The Li Family Affairs


By JooCieFruIT

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Full Summary: He returned home to find them slaughtered to pieces. His four sisters and his mother who died in his arms. But Fate had saved him. And he vowed to avenge his family. 5 years later, he resurfaced as a man driven by vengeance against the unknown enemy that had plagued his family. He conquered them, killing every single being they sent his way. but now they have discovered his only weakness. A young, beautiful teenage girl by the name of Sakura Kinomoto.

Background info: Story is set after the 6th book of the Clow Master series, right when Syaoran returns to Hong Kong. Both Sakura and Syaoran are 12 years of age at the time of Syaoran's departure. Just to clear things up in case some readers are unsure, below is a list of the manga characters and their corresponding anime names. I have made it a personal goal to use the actual names of the characters (Japanese names) instead of the translated ones.

Sakura Kinomoto- Sakura Avalon

Tomoyo Daidouji- Madison Taylor

Syaoran Li - Li Showron

Meilin Li (a/n: i know she's not in the manga series but i decided to include her anyways)- Meilin Rae

Eriol Hiiragizawa - Eli Moon

Touya Kinomoto- Tori Avalon

Fujitaka Kinomoto - Aiden Avalon

Yukito Tsukishiro - Julian Star

Kaho Mizuki- Layla Mackenzie

Yue - Yue

Cerberus - Keroberos

Nakuru Akizuki - counter part Ruby Moon.

If anyone has any questions about these characters and would like me to post descriptions of some please contact me.

Couples List



Touya/Kara (OC- will be introduced later)

Touya/Kaho (later on...)

- Prologue-

The city of Hong Kong this particular morning, was lit with the roars of honking cars and voices of boisterous passersby . As usualy, the streets were bustling with activity, flooded with people of all sorts, hurrying along to their destinations. A young boy gazed out the window of the yellow taxi cab as it stopped abruptly for a red light. He felt a bit nauseous after his flight and the musty smell of the cab only added to the problem. The boy watched as a young couple, no older than sixteen, walked hand in hand out of a local bakery carrying a small bag of sweet goodies. His eyes followed them all the way to the end of the street as they rounded the corner, no doubt to some private place where they could be alone. Smiling, he thought of his number one. Her beautiful emerald eyes. Her warm smile that had made his heart jump. The guilt she made him feel because she was so kind to him despite his occasional harsh behavior. Then, as suddenly as it had stopped, the taxi cab lurched forward and once again began to move through the sea of cars. The boy sighed leaning back against the seat. It felt good to be home again.

If one were to quickly glance past this young boy they would say there was nothing special about him besides the charming chestnut hair and warm brown orbs that were his eyes. He was wearing plain clothing; an emerald green sweater and beige colored pants. They would never know that he was the infamous Syaoran Li, of the Li Clan, one of the most renown clans in Hong Kong for their practice and mastery of ancient Chinese magic. Or the fact that he had spent the last two years of his life in Japan helping a little girl named Sakura - who possessed even more extraordinary magic - capture mystical objects known as the Clow Cards only to return home unwillingly because of his mother's orders.

For the first time in two years, Syaoran Li climbed up the paved steps to his ancestral home on the outskirts of Hong Kong, dragging his heavy luggage behind him. He heard the stir of an engine as the taxi cab pulled away and sped off down the secluded street where it was swallowed from view by a dense cluster of pine trees. He laughed at the thought of the driver's shocked expression on the long and winding road up here, the middle aged man in disbelief that any home could have existed so high up in the hills. Syaoran's home looked the same as it did two years before, the invariable firm expression of its exterior and glassy eyes that were its windows, as if judging the one who entered. Its wooden body was still bathed in a white blood, as it was formerly although rampant weather had caused the hue of the white to decline. The only thing that was different was the surging energy that surrounded his home. It was gone, reduced to faint spark as a roaring inferno to a flickering candle flame. Something was wrong.

