looked at her, taken aback by her bold statement. Then he smiled, happy to be reminded that she wasn't a real wimp. "Well I didn't really…You have to know that I do need the credit for my dad to send me some money! Remember that! The teacher coming up to me and asking me to model was a bunch of bull shit. I blackmailed her with her cat so she'd let me in here."

Kira laughed but looked at Rei with a look that pressed him on. Eager to hear the answer to her question.

He became very nervous looking at her and had to turn away. He brushed his hand through his hair, then looked back at her. "You heard didn't you?" She smiled and nodded. "Urgh…okay…I did choose this class because you were in it. I didn't say anything cause…you know…" he pushed his long hair out of his eyes and looked at her. "It…sounds corny."

Kira gave him a smile of pure tenderness and said. "No! Of course it's not! I think it's sweet…and…a bit of a relief actually." Rei searched her face asking her what she meant and she poured out all of her dreaded thoughts over the past week to him. When she was finished she apologized saying, "I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions should I?"

He collected Kira in a big hug, saying, "I guess I should have just come straight out and told you. It would have saved us both a lot of worrying." Kira got up and sat down on Rei's lap, he still kept his arms around her and smiled. "I guess we're still new at this dating thing huh?"

Kira nodded, but gave him a light peck on the cheek. "It's not like it's a bad thing though."

He smiled up at her, knowing she was right, "Okay, you're right! We can do it!"

Rei sat down in the art class, they were having a small little art show between everyone in class. He liked all of the paintings but there was something about the simple painting of Kira's that caught his eye. It was just him, in a starry background, nothing to complicated but it was him dead on. Some of the students had done a more abstract theme (featuring Rei as more of a jigsaw puzzle then an actual human) while others had a haunting bodesk theme, (featuring Rei in sheets of brown, tan and other earthly tones).

He sat down with his arm around Kira in the back row while each student went up to explain their art. Though he didn't like how he was displayed in some he had to say he loved every painting. All of them held the soul and expression of each individual artist. None of them looked the exact same though they all had the same model.

When the blonde boy who had had the wrestling match with the teacher the other day went up to show his art, Rei couldn't help but get interested. The boy had a blanket over his art and held everyone's attention when he took the stand. "Alright! Prepare yourselves………For:" he swiped off the blanket to display a blue canvas, the only other thing in the painting was a small red circle in the middle of the canvas. It wasn't tiny but it wasn't big either, Rei and the other students didn't understand, and the title didn't help either. "Jour de L'Amore Immodéré!"

The teacher let out a burst of exhaustion, "That's nothing but a dot!"

The boy looked insulted. "How dare you! This CLEARLY defines the brain that is: Rei Kashino!"

The teacher and the boy got into another argument while Rei nudged Kira, "I like it!" Kira pointed out that the boy was making fun of Rei but he shook it off. "No…he's definitely got something on me in that picture."

Rei stood up. And walked over to the picture, she followed him and when she was close to him he grabbed her hand. She watched as he let his hand cover the entire canvas. "Look…this canvas is all me!" he then brought his finger down to point at the red dot, "And this is where you have come in."

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