by Zandrellia - zandrellia@excite.com

Usagi has a school project where she has to sing but
she also needs a male counter part. Who will it be
and what will happen?

***Final Thought***

Ok.. I had to force myself to end this.. it really did
take over and have a life of it's own. But from what I
read in reviews, that was a good thing.

I'll admit that I never had planned on writing a Usagi
and Mamoru romance to such a grand extent. I was never
interested in it because it had already been done. For
some reason the idea for this story would not let me
be.. and so I wrote it.. and wrote it.. and wrote it..
and now my brain hurts from all of this and I need to
go to something a bit less dramatic! ;)

The song Usagi and Mamoru dance to is titled 'You're One
In A Million' by Bosson. I heard it on the movie Miss
Congeniality and I thought it suited Mamoru's feelings
for Usagi fairly well. The dance scene didn't turn out
exactly how I wanted it to.. but.. that happens.

I do plan on writing a seperate story for each of the
girls and their romances.. but not immediately. I have to
take a break or I'm going to be burning my candle at
both ends. I'm sorry if this is an inconvinience for some.
I will do my best to start writing soon.

As I always say at the end of my stories.. I love fan art!
I'd really love your pictures based on my story. The two
scenes I'd love to see the most are the scene when Usagi
sees Mamoru reflected behind her in the puddle.. and the
scene where Ami is watching Queen Serenity and Small Lady
while Usagi weeps in the hospital room. But any pictures
would be nice!

As always, thank you all for reading and for those of you
who did, reviewing.

Until Next Time.

***End Thoughts***