Syaoran dropped his luggage and ran up the remaining dozen steps to the front door as his heart began to beat faster in his chest. A crash resounded inside. He immediately heaved the door open to find the only thing left intact were the memories of a ten year old boy. Upturned furniture and broken curios littered the wooden flooring. It was obvious that decorum was the least of the assailants concerns as Syaoran eyed his mother's once favorite vase, a sea green shade with a red dragon etched on its side, now only pieces. He took a step forward and nearly tripped over his fourth and youngest sister, Fuutie, her body sprawled across the entrance as a grotesque rendition of a welcome mat. Her attackers were proficient; they had cleanly cut her throat leaving no other marks on her body. He took notice of the scarlet blotches around the room and realized that they were not pieces of broken furniture but pools of blood…but whose was another question. Proceeding cautiously, in case the murderers were still present, Syaoran stepped over Fuuties's lifeless body and sauntered into the next room where the horrifying corpse of his third sister, Feimei greeted him. She was positioned at an odd angle, her arm dangling off the couch; a closer look would have revealed the humorous bone protruding out of her mid-arm. Her neck was twisted, broken apparently, and her eyes opened in terror. She had been known to spend her mornings reading on this particular couch and there was no doubt that that was what kept her occupied before the time of attack. Syaoran discovered his two remaining sisters, Fanren and Sheifa on the staircase, both with their weapons lying only a few feet away. He saw Fanren first as it was her blood that dripped down the stairs in a crimson river. She lay, eyes opened like Feimei, with cuts and bruises all over her body. But nothing could have prepared Syaoran for what he encountered next. His oldest sister and the strongest of all, was worse than dead. She had met her doom atop the flight of steps. The bottom half of her body was mangled, as if grinded by a blender, the top half looked normal but her head…Syaoran nearly wretched at the sight. It was severed, save the three inches of sinew that kept it intact to her body, her eyes still wide with fear, and from her throat came a silent scream that no one heard. A low moan snapped Syaoran out of his horrified trance as he burst into the master bedroom to find the only survivor, his mother Yelan.

"Mother!" he cried, rushing to her bedside. Her white robes were now stained red, her raven black hair tousled and her face, a deathly pale color. The room was a chaotic mess, disheveled like much of the house but he paid no mind. Syaoran gently placed her head in his arms as her eyes fluttered open.

"L-little wolf…you have returned to us…" she uttered weakly, yet somehow finding the strength to smile at her only son.

"Mother," whispered Syaoran, stroking her forehead softy, " you've lost too much blood. We need to get you to a hospital." he reached for the phone.

"It's no use…"said Yelan faintly, "all the lines are dead. You are the only one left of the (1)Fa Clan. Oh my Little Wolf..." she paused slightly to catch her breath "Here, take this…" her hands trembled as she reached into the side pocket of her robes and pressed a minuscule scroll, the size of a cigarette, into Syaoran's grasp. Syaoran tucked it into his pocket but held onto her hand. Her pulse was weak. The breath of life was slowly slipping from her fragile body.

"The Fa Clan has guarded a mystical shrine in China for many ages…I am sure you are knowledgeable of its whereabouts." Yelan said, even quieter than before. Syaoran nodded, listening intently to his mother's last words. She continued in the same hushed tone, "Throw this scroll into the magic water and do what must be done…" she hung onto the last word, as if to regain her strength. Syaoran felt tears dwell up in his eyes. Yelan went on.

"You were suppose to die with us today. Our attackers …they were the ones Sheifa had predicted would come…it was clear that they meant to kill us all." she began again, " But they have failed for you are alive, Little Wolf, fate has been kind to us. And Syaoran, my little wolf, as long as you live, so does our clan…" her voice trailed off. She reached up to stroke his cheek.

"Mother," Syaoran begged through his tears, "please don't die…" Yelan stared at her son and her pale lips curled into a smile. Then she looked past him and Syaoran felt her hand relax. His parents were together once again. Syaoran could not hold it in any longer. He let the tears fall in an endless river down his cheeks and at that moment, his heart grew rigid as he vowed to avenge his dead family.

That night, the weather was formidable. The gods were angry as bolts of lightening zapped across the dark blanket of night. Rain poured in eternal amounts as the wind howled like a ferocious beast. But this turmoil had no affect on Syaoran as he allowed himself to be snipped at by the wind and soaked by the rain. He walked, fists clenched, up the hundred steps to a secret shrine, acknowledged only by those of his mother's clan. It's all my fault, he thought angrily, I stayed an extra year in Japan. If I had been there, I could've saved them…why did I have to stay… Why? The answer was obvious. Love. The word echoed off the walls of his troubled mind. It was an emotion that had resulted in the slaughter of his sisters and mother. He recalled the phone call where Yelan had requested that he return to Hong Kong.

