Asuran and Cagalli have been together for the past two years, and today was their anniversary. The blonde beauty was waiting in her apartment for her boyfriend to arrive and celebrate their two years of love. What she didn't know that this day will be her last with him as a couple.

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Chapter one:

"Where is he? He sure is taking his time. He told me he'd be here by 1:00 o'clock" Said the frustrated Cagalli; she was wearing an olive green skirt with yellow sleeveless top.

Pacing up and down "What is the important thing he wanted to discuss? Ahh I hate waiting. I even wore a skirt for him,"

She picked up her cell phone and wanted to call him when the door bell rang. While she was heading to the door "Finally" she sighed.

Opened the door with a smile on her face to see her blue haired man who was wearing black pants and white shirt while holding his black jacket on his right. She kissed him "What took you so long, Asuran? Its 2:30 you know" she said while tapping her watch.

"I'm sorry Cagalli "while letting him in, he sat on the couch and gestured for her to sit next to him "I need to tell you something"

Cagalli walked to him" Don't worry we have plenty of time we can talk it over lunch, I made chicken curry the way you like it not too spicy" she said winking at him. Then she noticed the sad face he's wearing and he wasn't looking at her when he's talking.

"Asuran is there something wrong!"

Asuran held his hand out for her and she took and sat next to him. He began" Cagalli something has come up and I have to go back to England" sensing that he hasn't finished she was quiet and listened to him, he continued" and I'm afraid that I won't be coming back"

"W-what do you mean?" she replied more like a whisper and she felt her heart sink.

"My parents are in Debt for the Hawkes, a huge amount of money and they can't pay them back in the time they agreed on, in order to release my parents from the debt I have to marry one of their daughters" Asuran answered.

"What about me? What about us?" she said tears forming in her Amber eyes.

"You must understand Cagalli, I have to do this" he said while looking at her and cupping her cheek.

"Asuran…I…I don't want you to go…" tears falling down on her cheeks, she was sobbing" My fa...Father could help, he won't refuse I know….know that, y-you can pay him...back anytime" she finished

he looked at her while wiping her tears with his thumb; smiling at her" you know I can't do that…"

"Yes you can, please Asuran" she said

He answered her with a slight anger tone in his voice, removing his hand from her "I am telling you this so you would understand not pity my parents"

"I'm trying to help, Asuran" the shocked Cagalli said "I don't want US to be over"

"I love you Asuran, I love you too much" tears still falling

"I love you too Cagalli but I have to help my parents you have to understand"

"NO I Don't understand..." yelled the angered Blonde; they both were silent for a few moments. When Asuran spoke" I won't go for a week yet, I want us to be together even if it is for one time" blushing slightly (A/N: Yes, he's still a virgin and so is she)

She looked deep in his green emerald eyes and knew he was sincere but that was not the way she wanted it to be. She wanted to wait until they were married. After they have had the most beautiful and romantic wedding any two people in love would dream of having, however that dream seems now impossible.

"I'm sorry Asuran; though I know how much I want you still I refuse to be with you and then to be cast away. I love you but if you are determined on leaving I can't keep you and I don't want us to be hurt more than we are now" she said.

Asuran stood up, upset and surprisedat what she said "Very well, Cagalli then I shall be going now. Goodbye"

He walked to the door she followed him turn his head to see his face one last time. She hugged him and kissed him and found no reaction from him "Goodbye Asuran" looking away.

He left and slammed the door behind him. She fell on her knees crying.

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