by Zandrellia - zandrellia@excite.com

Usagi has a school project where she has to sing but
she also needs a male counter part. Who will it be
and what will happen?

I don't own Sailor Moon, it was never my idea and none of the characters
represented in this fictional work were my origional ideas.


"As you all know it is midterm and that means you all
must do a major project as part of your final grade
for this half of the year." Miss Haurana stated as
she began to write on the chalk board in English.

Usagi groaned and strained to tell what it said.
-Umm.. something.. something.. big long word..
sing.. something.. english.- She read to herself and
sighed. How would she do this project if it had to
be in English.. and what is this about singing?

"Each of you will pull a card from this basket. On
the card is a song title and some information about
the artists who preform it. You will be required to
learn the song in English and sing before the music
instructor and all the eighth year teachers." She
began at the front of the room and started walking
through the rows with the basket. Each student
reached in and pulled out a slip of paper. "Your
grade will be based on this performance. However you
may gain extra points if you agree to sign up for a
talent contest for the open house two weeks from now."

Usagi reached into the basket with fear. She hated
anything where she had to exert self-confidence.
Singing was one of those things. Looking at the card
she saw that it was by Celine Dion. -This shouldn't
be too hard.-

"If you look at your cards some of you will need a
partner. You must choose a partner who is not in an
eighth year class at this school. They must be
present for your testing or you will be failed."

The blonde stared at the card which shook with her
fright as she saw that she needed a partner. -This is
bad. Very bad.-

Suddenly the bell rang. "Your tests will be on the
date signified on the card. Your accompaniment tapes
are on the tables in the hall. There is one tape for
every singer for each song. Please do not take more
than the amount you need. Class Dismissed."

Usagi sighed. -Well at least I didn't get detention!-
Standing she looked over at her best friend. "Hey
Naru did you get a good song?"

The red head smiled and nodded. "Have You Ever by
Brandy. I've heard it before at a party once."

"Cool!" Usagi cheered as she searched for the tables
and found them under a swarm of students. She sighed
and waited as the crowed slowed and then shoved her
way to the front.

"What did you get Usagi?" Naru asked as she found her
tape and placed it in her knapsack.

"Um.. a Celine Dion song." The blonde glanced at the
table and noticed that the tapes were sitting in
tabbed boxes with the song titles on them. Below the
song titles were the number of tapes that were in
each box.

"Oh well that's great. I have to go now Usagi. I'll
see you later!" Naru waved and skipped off.

Usagi absently waved back as she searched for the
box with her song title on it. It was in the back.
Reaching over the boxes and knocking many on the
floor she noticed the number under the title. -Two?
I'm the only one doing this song!?-

Snatching the tapes quickly she shoved them into her
knapsack and ran to her locker. Ami, Minako, and
Makoto were there waiting for her. They had all
agreed to go to the arcade today after school. Rei
should already be there by now.

"Hey Usagi, what took you so long?" Makoto asked as
she hid her recent baking goodies from home economics
behind her back.

"I just had to get the tape for that project. It was
too crowded so I waited until everyone was gone." She
said as she opened her locker and placed her books
inside. Standing there she stared into the open locker
for a while and then slowly pulled out her science
book. -Maybe if I study I can get away with failing
the project.-

Ami shook her head, knowing what her friend was up to
and smiled. "You won't pass even if you pass
everything until the end of the year if you don't pass
this project Usagi. Your grades can't handle it."

Usagi turned red and closed the locker. "It's worth a
try. So what song did you get Ami? Since you ARE going
to sing."

It was the blue haired girl's turn to blush. "I'm not

Everyone expected that answer so they shrugged it off.

"Well I got Hands by Jewel. I know the song already
and it's way cool! It's as if other kids chose the
songs." Minako said with stars in her eyes as she
thought of how her performance will be.

"I heard that the ninth year students each chose a
song and then the teachers went through those. I got
Remember Me This Way by Jordan Hill. I've never
heard it but it can't be too bad." Makoto said as they
came up to the arcade and stepped inside.

"It's about time you showed up!" Rei screeched from a
stool by the front counter. She frowned when Usagi
ran to a far booth and pulled out a science book in a

Everyone stared at the blonde as she began to
furiously study. Her eyes went large and her brow
furrowed in concentration as she stared hard at the
page. "This makes no sense!"

Ami came up and glanced at the page to see what she
was staring at. "Usagi that is the table of contents.
The information is inside."

The blonde blushed and then turned angrily as laughter
came from the front of the room. Rei and Mamoru were
laughing uncontrollably and Makoto and Motoki were
doing their best to hide it.

"What's wrong Odango? Did you suddenly realize that
studying may actually improve your grades?" Mamoru
asked with a smirk. He was still laughing from that.
She was so innocent and cute it hurt sometimes.

"Usagi doesn't want to do the midterm project." Ami
supplied as she picked up the science book and
flipped through to the chapter her friend needed.

"Why not? It's a great chance to raise your grades
and impress your parents. If you get into the talent
contest you get to win prizes!" Minako said as she
sipped her strawberry milkshake.

"I.. well.. it's a duet." Usagi mumbled under her
breath and sat there staring at the table. Suddenly
the patterns in the plastic design were so very

"Oh I get it. You think you can't find someone else
to sing with you." Makoto said and shook her head.

"I'll do it! I'd love the chance to be in that talent
show!" Rei said in a dreamy voice as she began the
whole 'woman of many talents and places' phase.

Usagi shook her head slowly and sighed. "You can't do
it Rei."

"What!? You think I'm not good enough?!" Rei said as
she fumed in anger.

"It's not that. It's just that.. well.. you're a
girl." The blond said as she traced patterns with her
finger on the table top. It really was becoming so

"What's wrong with my being female?" Rei screeched.

"Nothing. What Odango means is that she needs a male
singer." Mamoru said in an effort to get the girl to
calm down. -Man she has some temper. She over
does it.-

"Oohh!" The four girls said in unison as they all
stared at Usagi. (You know the look. ;)

"You're afraid to ask a guy to sing with you!" Makoto
said and Usagi flinched.

She stared up at the taller brunette. "Wouldn't you
be? I don't even know English that well and I can't
sing to save my life! And.. and.. oh just look
at it!" Usagi shoved the card with the song's
information on it to Makoto.

She took the card and read it. "Oh. Yeah.. I can
see the problem. Hey! I bet Motoki would do it!
Wouldn't you?" Her eyes went over to the young
man standing behind the counter and gave him the
'deny me and you die' look.

He smiled and nodded. "Sure. What day is it?"

"Next Friday at four." Usagi said as she snatched
the card from Makoto and ran up to Motoki with a
huge smile. "You'd really do it?! I need this grade
so much!"

"Of course Usagi. Anything to help a friend." He said
with a cheery smile. "Do you have some lyrics or music
I can study with?"

The blonde skipped to her knapsack and pulled out a
tape. She ran back and handed it to Motoki. "Here you

"Great! I'll practice some and then you can call me
when you're ready to practice together." He scribbled
a number on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

"Thank you so much Motoki!" She ran around the counter
to give him a huge hug.

"You're welcome Usagi. Please! Let go. I can't
breathe!" Motoki gasped as he began to turn blue.

She stepped back and blushed a little. "Sorry. Well,
I better go now. See you guys later!"

The blonde picked up her things and ran out of the
arcade. Ami sighed. Usagi had forgotten the science

***End Part One***