"Syaoran," his mother had said urgently, "You are needed back at home. Powerful forces are aligning and enemies lurk around every corner. Sheifa has been having premonitions of an evil that threatens our family. Come back to us. I fear something terrible is coming."

But of course he had refused, dismissing these warnings as the occassional threats against his family - it was no surprise that such a clan of extraordinary magicians was not favored by many. He had wanted to stay an extra year in Japan to help sort out the strange occurrences there. But the bigger reason was because, for the first time in his life, he was in love with a beautiful emerald-eyed girl. Sakura. That was her name - and she was his number one. But nevertheless, the urgency in his mother's words could not go on unacknowledged. Reluctantly, he said goodbye to Sakura but promised her that he would come back as soon as things in Hong Kong were settled. Now, that happy ending seemed so far away. For a moment, he considered the idea of asking Sakura for help but shook his head. No one else should suffer because of his weaknesses. He would avenge his clan alone, a solitaire soldier fighting for a personal cause. He would not let emotions blind him as it did before. As these thoughts filled his juvenile mind, the ache in his heart was slowly replaced by a rigid emptiness. He would not fail.

A few hours later, Syaoran stood in front of the mystical fountain, deep within the mountains of China. He unraveled the scroll. Despite the harsh weather and rain, the yellowed piece of paper was neither soaked nor damaged. A dragon was painted onto the stretchy skin, its red scales and fiery breath representing eternal power. Without hesitation, he threw the scroll into the foggy waters. The scroll lingered for a moment, then slowly began to sink. As if by chance, the wind picked up as a hazy mist was born. Syaoran was unable to make out a shape at first but after a few moments, the film had taken the solid figure of an crippled old man with a wooden cane in his possession.

"Ah, Syaoran Li…" remarked the old man in an obsolete voice, cracked with the fragility of his age. Syaoran dropped to the ground and bowed politely before this figure.

"It is I that wishes to undergo your training, Master." Syaoran spoke firmly. The old man nodded and smiled almost ominously.

"Very few of your clan have ever successfully completed this training and to come out in one piece. It is an arduous task, forcing the trainee to endure incessant pain, both mentally and physically. One could say it is like hell on earth," the man warned, "yet those who complete the training are presented with endless possibilities." he added roguishly, the gleam in his eye ever so bright. His words echoed through Syaoran's mind…he must do it for his sisters…and his mother.

"I accept." Syaoran said immediately, with determination burning in his brown orbs.

"Very well Little Wolf. Your training begins now."

5 Years Later

It was dark, a darkness like Sakura had never seen…the air was a deathly cold …she tightened the grip on her staff, the only object that could save her now. An evil aura lurked about…like a cat, waiting to pounce on her, the unsuspecting mouse. She glanced around nervously. That's when she heard it. A faint cry.

"Sakura!" the voice echoed in the black eternity. Sakura whirled to see where the voice was coming from. It seemed so far off, in the distance.

"Sakura!" it cried again, more desperately. The tone was familiar, she figured, one that had been buried in the soil of her mind for years. But whose?

"I'm coming!" she replied in response and began running, blindly in the dark. Running… Sakura stopped as she felt the aura lurch and twist, like a caged monster.

Suddenly the darkness turned into tentacles, like those of an octopus, coiling themselves around her body, threatening to squeeze the life out of her throat. They tightened their grip, tweaking her wrist, causing the staff to fall to the ground with a plunk. Sakura tried to scream but she was trapped.

"NO!" she cried.

Sakura Kinomoto woke to a crisp summer morning where beams of warm sunlight peeked through her sheer white curtains. She gasped, her forehead matted with sweat, the dream still fresh on her mind. The clock next to the bed read 8:30. Glancing over at her desk, she noticed the right drawer aglow with an angelic light. The cards… she thought and quickly rushed to the desk only to find that the book was indeed surrounded by a white light. They haven't glowed like this in five years, she thought. Was it some kind of warning that corresponded with her dream? As she reached for it, her sleeve shifted revealing a band of red around her wrist. Right where the tentacle had been in her dreams.

"So tell me again?" said the dark-eyed beauty with a flick of her long, lavender curls. Sighing Sakura repeated the dream to her best friend since childhood, Tomoyo Daidouji. When she finished, her companion nodded and gracefully sipped her strawberry shake.

The two shared an unbreakable friendship. They had first met in the fourth grade through the simplicity of a bunny-shaped eraser. Tomoyo had been there to record Sakura's epic adventures ever since the card-capturing days until the time that Sakura had created her own magic to transform the former Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. Tomoyo had a knack for designing as well, using Sakura as a model, as it was her passion to pursue this career later on in life. She also had the voice of an angel, her tone so pure that when she sang, the whole room seemed to sink into an ocean full of harmonic melodies.

"What do you think will happen," asked Sakura, continuing to twist her napkin. It was an odd habit that she had developed lately for times of nervousness and deep concentration.

"I think that you will be needing another napkin." replied Tomoyo smiling. Sakura dropped the remains of the white paper onto the table as her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment.

"Well, how long have you had this dream?" Tomoyo inquired, handing her friend another cloth.

"Just recently. I haven't had a precognitive dream in years, since Eriol's departure." said Sakura, beginning the habit on this napkin. "It just started. So today I brought along my key and the cards." She brandished the edge of the deck from her purse.

"Have you told Kero?" Tomoyo asked, adverting her glance to the scene outside. She watched as a preschooler boy in red overalls stared longingly at the chocolate shop. He pointed at the delicious candy to a woman in a warm yellow dress and almost cried when the woman, apparently his mother, shook her head disapprovingly.

"No." Sakura told her, "I didn't want to worry him again. I mean- we went through so much five years ago. I almost don't want things to start up again. I feel...normal again." Tomoyo could sense the longing in Sakura's eyes. She knew how happy Sakura had been these past years. Her grades were high, she was on the cheerleading team and the girl actually went out with friends. It had been obvious that the role of a cardcaptor had weighed heavily upon her shoulders during the end of elementary school.

"Well, Sakura. You should talk to him about it. See if Kero knows anything else." Tomoyo said standing up to stretch out her legs. Sakura stood up too, tossing her shake and crinkled napkins into the trash deposit parallel to the opposite wall.

"You're right," agreed Sakura, nodding her head slightly. "I'll tell him tonight but right now, let's go shopping." Her nervous smile instantly changed into a bright grin as she rushed out of the parlor, laughing.

"Hey! Wait up for me!" Tomoyo cried after her, shoving her shake into the trash bin. She grabbed her purse rushed out the door after her friend.

The day was barely at ten AM as Tomoyo and Sakura casually strolled down the street, passing by the various shops and boutiques. It was a relaxing Monday, with the golden sun bathing in the sea of blue above their heads. Right now, the temperature was just right, but noon promised anyone outside an air-conditioned building a genuine sweat bath.

Both girls were dressed appropriately for the day. Sakura donned a simple white sleeveless tank and denim mini skirt. Her feet were dressed in white sneakers and a purple butterfly anklet adorned her dainty ankle. Tomoyo was dressed similarly in a beige twill mini skirt and army green tank. Her hair unraveled in snaky rivers around her shoulder and down her back as squeaky clean white sneakers provided room for her feet.

"So where to first?" asked Sakura after they had passed through the automatic doors of the tall, white structure of the mall.

"Hmm," Tomoyo pondered out loud, her vivacious eyes scouring the nearby stores. They rested on a hot teen fashion clothing store.

"There." she said pointing. Sakura relaxed a bit as she let her friend drag her into a day of splurging. The dream was the last thing on her mind.

The grown man was dead before he even hit the ground. His body fell onto the evergreen blades with a sickening thud as his blood spilled over the green earth. Syaoran stood up and flicked his sword free of the crimson liquid, wiping the red specks from his face. His heart beat steadily, as he counted the number of bodies that littered the ground- he cringed slightly at the sight. Nine, he thought, but there were ten men alive beforehand. He cursed out loud as he realized that one had slipped away. Angrily, he re-sheathed his sword and headed back to the sacred temple.

It had been five long years since Syaoran had caught the faintest sight of civilization. He had proved he was a worthy student however by completing the required training. All nine rounds of the circle, thought Syaoran proudly. For the past three months however, he had been pursued by skilled black ninja, who lurked in every shadow, waiting to pounce on the young man. The assailants had nothing in common really, for their techniques were diverse. The only similarity was that all had a black snake tattooed to their backs. It was apparent that the murderers of his family had discovered that the task of wiping out the Li Clan had not been complete. It took them long enough, thought Syaoran haughtily, but it was for the best. Because of their failure to discover this little glitch sooner, Syaoran had had time to train and prepare. Unfortunately, he had still been unable to trace the enemies to their leader.

The training had taken long enough; a good four years. Practice and mastering took another year. And then came the ultimate test which he passed without so much as lifting a finger. Then they came, the ninjas. At first only single men then in doubles, then triplets and finally today, there were ten.

Syaoran slid open the door to his domain. It was a simple room; cleanliness was one of its distinct qualities, with a navy blue sleeping bag in the corner and a wooden writing desk in the far right corner, a stack of paper and ink bottle on its surface. A bookshelf sat next to the desk, covered in head to toe with ancient manuscripts and scrolls. In the left hand corner stood a small wooden chair and next to it, on the side table, the most valuable possessions Syaoran had.

One of them was a stuffed brown teddy with wings protruding out of its back. It smiled at Syaoran, the pink ribbon around its neck was a feature that Syaoran had decided upon two years before. The bear's name was Sakura. Some people believe that if you give the person you love a handmade teddy bear named after yourself, then that person will always return your love the words ran through his mind. He had forgotten exactly who it was that told him this. Possibly Tomoyo, the lavender-haired girl that was Sakura's closest friend. Beside "Sakura" was a photo of the real Sakura Kinomoto, her beaming smile penetrating through the dustless glass of the picture frame. He stared at it emptily. The picture meant nothing to him anymore- in fact none of these items did. So why was it so difficult to place them in a box and shut them away forever? Angry at his feelings for sneaking up on him again, Syaoran decided upon a warm bath. He would need some quiet time to determine his next move.

Sakura let out a cry of exhaustion as she deposited all seven bags beside her bed, throwing herself onto the mattress. She looked around for Kero but gave up when he was no where to be found. Her bedroom had certainly matured since the card-capturing days. Her once-pink bedspread was now a bright yellow shade lined with frills and toppled with soft, fluffy pillows. The childish stuffed animals were replaced with photos and scented candles save for one stuffed animal; a brown teddy bear .

Tomoyo stumbled into the room with ten gigantic bags, throwing them onto the floor and slumping down by the door.

"Gosh that was some mad shopping!" she exclaimed, out of breath. Sakura sat up and nodded.

"Yeah but it was fun!" Sakura said grinning. Tomoyo picked herself up and walked over to the display of photos. They were from all different years. There was one of Sakura and her at the mall, grinning sheepishly. And another of Touya and Yukito, taken in front of the Kinomoto house. A particular picture caught Tomoyo's eye. She picked it up and examined it carefully.

"Wow you still have this picture of Li?" she asked, turning around to meet her best friend's gaze. Sakura suddenly became very interested in her pillow. Tomoyo giggled.

"And what do we have here? A darling teddy bear?" Tomoyo exclaimed, setting down the photo and picking up the stuffed animal. "I believe it's the one Li gave you. Am I correct?" she added mischievously.

"Oh Tomoyo, both of those things have been there forever." Sakura said a little too fast, trying to hide her reddened cheeks.

"Really? I thought you gave away all your stuffed toys." Tomoyo simpered. She ran a finger along the top of the frame. "And this picture is dust free." Sakura immediately turned a darker shade of red. The mattress shifted as Tomoyo plopped down next to her friend.

"Oh Sakura, do you still have feelings for him?" she asked, placing an arm around her friend. Sakura hesitated for a moment but then replied.

"Well, of course. We went through so much together. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have been able to transform all the Clow Cards."

"Have you two been in touch?" Tomoyo asked although she was almost certain of the answer.

Sakura shook her head sadly.

"No. I tried calling him a couple times but the line's been disconnected." explained Sakura sadly. "He's never called back so I figured he was just busy. I wrote to him too luck" Tomoyo noticed the sorrow that had replaced Sakura's usually cheerful face.

"Sakura. It's been what- five years? You've got to move on. You can't hang onto the past forever." Tomoyo said.

"I know," Sakura said with a sigh, "It's just hard to easily let go of something you cherished so much…"

" But've turned down like every guy that's asked you out. Syaoran's one lucky man wherever he may be. Honestly, I think it's time to give up on him. I know you should never stop hoping but its been such a long time. He has probably moved on too." Tomoyo explained in a soft tone. She hated destroying someone's hopes but Sakura had hung on for too long.

"I guess you're right." Sakura replied a little reluctantly, "Maybe it is time to let go." Tomoyo nodded. She glimpsed at her watch.

"Oh shoot! I'm going to be late for dinner! My mom has a new date and I'm going to meet him tonight!" Tomoyo cried, grabbing her bags. Sakura helped her gather her things as the two made their way down the stairs.

"Your mom found time to date?" Sakura asked astonishingly, struggling with the three bags in her hand.

"Surprisingly yes. She's finally moved on since the divorce." Tomoyo replied as she rapidly gathered her things.

"I see," Sakura muttered, heaving the front door open with one arm just in time to see a black limo pull up the driveway.

" 'kay Sakura gotta go now. I'll see you later!" Tomoyo said, giving Sakura a quick hug.

"Bye have fun at your dinner!" Sakura called after her as the bags were loaded into the vehicle. Tomoyo waved and disappeared into the backseat. Sakura watched them backup out of her driveway and speed off down the street. She turned around and went inside to the kitchen.

Sakura threw open the refrigerator door to find Kero helping himself to all the leftovers.

"KERO!" she cried. Kero dropped the apple he was crunching on and immediately put on a fake smile.

"Kero! What have I told you about raiding the fridge!" she scolded, picking him up by his tail and dragging him out of the fridge.

"Sorry Sakura, couldn't help myself. I am a growing beast." Kero replied grinning. He freed himself from her grip and helped Sakura clean up the mess.

"Your lucky I'm in a good mood," she said icily, "or else you'd be in BIG trouble." She tossed the half eaten apple into the trash.

"Hey! I was saving that!" cried Kero, watching his beloved apple fall into the trash can's mouth. Sakura glared daggers at him and Kero decided it would be best to shut up.

"So…how was your day?" he asked cheerfully, trying to ease her bad mood.

"Fine," replied Sakura, shutting the fridge door, "until I discovered you in the fridge."

"I'm sorry Sakura. Lately, I've been starved! I couldn't help myself." Kero apologized, crossing his arms and legs.

"You sure helped yourself to that chocolate pudding I made yesterday." scoffed Sakura, washing her hands and drying them on a dish towel.

"Hey! That was good stuff. You should feel happy that I ate it 'cause it's only the best foods for this lil' baby right here." Kero patted his stomach. Sakura laughed.

"Whatever Kero. I guess I'll just run to the market tomorrow after work." Sakura said, forgetting that she had been furious at him a only few moments before.

"Really sorry Saku." kero apologized again.

"No problem, it's on the way anyways." said Sakura. He smiled innocently.

"So you think you could handle yourself while I go take a quick shower?" asked Sakura, marching up the stairs.

"Sure. I'ma go play some video games!" Kero said, rubbing his paws together appealingly. Sakura rolled her eyes. She heard the TV. turn on and shut the door to her room before Kero started the unnecessary sound effects.

Truth be told she was glad that life had been normal- even if it was a bit boring. Although she was proud of the magic she possessed, she did long to live each day being the average teenage girl.It had been pretty lonely; Touya had gone off to college four years ago and was currently studying business. He would be graduating this fall. She couldn't say she didn't miss him - Touya had spent the last four years in a dorm saying how it helped him establish "independence". But Sakura knew the real reason when she discovered his little black book with pages of girls' phone numbers. Oh Touya... Her father, Fujitaka remained at Tokyo University as a professor of archaeology but was at the moment away on business. If not that, he would be at the office late or too busy to spend time with her. Sakura sighed. She knew how busy the both of them were and was glad that they had found something to past the time by. Besides, she DID have Kero.

The auburned haired girl picked up the picture of the boy that had been the topic of discussion earlier. Syaoran, she thought as she stroked his face through the glass. It was a photo of them at the park together on a field trip, I miss you so much. Have you really been so busy that you couldn't call me or write? Or have you really moved on? Sakura hugged the picture close to her chest and couldn't deny the warm feeling inside of her heart as the glanced at the teddy bear named after him. But Tomoyo was right. It had been a long time…too long. Even though Sakura knew Syaoran wasn't the type to let go so easily, he hadn't been making an effort to keep in touch either. I promised I would wait for him forever… Sighing, Sakura flipped the frame over so that its face was against the table. It was time to move on.

(1) Fa Clan - Syaoran's mother's side of the family. I don't know her real maiden name so this "Fa" is the one i gave her.

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